December 10, 2020: Planetary Update for Human Rights Day [videos] ~ December 10, 2020

In this logo below for International Human Rights Day we see a number of rights we were born with, and those hands—those are United Nations and globalists’ hands reaching out and snatching those rights from us. We have no rights under their system. We are slaves with a bar code and cannot legally own anything, including the property we believed we purchased, according to their Law of the Sea or Maritime/Admiralty Law.

If that’s all new to you, you’ll need to do some research. We are now embroiled in a planetary revolution to reestablish those rights we were born with but lost beginning with the birth certificate the controllers used to monetize each and every one of us as their “property”. Livestock is more like it—but we’re taking control of our planet back. President Donald Trump has been instrumental in reversing the power grab and returning the power to the People; not only in America. Globally.

How could billions of people come to such a fate? Good question. The perpetrators were sly and operated in stealth mode. They lied. They blackmailed and bribed people in key positions, offering power, money, prestige.

And we blindly trusted them. Even when they repeated election lies and never followed through with campaign promises we allowed them to remain in control. We didn’t have the fair representation in our governments we believed we did and they put laws in place that worked against us and in their favour; laws that steadily eroded our rights particularly in response to terrorist acts like 9/11.

Thanks to the November 3rd election in the USA, we’re seeing the lengths these criminals will go to in order to usurp positions of power and confiscate our money. The ones running the show and their minions are living high off the hog on our hard-earned money. Anyone who gets in their way may see a family member meeting with an untimely demise; or they may find they get too close to the edge on the roof of a tall building.

One of the biggest control mechanisms for the New World Order’s elite has been the corporate media. They have much of the world under a hypnotic spell to the point we were like lemmings to a cliff…

…which brings us to the COVID-19 psyop. Some think that it must be real because the whole world is going through lockdowns, social distancing, wearing masks—and now cancelling Christmas!

How can they do it? Because people believe the lies. These are crimes against Humanity. These people are monsters. They’re called “globalists” for a reason. They have controlled the world, but thanks to brilliant, courageous Beings, that control is slipping from their grasp. We have to understand how they operate and that they will stop at nothing to retain their grip on our planet.

In a factual audio discussion first created in April of 2020—very early in the scamdemic—we get a full, lengthy, comprehensive historical look at just how these criminals work; how they’ve done the same thing before, and how they’ve done it again—and we LET THEM!

The CoVid fraud de-constructed

There is no there there – literally

If you didn’t listen to those revelations from Brasscheck TV in the audio above that I shared yesterday, it just might change your mind if you believe there is a real pandemic. It’s detailed and makes so many good points you’ll be nodding and saying, “exactly” and “it’s so obvious”.

But it’s not obvious to everyone, unfortunately. Therefore it’s a great bit of media to share with others. It’s long, and very thorough, as I said. It’s powerful testimony that could set us free, because the only thing keeping us in this plandemic is WE, THE PEOPLE.

The zombified people are so afraid thanks to the fear porn shovelled out by the globalists’ media that they are willingly harming themselves by wearing masks, giving up jobs, closing businesses, shutting themselves off from family and friends, and literally destroying our society.

Suicidal thoughts, anxiety on the rise as lockdowns continue: study

These psychopaths know exactly what they’re doing, folks. There’s no question. We have to wise up, rise up, and rebel. Mass civil disobedience is called for NOW.

There aren’t enough people who “get it” and are taking their rights back. Fear is a powerful motivator and too many believe the media lies that Covid is a deadly disease. Like always, there are many safe, effective ways to treat any symptoms we may have and 99 per cent of people get over it without difficulty—if it even exists. Most don’t even go to hospital.

There’s a greater likelihood that people are sick from psychosomatic causes, a cold, the usual flu, or bacterial pneumonia due to the contaminated masks and insufficient fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. I’m hearing a number of people are suffering from toothaches, as well, and can’t sleep. Sleep deprivation can also lead to a weakened immune system, making us more prone to pick up a disease. It’s clearly a psychological operation and the People of this planet have to get informed and fight back.

Father John Fields

Catholic Priest, Who Was a Moderna Vaccine Volunteer, Suddenly Died

The first 2 people in the UK to get the shot went into anaphylactic shock basically. Now they’re advising anyone with allergies not to take the shot, and when giving the shot to have resuscitation equipment available! When will we learn (They) are trying to kill us! No Vaccines!

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) December 10, 2020

I’m weary of discussing this [obvious] fake pandemic but we have to get past our biggest obstacle: our own minds. Regardless of whether President Trump and the US Military bring us therapeutics and vaccines or the plandemic just goes away when people stop getting tested with a bogus test designed to give false positives and the media stops telling everyone we’re all “infected”—until People feel safe, they will continue to wear masks out of fear and will attack the rest of us when we don’t.

This problem won’t go away overnight. We’re going to have to deal with it for some time to come because so many people are completely brainwashed and irrational. Unless something miraculous happens, that is what we can expect for the near future.

Remember that people are influenced by what others say and do, so choose your words and actions wisely. Be brave. Go boldly. Be the example.

Can we change the subject now? I’m sure the scamdemic topic will rudely elbow its way back into the conversation sooner rather than later but for now, we have other things to examine. Extraordinary developments demand our attention if we’re interested in staying reasonably abreast of things unfolding in the war effort.

Looks like a green light to me! I think we have our “go”.

There is so much happening today! This speaks volumes! Have they been given the Green Light? Winning! …-

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) December 9, 2020

Check THIS out. Timing is everything. Like Q said, “We have it all.”

The FBI are the bad guys. The FBI are the good guys. The DOJ are the bad guys. The DOJ are the good guys. Do you see how this works? Irregular warfare.

HUGE: After 4 Years of Stonewalling Corrupt FBI Finally Admits They’re Holding Seth Rich’s Laptop

Michael Jaco has an update on the “farm” and the law enforcement agencies, as well as other topics.

The C_A is a dead man walking. FB_ will be next. JFK assassination reveal coming.

You know what to do, my friends.


— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) December 10, 2020

Morocco Will Normalize Relations With Israel, Trump Administration Announces

Gina has more outstanding footage for us from above our heads. She uses an iPhone 8 camera with a clip-on lens you can no longer buy. Just amazing. She also discusses the filtering NASA does. It’s incredible these craft are visible to her, but not everyone. Chariots of the Gods.

There’s 1000’s of Ships

Also from above our heads… be prepared for technology interruptions… just in case.

*GEOSTORM BREWING* – Sun Hurls HUGE Coronal Mass Directly at Earth and COULD be Beneficial!

As for the big news that Hunter Biden is under investigation for tax fraud… give me a break. That is a carrot; a lesser plea to distract from the child sex crimes, drugs, and massive financial corruption he and his family engaged in. They may simply be keeping the truth under wraps for now, or they will start with that and we’ll see it cascade into the other bigger crimes. The Patriots have a Plan and we don’t always see what we expect; for good reason.

Justice Department’s interest in Hunter Biden covered more than taxes

Personally, I see the Texas law suit appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn election results as a potential “D5” Q spoke of. It’s growing.

17 states and Trump join Texas request for Supreme Court to overturn Biden wins in four states

The #TexasCase has them terrified.

They are losing it.#CNN

— Major Patriot (@MajorPatriot) December 10, 2020

What do you want for Christmas, patriots? Hold that thought. Out for now.  ~ BP

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