October 9, 2020: New Kew Still Dropping & the ‘Rona Psyop Continues [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 9, 2020

Seventeen’s intelligence bread crumbs are fresh today and you can sample them here. It appears the Patriots are waiting for Nazi Pelosi to use up all her arrows.

Are we really getting closer to seeing the big ones get honourable mentions? Some say no arrests until after the election. I doubt the Earth Alliance would clutter up an already loaded situation with extraneous incendiary material. They want it to be safe to go out and vote in person. If they dropped their indictments and announced arrests it would jeopardize the election because the loonatic left would lash out with their worst.

Trump calls for Biden, Obama to be indicted in ‘greatest political crime in history’ https://t.co/hYGK0k1sYF @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness

— Maria Bartiromo (@MariaBartiromo) October 8, 2020

There’s little doubt at this point who funds much of the terrorism and infiltration in America.

China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon

Based on the missile references from the Kew drops yesterday, you may wish to see one of our original posts on that missile when it happened back in 2018.

With 25 days left until the general election, the demonrats are heavily invested in somehow installing the crumbling, creepy Joe Biden as President/puppet so they can control everything from the oval office. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see he is hardly presidential material. He’s little more than a wraith at this point. Kamala Harris is way out of her league. What’s their ‘Plan C’?

What President Trump and the Earth Alliance are showing us is that they can trounce the deep state with both hands tied behind their backs. No perceived disadvantage seems too great. They overcome it all so far. We’re waiting on the status of the General Flynn case, and of course, to see consequences for the major players.

Do you believe the wire/device we saw peeking out of Biden’s sleeve at the presidential debate was a rosary?

The lamestream media was all over our “conspiracy theory” that Biden was wired and they’ve come up with a doozie. I wasn’t aware Satan favoured rosaries.

FACT CHECK: “It’s a rosary that Biden wears that belonged to his son Beau Biden”

The unfortunate status of the world is that until the People stand up and own their power, they will continue to fall in line and do the bidding of the globalists. They are conditioned to trust the media and obey. Fear is a potent sedative as the COVID-19 psyop has illustrated.

How much of a fear factor is there? President Trump says there is no need to fear the virus. Most of us know that, but we’re not the majority. I hope the “miracles” the President and the Patriots have for the ‘rona will be released to the public post-haste. Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en and Christmas will be dismal if these tyrannical lockdowns and health issues continue.

With a corrupt, evil media arm of the NWO spewing lies and propaganda, how many will be in a place to do the math?

It seems we’ve exhausted every possible combination of strategies to “flatten the curve, slow the spread, and reduce the cases” but it’s lost on the public. Now they’re just confused. The countries where they did little to nothing (like Sweden) are living normal lives now while the rest of the world is threatening to go into round two of lockdowns and arrests for non-compliance. Don’t people get it?

Here are two important articles from independent investigative journalist Jon Rappoport we would benefit from understanding. The link to Part 1 is provided within this article.

The Smoking Gun: Where is the proof that the ‘virus’ exists? The CDC says it isn’t available. (This is the scam: Fake ‘virus’ + fake test + fake death certificates = fake pandemic)

The President wants to reassure seniors that they will be well taken care of and needn’t worry.

BREAKING: Trump gives URGENT Address to the Nation on America’s Seniors

They’ve got the public fixated on the number of cases, which means nothing. Lock them up!

“Ontario– 939 new COVID-19 cases, eyes new restrictions.” Psych-war of perpetually shifting quicksand based on “cases” from a bogus test, incapable of testing for a virus not yet isolated, purified, and replicated continues. A psych torture technique.https://t.co/VluP8DA8tm

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) October 9, 2020

https://t.co/XYhm7ugb5U pic.twitter.com/GmFOOrGkyT

— Dr Sherri Tenpenny (@BusyDrT) October 9, 2020

In Canada, where the media is even worse than south of the border, they lay it on thick and when the leader of the nation is a cabal puppet and nearly all the leadership and law enforcement are corrupt… well, there isn’t much hope unless there’s a miracle.Does President Trump’s magic wand extend north of the 49th? What the President says and does are critical to the liberation of Humanity to end the virus hoax.

CBC publishes directory of trusted local news sources

The entire initial list of outlets was directly copied from News Media Canada – who has requested the government further regulate media in Canada.

There may be evidence of a shift, however. What, the fathomless injection of capital (read “bribe”) from crime minister Turdeau wasn’t enough to save the lying, treasonous ship? Good. Kill it. Sink it to the bottom of Hudson’s Bay, or create a shrine to warn other media of their potential fate if they don’t shape up, ship out and get the job done accurately and responsibly.

If Canada had a fleet of citizen fact-checkers they would learn in short order that their media is appallingly misleading and unapologetically in the pockets of special interest groups and gangsters. The lies are so colossal it’s difficult to believe the public actually pays any attention, but again… fear is working against them.

Perhaps the Canucks are finally beginning to turn away and think for themselves.Canadian media appears to have had two missions in 2020: Spread COVID fear and foster Trump Derangement Syndrome.

CBC has also reported abysmal viewership numbers for its evening newscasts.
According to the CBC’s latest annual report, only 0.8% of Canadians tuned in to watch CBC nightly.

CBC to lay off 130 employees due to failing revenue

Can you believe the overt tactics in the gulag?

BREAKING: Liberal chair suddenly and without authority, muted the audio and then turned off the zoom meeting to halt my Finance Committee motion on the WE cover-up.

— pierrepoilievre (@PierrePoilievre) October 8, 2020

There is also an effort to convince us there are food shortages on the way. News of water shutoffs etc. seem offset by investigative documentation by people in Mexico who say all is normal, including for produce. Jim Stone reported specifically on that from where he is in Mexico in his article below.

Have grocery prices gone up dramatically in your area?

“Here is my latest analysis.

A few days ago I did a detailed analysis of grocery prices across several stores in Mexico. The three big stores were HEB Wal Mart, and Soriana. plus I included two small local stores and Mexico’s version of “dollar general” that is called “Waldo’s”. I also threw in some mercado prices. I did not post about this because I ended up getting frustrated by attacks on Intel processors, which destroyed them. I then built an AMD which did not get attacked and it is great. But that’s not what this is about, –

So today I got reminded of that by a poll on a popular forum, where 93 percent of the respondents said “yes, grocery prices have gone up dramatically”. So I’ll post what I discovered down here in Mex.

First of all, the price testing conditions: I don’t blow money when I shop, I go bottom dollar. If I can’t tell the difference between Economax rice and 5X over marked yuppy bullshit, I will not buy the BS. I won’t even pay 20 percent more for “BS”, if I don’t pay bottom dollar there has to be a reason, (like the slightly more expensive one is not GMO). The prices I am going to post are what you’d be forced to pay in Mex no matter what.

Rice has gone up in price by 8 percent, no matter what.
Corn based products have gone up in price by 17 percent, no matter what.
White bleached wheat flour has gone down in price by 5 percent. The actual products made from them have gone up, but did not have to go up because the bottom dollar versions are priced the same as before, across all types.

Meat prices have not gone up, and even sale prices go as low as they used to. You have to get lucky to nail those but I noticed at Soriana that despite HEB looking a little higher (and I never check Wal Mart because even in Mex they sell the worst crap imaginable) – Soriana had meat prices as low as they have ever been with specials being GREAT. I did not have the store card and Claudia could not find it in her purse so I missed out –

Eggs: Wal Mart and other large stores now rip you off, but in the mercados and small local stores, they have gone back to being cheap again. That would not be possible if there were problems.

At Wal mart and other stores, chips and junk food went up, but in the small local stores the prices did not budge AT ALL, they are the same as they always were, to the exact peso.

Refried beans – about 7 percent less than the lowest I have ever seen, across all brands, it was not a pricing fluke.
Oils – all went down in price across all types by a few percent.
Peanut butter went up but I still managed to get Economax as cheap as it ever was.

Pastas (at the base line) were the same price as always, but the “premium stuff” tripled from their already much higer price. I can’t tell the difference, why would I pay that?

Surprisingly the box mac and cheese went down in price overall but I skipped that because I can do it cheaper and better my own way.

Condiments and dairy were all priced EXACTLY the same as they were a year ago. Fresh milk did not budge, not even by a single peso, across all brands and neither did the products made from milk.

Perishable produce: These prices always went up and down and it varies daily by what you want to buy. However, overall they are as cheap as ever, you can still get oranges here in Mex for about 20 cents a pound. Apples will set you back about 50 cents a pound. Potatoes are about the same. Strawberries always fluctuate in price (up to $2 a pound) but the last time I saw them they were about 50 cents a pound. Tomatoes were 33 cents a pound the last I checked. A cheap mexican version of tomatoes called tomatillos were about 20 cents a pound. All of those are normal prices, NOTHING CHANGED IN PRODUCE. Those are mercado prices, not Wal-Mart but if you can hit a mercado they will BLOW wal mart away in every way every day. If the prices seem low, all I can say is that’s normal.

At first, when I saw the prices on the yuppy products go up considerably, I was scared and I was going to report doom. But when I closely looked at things the way I would buy, NOTHING OF SIGNIFICANCE HAS HAPPENED, surprisingly, wheat flour and oils and beans actually went down. Overall the average is about the same. If you are seeing significantly higher prices in the U.S., that’s simply opportunists ripping you off, LOOK FOR THE BETTER DEAL.”

I would add to Jim’s assessment a reminder that the military, in storming the DUMBs and tunnels globally, find massive amounts of food designed to support armies of the El-ites through the apocalypse they had planned for us and those foodstuffs would probably sustain us through any shortages that might occur. Many people—not only “preppers”—have stocked up at least a little, and we don’t need to worry about all the preppers.

If worse came to worst, perhaps they would expedite the delivery of the replicators.

Despite the severe flooding a year ago in the American breadbasket, I’m not seeing any noticeable change in food availability or prices even here in the desert.

What I have seen shortages of is cleaning products and facial tissues. I wondered why they would pull all the toilet bowl cleaner, and then we had that Tweet from Paul Sperry yesterday about toilets and bathrooms suspected as culprits in the spread of the ‘rona. It wasn’t the first time I heard that, either. We also heard it was spreading through plumbing. So, while our local grocer has as much hand sanitizer as Coca-Cola, it might be a valid idea to wash our hands often. That’s just good hygiene anyway.

And We Know you’re waiting for this…

10.9.20: ARROW in the QUIVER exposed! Planned long ago?

Just for fun, we have a post, probably coded, about junior. Someone asked if the number of dots corresponds to the number of hours until emergence. What if it’s not only junior?

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. https://t.co/E4tm4TVv0B

— 25 Days – John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) October 9, 2020

In closing, since it’s Friday I will say Happy Thanksgiving to the Canucks. Our neighbours are happy to help us celebrate our Canadian holiday on Monday. It’s Columbus Day in the US, although that’s not truly something to celebrate when you know the other story.  ~ BP

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