December 11, 2020: Courage & Wisdom Prevail [videos] ~ December 11, 2020

It’s FRIDAY! What a week it’s been. Good thing we were strapped in.

The following is what I believe is a very early Q drop from what was then 8chan we would do well to remember. If you can’t make it out, you will find it here. It is based on Gematria—4.10.20 being the initials of the President; DJT. This was before the Q Team was identified and called QAnon.

Vaccines are something we’re watching closely.

FDA panel votes in favor of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

New common core math might be able to justify the killer cocktails so beware. Hey, it works for elections so…

Breaking news-CDC has confirmed 17 out of 10 people who test positive for Covid have symtoms and 25 of them die.

— Q++++ (@sparkledocawake) December 10, 2020

I SEE BRIGHT RED FLAGS HERE, FOLKS. PARTICIPANTS WHO GOT THE PLACEBO VACCINE ALSO DIED! What the hell is in the placebo? It’s supposed to have no active ingredients.

Pfizer’s Data on its Vaccine. At p. 19 reports has killed 2 participants – along with 8 having severe adverse reactions and withdrawing from the trial. 4 people who supposedly took the “placebo” vaccine also died and another 5 with adverse effects.

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) December 9, 2020

Because of startling news like the headline below, which is not vetted… (use discernment at all times and read between the lines)

Hal Turner: 50,000 Chinese Soldiers Were Bombed and Killed in Maine Which Was Listed as an Earthquake

…Simon Parkes weighed in on the military movement to keep the patriots’ frazzled nerves calm.

10th December Update Current News

The information war is raging. Another exploding house. “Noel” Drive. Isn’t this fun?

Crews investigating house explosion in Gates, NY

Sky News reports on the egregious suppression of truth. No surprise here.

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook’s ‘independent’ fact-checking certifier exposed as Hillary Clinton supporter

Coming to you from the vicinity of beautiful Kelowna in the BC Rockies of Canada, it’s Patriot Parabellum talking common sense about the China Virus vaccine, which they say they are going to FIRST use to vaccinate the seniors at long term care facilities. What!?

He tells us why that is an absurd strategy, and also that in the small town where he lives it’s life as usual with the kids going to school because in a small town they know they couldn’t get away with the BS.

Makes sense, right? So… if the Kung Flu is so lethal, so dangerous, and so out of control—how can they not use the strictest measures possible to “protect everyone” EVERYWHERE??? The answer is, like he says—it’s all about the FEAR and the CONTROL—not danger. The threat is engineered, not real. 15 min.


Michael Jaco does a relatively short update about the vaccines, as well. He says as long as we’re supported by our constitutional sheriffs, it’s time to unify and refuse to go along with the lockdowns, etc. Here in Pinal County AZ where I am it’s great—but our move to Maricopa could prove problematic. I haven’t shopped there yet, but my hairstylist and most of her clients in Scottsdale don’t wear masks so we’ll see how it goes. Starbucks in Scottsdale is ridiculous. At the drive through they’re wearing masks and hand you your drink in a cardboard tray. Those cagey Chinese cooties are just waiting to jump onto your hand, don’t you know.

He also speaks about a suspicious death of a Merck Pharma-related woman. Another warning shot to whistleblowers. Read about that at this link.

Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She’d Never Commit Suicide

The shot in the arm won’t be happening. Social Resistance is beginning to catch hold.

And if you’re considering getting the over-hyped vaccines to protect you from the latest boogey man, the Wuhan Flu, have a look at this brief video. Do you want to be microchipped like your pet? They claim it’s to protect against counterfeit vaccines. Do we look like we were born yesterday?

Microchips in Humans = freedom? I don’t think so. Off with their heads!

Bill Gates – The Syringes Have Trackers

Editor’s Note: The Bill Gates video is unavailable. Please see this one instead!

BoJo talks about the vaccines being “liberators” as well. Tiny robots swimming through our bodies dispensing med’cine. Uh-huh. Not in this body. That’s what an immune system is for. You can’t improve on the Human body designed by the Creator. If it didn’t work, we wouldn’t be here talking about it, would we?

We can’t have a future Alexa clucking her tongue and stamping her foot at us. Nooooo. Too funny, BoJo.

Boris Johnson confirms Microchips, nanobots and New World Order

It’s time the American People got informed and stood up for the rights they were granted in the US Constitution and their state laws—not statutes or bogus executive orders signed by corrupt governors. See the list here for examples and learn how to apply in your own state. Visit Peggy’s website The Healthy

Peggy Hall Explains Why California Businesses Can Stay Open Legally and How Requiring Masks Violates 22 Laws

For anyone just getting up to speed on what’s unfolding in America, ten minutes with Mark Levin gives you the big picture.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 11, 2020

There’s wild stuff in our skies and Mr. MBB caught this himself up in Flagstaff, AZ.

Incredible Footage of “Star-like” Object w/Tail in BROAD Daylight from AZ Mountains by MrMBB333! Wow

It looks like it’s “go time” for me here on the home front so I have lots of packing to do. Over and out.  ~ BP

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