1931 – BARBARA STANWYCK, scene from “THE MIRACLE WOMAN” (You’re killers, liars, thieves and hypocrites!) ~ Sept. 9, 2022


thanks to youtuber David Gibson

Barbara Stanwyck in Frank Capra’s The Miracle Woman, as Florence Fallon, calling out the deacons and congregation of the church where her father had served as reverend. He died in poverty while the church was in the process of replacing him with a younger man. Disillusioned, Florence will soon become Sister Florence Fallon, a phony evangelist.

Made in 1931 during the pre-Code Hollywood era, Capra was beginning to establish himself as a director who demanded his independence. (Columbia’s Harry Cohn apparently gave it to him.) The screenplay by Jo Swerling, based on a novel called “Bless You, Sister”, by John Meehan and Robert Riskin, was reportedly inspired by the life of evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson.

You’re killers, liars, thieves, six days a week! And on the seventh, you’re hypocrites! – (Stanwyck)

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