Judith Kusel ~ January 6, 2022



As the immensely powerful energy shifts are pouring in.

Note that we are being asked to create anew.

The old methods structures, forms, ways, simply will not work any longer.

We need now to take those leaps of faith and follow our intuitive knowing, the gut feelings the inner visions, and cocreate from the inner soul self, lovingly, for the greater good.

It means that souls will be drawn together to gather in loving and supportive communities, where souls co-create holistic lifestyles, which nurture body, mind, spirit and soul in unity and harmony, inclusive of Mother Earth and adhering to Divine Laws embracing Divinity within.

All is shifting into much higher Lightbody forms, and thus instant manifestation.

The New Adam Kadmon Lightbody is being fully activated now, inclusive of intense upgrading of the pineal, pituitary glands, the glands of eternal life, at cellular and DNA levels, at atomic and subatomic levels.


Photo: Duguay


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