Gillian MacBeth ~ January 6, 2022



Sirius ✨

From Star Heart to Earth Heart

Sirius has been honored since ancient times.

In Atlantis, the mysteries came from the Star Sirius via the High priestesses.

After the third fall of Atlantis, the Sirian mysteries spread into ancient Egypt.

Sirius is the home of the Cosmic Christ for this entire Galaxy.

It has ‘always’ been a spiritual prototype for Earth.

The little solar jewels that hold dormant DNA encodings wait for specific stellar emanations to open sealed cellular files.

Visualize the emanations and radiance of Sirius coming into your earth Heart creating a recollection of your Star- Heart.

Sirius gives you the gift of the ‘cycles of Time’, reconnecting all sacred spaces through time and space, on and off planet.

The tone of creation sounds in every cell of your body on earth and cycles through all 144 levels of your light body.

Without the help of humans, the light from deep space, far off galaxies and event horizons would just continue to travel endlessly without ever stopping.

Light needs you as much as you need light.

It is a symbiotic relationship, a sacredly arranged Marriage..



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