Pooja Vijay ~ June 10, 2022


Guru Rinpoche

Earth has reached a Timeline where labels will no longer exist.

It’s time to drop all the labels and boxes that humans were trying to fit into for generations, boxes dividing them based on religion, caste, sexual orientation, age etc etc. That was the old timeline that was created to divide humans so that it was easy to control and manipulate them. Earth has moved out of that Timeline, it has reached a Higher Vibration, a higher Timeline, a Higher Dimension where divisions will cease to exist.

Drop the Labels, move out of the Boxes, because New Earth is more about Collective Consciousness, it’s about togetherness, it’s about being kind and compassionate, it’s about standing in your True Power which was taken away due to divisions, it’s about being a HUMAN of Earth , a Human Of TERRA. Just BE YOU to align to this new frequency of Earth and not the label you have been carrying. JUST BE YOU 💚

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