Guru Rinpoche ~ WE are NOW at a Crossroads in our Civilization – Beloved Pegasus ~ June 10, 2022


The Rainbow Body of Many Colors, Ja Lus, is being Activated within and around every Sacred Vessel of our Earth Angelic Ground crew of the 144. Guru Rinpoche is with us from the higher realms to assist in this Great Transformation into Eternal Light Beings of Infinite Life. All the True Gurus, Teachers, Sifus, Sensei’s along with all the Ascended Masters and Sages through all history, timelines and dimensions are with us for this Final Quantum Shift into the New Age of Eternal Bliss Consciousness and Collective Quantum Leap into the New Human, homo-luminous, beings of Infinite Light, Infinite Life. For Life is the Light of Source Creator, the Great Mystery.

We came for this final mission from eons past to allow this Grand Transformation through our bodies, minds, hearts and souls; Our Sacred Temples of Gold Ray Emanation. This is Christ Consciousness, Buddha Awareness, Cosmic Awakening of the Highest order of Gods and Goddesses. Our True Self is indestructible Diamond Minds of Physical Manifestation of the I Am Presence of Mother Father God. The Yin and the Yang, Shakti and Shiva, the Eagle and the Condor of the Hieros Gamos Code of the Empire of Love.

The Holy Spirit continues to descend from the Heavenly Realms to meet us halfway in between worlds to guide our Way Home.

We are in stride and flow of the One Law of the Pulse of the Universe. We keep going through and through and through until full compression breakthrough. No one knows the day or time of this Event of full Ascension Collectively into 5d and beyond but we know the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, we are closer than a hair’s width. Like a moment before the SuperNova expansion we are on the precipice of the threshold of the Totality of the Great Awakening. It shall happen in the blink of an eye in a flash of inspiration. This work has consisted of untold lifetimes of Spiritual Evolution of consciousness with the physical, mental and emotional alchemy of the balancing of the five elements and Energy cultivation for our full metamorphosis into Christed beings of the One True Way, the Tao.

As conscious co-creators of Heaven on earth it is our purpose and mission to Keep the Light burning bright and hold the line of our Grand Vision of Peace, Prosperity, Abundance,  Joy , Health and Happiness for all Sentient beings of the Clear Light of Bliss.

We rise into Unity to bring Peace unto this World. Shine on you wonder-full Krystal Avatars of Shambhala…A’Ho!

Salom Shalom

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