Philippe François ~ June 10, 2022


Vibrational Keys to the New Paradigm

The approach and deployment of light is done by successive touches.

It is done according to the resonance established by the Earth and the noosphere as a whole,

i.e. the Earth Consciousness and the Consciousness of all humans and all living systems existing in the atmosphere…..

It is He, Our Sun, who will induce the great cosmic flash, announced and expected, who will be the “witness”, seen by all, on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, an important event cannot be ignored, from the consciousness of all mankind and Gaia, called the noosphere…

Gaia’s noosphere is the collective egregory (group thought-form) of humanity…

this is the remnants of the mental structure corresponding to the ancient world…

It is also Humanity’s responses to the descent of light and its deployment… Opening, closing… Resistance..

Responses to energy baths, or baptisms of fire, to ionic bubbles and radiation of the earth’s atmosphere and consciousness, cells…

Then there’s agitation, there’s warming, there’s projection or there’s just Love, and this is happening in this flesh, in these Times.

Everything is visible in the Noosphere, everything that takes place in different places of consciousness, in different places of the body, in different countries, and it all alchemizes, according to the assimilation capabilities of the body, from the noosphere of the earth, of Gaia, but also peoples, different groups of human beings constituted…….

It is through this planetary consciousness that the individual consciousness realizes (like the noosphere) that something imminent is happening.

So, this imminence, everyone will translate it in different ways, in their lives, in their dreams, in their moods.

This imminence becomes greater and greater, every day, because there are, indeed, a number of particular deadlines, connected to both Earth and Heaven, which must lead to the return of the Light

In the collective consciousness there is a collective sense of events to come….

This can be called the dream space, traditionally. Thus, so many human beings, today in incarnation, have dreams, not identical but of the same coloring.

You have entered, a short time, in the period apocalyptic, time of revelation. So it is quite logical that many human beings, all over the planet and whatever their individual Beliefs, are subjected to engrams in relation to the collective nature Consciousness….

“May it be done to you according to your Vibration and Consciousness”

and this will work out for both those who accept the original Light and those who reject it.

The Law of Grace is still in play in full effect, until a moment that could be called tipping.

It is not, to speak, yet, the tipping of the poles, but the tipping moment of the noosphere that will, at that moment, the lucidity of a transformation and its imminence will be within humanity in its sovereignty.

This moment is fast approaching. A number of elements, said external, will manifest.

The monitoring of your heavens is not a waste of time or an externalization of your Consciousness, but much more that will allow you to have greater clarity, to understand and live  precisely, what happens inside is happening inside as it is out side.

The revelation, in your heavens, of the so-called extraterrestrial presence, which actually corresponds to the presences of Light (or Shadow, in some cases), takes part in this revelation, too.

However, at the moment of this noosphere tipping point, each Consciousness will be exactly where it should be, in the life circumstances where it should be in, in the roles where it should be at, in the places where it should be.

A Presence……

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