The Art of Dreaming / EP 1 – Thought Vibration ~ November 17, 2021


This episode will be about thought vibration.  

We are on the brink of the age of intellectual supremacy, and are now entering that unknown mystic field, that of psychic power. The One who takes advantage of the Power of the Mind, and who will manifest that power in action, will go forward to Success as surely and as steadily as the arrow from the bow of the skilled archer.

I’ve realized that while all of us differ in our outer lives, our inner life has a common ground.  An interconnectedness of feeling and strength which each of us must find.  You could say a dreamer in us, a seeing of not the eyes but of feeling, energy. We feel this energy at our core, our heart, our soul.

This invisible greatness inside all of us, is a spiritual immensity of energy. I believe we are immortal spiritual beings and energy that uses the mind/body as tools and manifests itself according to the fullness of the tools. I believe there is infinite power and energy/intelligence in all things and matter. I believe we are growing into a new plane of consciousness, self actualized and aware of itself.

I believe one day we will all have this power to grow and comprehend it more fully in consciousness by experiencing Oneness in ourselves.

I believe the greatest of happiness consists of maintaining toward the Absolute attitude of a trusting child, with no doubt of the parent’s love (Mother Earth and Father Sky) and with no doubt of their own inner wisdom. A state of utter excitement and joy for being alive.

This inner journey helps us to increase the dimensions of our internal selves and connect to a higher self. I believe the mind of Man contains the greatest of all forces-that Thought is one of the greatest manifestations of energy that we use. When you understand the use of Thought-Force you can become practically whatever you can will. I believe that not only is one’s body subject to the control of the mind, but that, one may change environment, circumstances, just by positive thought taking the place of negative.

The Universe is governed by Law-one great Law. The Law of Attraction in the Thought World.

Thought is a force of energy, with a magnet like power of attraction.

When we think we send out vibrations of a fine ethereal substance, which are as real as the vibrations manifesting light, heat, electricity, and magnetism. That these vibrations are not evident to our five senses is no proof that they do not exist.

Thought is just as real as the vibrations of light, heat, sound electricity.  Each definite thought produces a double effect—a radiating vibration and a floating form.  

We are sending out thoughts of greater or less intensity all the time, and we are reaping the results of such thoughts.  

Not only do our thought waves influence ourselves and others, but they have a drawing power-they attract to us the thoughts of others, things, circumstances, people, “luck,” in accord with the character of the thought loftiest in our minds.  


Thoughts of Love will attract to us the Love of others; circumstances and surroundings in accord with the thought; people who are of like thought.  Thoughts of Anger, Hate, Envy, Malice and Jealousy will draw to us the foul kind of kindred thoughts emanating from the minds of others; Like attracts like in the Thought World-as ye sow shall ye reap. A strong thought, or a thought long continued, will make us the center of attraction for the corresponding thought-waves of others.

The man or woman who is filled with Love sees Love on all sides and attracts the Love of others. This matter of Thought Attraction is a serious one in creating one’s reality.


Thought waves have the property of reproducing themselves. A strong thought tends to awaken similar vibrations in minds attuned to receive it. Many of the “stray thoughts” which come to us are but reflections or answering vibrations to some strong thought sent out by another. But unless our minds are attuned to receive it, the thought will not likely affect us.

If we are thinking high and great thoughts, our minds acquire a certain keynote corresponding to the character of the thoughts we have been thinking. I know people who understand this law and to hold a positive, calm thought and be absolutely unaffected by the inharmony surrounding them.

Our general mental attitude, however, determines the character of the thought-waves received from others as well as the thoughts emanating from ourselves. The man who believes thoroughly in himself and maintains a positive strong mental attitude of Confidence and Determination is not likely to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of Discouragement and Failure emanating from the minds of other persons in whom these last qualities command.

We attract to us the thoughts of others of the same order of thought. The one who thinks success will be apt to get into tune with the minds of others thinking likewise, and they will come to help and vise versa. The one who allows the mind to dwell constantly upon thoughts of failure brings themselves into close touch with the minds of other “failure” people, and each will tend to pull the other down even more. And the one who looks for good in everything and everybody will be likely to attract to themselves the things and people corresponding to the thought.  

We generally see that for which we look.

We receive only that which corresponds to our mental attunement.

The mind has many degrees of pitch, ranging from the highest positive note to the lowest negative note, with many notes in between, varying in pitch according to their respective distant from the positive or negative extreme. You send out strong positive thought, which affects others and causes them to co-operate with you or to follow your lead, according to their own mental keynote.

When you are playing on the extreme negative end of the mental keyboard you feel depressed, weak, passive, dull, fearful, cowardly. You find yourself unable to make progress or to succeed. When we rise to heights of enthusiasm and energy, how quickly we feel the inflow of the courageous, daring, energetic, positive thoughts being sent out by the alive men and women of the world.

We are positive or negative to every one with whom we have relations.

When two people first meet there is generally a silent mental conflict in which their respective minds test their quality of positiveness, and fix their relative position toward each other.

This process may be unconscious in many cases, but it occurs.

The adjustment is often automatic, but occasionally the struggle is so sharp-the opponents being so well matched-that the matter forces itself into the consciousness of two people. Sometimes both parties are so much alike in their degrees of positivity that they practically fail to come to terms mentally; they never really are able to get along with each other, and they are either mutually repressed and separate or else stay together amid constant fighting.

We all possess the power to raise the keynote of your mind to a positive pitch by an effort of the will. It is equally true that you may allow yourself to drop into a low, negative note by carelessness or a weak will. There are more people on the negative plane of thought than on the positive plane, consequently there are more negative thought vibrations in operation in our mental atmosphere.

This is counterbalanced by the fact that a positive thought is infinitely more powerful than a negative one, and if by force of will we raise ourselves to a higher mental key we can shut out the depressing thoughts and may take up the vibrations corresponding with our changed mental attitude.

Do not allow yourself to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of those around you.  

Rise to the upper chambers of your mental attunement, and key yourself up to a strong pitch, away above the vibrations on the lower planes of thought.

My aim will be to direct and train you in the proper use of thought and will, so you may be able to strike the positive key at any moment you may feel it necessary. Then you will not only be immune to their negative vibrations but will be in touch with the great body of strong positive thought coming from those of your own plane of development.

Development of the will is very much like the development of a muscle-a matter or practice and gradual improvement. At each trial one grows stronger until the new strength becomes real and permanent. Man has but one mind, but he has many mental faculties, each faculty being capable of functioning along two different lines of mental effort.  

The mind has a passive and active aspect.

The Active function creates, changes or destroys. The Passive function carries on the work given it by the Active function and obeys orders and suggestions.

The Active function produces the thought-habit, or motion-habit, and passes the vibrations which carry it along the Passive lines thereafter. All thought, once started on their path, continue to vibrate along passive lines until corrected or terminated by subsequent impulses imparted by the Active function/controlling power. The continuance of the original impulse adds momentum and force to it, and renders it correction or termination more difficult.

This explains that which is called “the force of habit.”  The Law applies to good habits as well as bad. 

Several of the faculties of the mind often combine to produce a single manifestation. Any task or goal you want to perform may call for the combined exercise of several faculties, some of which may manifest by Active effort and Passive effort. The meeting of new conditions-new problems-calls for the exercise of Active effort; while a familiar problem, or task, can be easily handled but the Passive effort.

When you look around, you’ll see the different stages of the development of Active thought power in humanity. Most prefer to let other people think for them. Active thought power tires them and they find the instinctive, automatic, Passive mental process much easier. Their minds work along the lines of least resistance.

This is what people mean when they call others human sheep or robots.

The habit and practice of “strengthening of the will” is in reality the training of the mind to recognize and absorb the Thought Power Within. The Will is strong enough; it does not need strengthening, but the mind needs to be trained to receive and act upon the suggestions of the Will. The Will is the outward manifestation of the I AM, your Spirit, your Divine Director of your life. The Will current is flowing in full strength along the spiritual wires; but you must learn how to raise your energy before the mental engine will move.

When you understand this Law you can accomplish wonders by means of the development of the powers of the mind; while one who turns their back upon he truth will suffer from his lack of knowledge of the law in ignorance. When you understand the laws of your mental being, and develop the latent powers and use them intelligently by making good use of Active and Passive mental functions, is able to obtain amazing results, having mastered and trained the mind to do the bidding of the Spirit, the Divine Director.

They know that the real being within is the master to whom both Active and Passive functions are but tools.

You will banish Fear, in order to enjoy freedom. You will find out your true self and experience the secret of the I AM, the Divine Director of your Life.

In my next episode I will talk about MIND.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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