October 8, 2020: New Late Night Kew & It’s Never How it Looks [videos] ~ posted October 9, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 8, 2020

It’s day 26 of the countdown and the CuteTeam was at it again last night. See the new crumbs here.

Every time I go to Twitter for one last check I find something I can’t resist. You gotta love bathroom humour.

BREAKING: New medical study reveals TOILETS are key mode of transmission of Coronavirus. Virus spreads predominantly through orofecal contact: hand –>flusher–>faucet–>door knob–>phone–>food–>mouth–>face (Was bathroom the “superspreader” @ WH event?)https://t.co/bX7Jnvlxuf

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) October 8, 2020

I was about to watch a live video about the attempted abduction of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer which displayed in Youtube as below…

NOW PLAYING Live: Updates In Arrests Over Plot To Kidnap Michigan Governor | NBC News NBC News 10K watching LIVE NOW …but when I clicked on it, the video said it was unavailable and private. Why did NBC pull it? Fake news to incriminate Republicans and/or Patriots? When I do a search, one source says it was “the militia” what did it. Of course it was. Militias are bad, bad, bad! We can’t have vigilantes taking justice into their own hands. I have called for citizen arrests for some time now, and others have taken up the call. Where are the men, some are asking?

Plans to kidnap Whitmer, overthrow government spoiled, officials say

So many distractions… so little time. See the video from Dan Dicks of Press for Truth at the link below. And there’s more Ozzie tyranny further down.

It Begins: Canada’s First Arrest Under THE QUARANTINE ACT Sets The Stage For Aussie Like Tyranny

If you’re looking for insight or opinion on the Pence/Harris debate, look elsewhere. I listened to the lies from Harris for less than five minutes and had to turn it off. No can do. It wasn’t the train wreck the Trump/Biden debate was, quite the opposite—at least for the first question, but it seemed very much like a performance. Staged. Controlled. The Harris lines seemed well rehearsed—like she knew the question was coming but I suppose she could have guessed.

The headlines I’m seeing this morning are saying Pence did a good job. The Twitter feeds tell us we’re looking at cheap substitutes for the real thing. Doubles or reasonable facsimiles. It’s all a show and I have little patience left. I’m done with the drama.

Telemundo Deletes Twitter Poll following VP Debate After Kamala Gets CRUSHED by Pence 74% to 26%

Are we going from, “Where’s Hunter?” to “Where’s Joe?” We can see the Patriots seeding the narrative. What happens when there IS no demonrat candidate?

Obama’s White House Doctor Speaks Out On Biden – He Just Claimed Slow Joe Is Lost And May Need Cognitive Test

Across the pond, and further to our prior headline, it seems the military is engaged.

It’s going to be quite the psyop to undo the psyop that is CV-19. It will take time to allay the fears of the misinformed public who bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

RAF knocking doors giving out tests in the UK????? https://t.co/sb9VHT71xB

— Qohn Galt (@QohnG) October 8, 2020

In the US, the “peaceful protestors” have migrated to residential areas.

[VIDEO] Wisconsin Town Invaded by Rioters Smashing Windows of Suburban Homes

We really need to at least consider the reality of this news below, don’t we? Who’s who in the zoo? I had a good feeling about Pompeo but who knows? It’s a complicated web.

I would also like to point out, again hopefully without enraging anyone, that all three are deeply connected to the CIA, with two of them having headed it, and one having worked for them repeatedly.

— E. (@ETheFriendly) October 7, 2020

Sean at the SGT Report had a great conversation with Claudio Grass of  Switzerland, who tells us there’s little going on in his corner of the world with respect to lockdowns which might not come as a surprise when we consider it’s Illuminati/Rothschild headquarters. More on that below.


And if we’re being honest, we need to acknowledge this activity going on behind the scenes, as well. Kim-possible and Tank tell us what transpired in Zug, Switzerland and New York last week. Our existence in this reality is tenuous as the benevolent people wrestle with the daily attempts by the bloodlines to annihilate the planet—and us. They just never stop.

This is not to take away from the spectacular job that President Trump and the patriots have been doing, just to acknowledge that there are other groups, as I have stated many times, who are working away behind the scenes and not in the spotlight, to support Humanity. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve heard that it’s a “factional” battle for control of our realm.

I believe you can see that it’s “families” who are involved. I’ve made that clear many times and this information below may not all be what you want to hear. This is a war, and you don’t get to choose the news.

I told readers long ago that the Kew initiative is a psyop. Not necessarily a bad one; it has awakened a lot of people and empowered them… but it IS a psychological operation to manage the masses. Who is at the core?

If you’re firmly on the Trump Train and are not open-minded, you might want to give this intel a miss. You would need to be a true truth warrior to assimilate some of it. A little more detail is revealed as to the desired disposition of Humanity; more plots that will not come to fruition, of course.

The general truth that the psychopaths believe they are born to rule and own the right to end our civilization is valid. Who is doing what about it may be… massaged… in the effort to bring about the end of the power struggle.

I’ve stated many times that we are being “managed” and that we are not told the whole truth. The People need to be awakened, informed, alerted and inspired to stand and take back their freedom. They cannot be told the truth about everything. Much is still classified and operations are still underway. We are told what it suits them to tell us.

Granted, Humanity is not yet at a place where they are ready to hear the brutal, unadulterated truth. Some struggle with simple ones right in their faces. As they awaken, the fear must be diffused and the awakened empowered so they can assist in removing the psychopaths and be in a position to protect themselves from the predators.

It was satisfying to hear that more Rothtilian bodies went into the meetings than emerged afterward. The Life Force Enforcement Unit doesn’t fool around and a mass casualty event is not in the cards for Humanity—not on this timeline, we’re told. Parties that repeatedly fail to honour contracts and simply resume their selfish agendas must go. The extermination cannot happen fast enough, in my opinion.

I don’t know why it was allowed to get to this point. How many years do we give them to change their ways? How many innocent people have to die at the hands of these predators? To say it’s difficult to do business with things that just want to eat you is probably the understatement of the year.

Personally, I wouldn’t negotiate with terrorists. Period. If all of Humanity understood the reality they would have strong opinions as to how to handle the situation. As it stands, a handful are making the decisions for all of Humanity.

The following are definitely interesting details to add to our personal interpretations of the truth—and that is all we will have at this point. NO ONE is telling us the whole truth about EVERYTHING.

He who controls the information, controls the perception, and therefore, the reality.

I offer this facet of the war for your greater understanding, and hope you will listen right to the end, and remember what I remind us of over and over: “Nothing is what it seems.” I suggest we don’t get too attached to any ONE or any OUTCOME, because it’s all in flux and very much in the shadows.

We can follow people on Twitter and read military intel and listen to the best geo-political analysts but they are only as good as their own information and there are very, very few individuals who know everything about everything. You are your best source of truth, through your thirst for knowledge, your intuition and discernment.

I don’t much care WHO liberates Humanity, but I am sick of the lies and subterfuge and brain-dead people.

In this video, Kim does her update, Tank then summarizes, and Kim closes off. I’m pleased they are addressing the media-information challenge and encouraging the People to BE their own media. They can get behind that. The media lies are one of the most painful daily thorns in our side.

It wasn’t much of a birthday for Kim, and we appreciate everything she does for Humanity. Uploaded October 5th, to cover the events for the prior week. Below this, I have added a link to the video released the following day, October 6, with a brief 12 min. update.


In this update, Tank discusses 5G causing a bacterial reaction in the body. Scott Mowry’s contacts stated that CV is bacterial, not viral. Just sayin’. Tank brings a positive note to it. He also discusses the “secret global martial law” declared last week which Kim revealed above. The United News preview at the end looks fantastic.


A friend sent this thread from Twitter and I was aghast because of the reference to RR Donnelly. My other half worked for a very old and successful GLOBAL financial printing company for twenty years and Donnelly bought them out. After using my hubby’s expertise for a time, they laid him off. He said the way they ran their business was illogical and inefficient. I’m wondering if that acquisition was in anticipation of a day like this when the cabal needed control of the printing industry. They specialized in prospectuses and public offerings but did commercial work as well.

These documents discovered aren’t ballots, but had people’s addresses on them and apparently went undelivered.

Of course my entranced other half says this happens all the time with flyers and probably to demonrat material as well but no one is looking for it so it goes unreported. “Self-fulfilling prophecy”, he claims.

Click anywhere in the box to launch in Twitter to see more or use this link.

This seems bad. pic.twitter.com/hEiz15GjBu

— Swig (@OldRowSwig) October 7, 2020

Judicial Watch SUES Colorado to Force Clean Up of Voter Rolls!

Nothing happening… https://t.co/PiPlUnOaiL

— BardsFM (@BardsFM) October 8, 2020

The good guys are working hard to shut down the pedophiles and child traffickers.

What are the chances that the U.S
embassy worker killed in Ukraine this week also ran a global adoption ring?

What are the chances if you dig into it you’ll find skeletons?

The MSM wont tell you, but her name was Micala Siler.

Follow the money.

— E. (@ETheFriendly) October 6, 2020

This interview on the Dan Bongino show is excellent. Author Allum Bokhari provides interesting commentary on the big tech stunts that have had a huge impact on reality; largely as a result of the research he’s done to write #Deleted.

Best wishes to Dan and his family as they deal with the health issue.

Ep. 1363 The Growing Threat of a Digital Coup by the Tech Tyrants – The Dan Bongino Show®

Canada’s government is beyond hypocritical, yet so many Canadians are sound asleep and apparently don’t mind the tyranny. I guess they’ve forgotten they have an immune system.

While the institutionalized elderly have suffered in appalling ways from the globalist-enforced lockdowns, the ruling class don’t appear to mind extending the misery even at the expense of tourism, and Niagara Falls comes up for the second time this week.

The Niagara and Stratford areas in the fall have little competition in Ontario and it is a shame to waste this spectacular holiday time due to political warfare. The wineries, orchards, butterfly conservatory and Shakespearean theatre will go unappreciated by too many this year as it appears the psychopaths plan to ruin our holidays as the worst year in recent history draws to a close.

We hope seniors will be embraced by family this holiday season, but my step-mother says she doesn’t want her children risking getting the virus to come and visit her in her home. It’s criminal how the media has brainwashed the public senseless.

Government-sponsored ad encouraging vacations with grandma to be pulled

They want us to believe that COVID is something to be feared and that it’s never going away; that this the new normal, as Trudeau stated. Holidays will never be the same. Get these globalist “things” out of our governments. Lock them up!

Tam urges Thanksgiving caution amid recent rise in cases of COVID-19

Having people locked down and in fear for their lives will make it easier for the psychopaths to round them up, put them in isolation camps and gas them, as the recent government requisitions and calls for tender have indicated they have planned. Something has to give—and soon.

Here’s an interesting poll… just for fun, but could be relatively accurate. People being “really mad” doesn’t necessarily mean they will take action. A body at rest tends to stay at rest. What would ignite them?

The impending Ontario Lockdown is making me feel:

— unspinthespin (@unspinthespin) October 2, 2020

Meanwhile, in Victoria/Oz, the animals wearing police uniforms have no problem arresting a pregnant mother who went to the beach with her kids for a swim and someone bled on the sand, as per the disturbing video at this link.

Pregnant Mother Arrested For Leaving 5km Lockdown Radius!

Sweden last week.

Another Way.

It works. pic.twitter.com/QrWGHMI4jE

— Simon Dolan #KBF (@simondolan) October 3, 2020

Spain is moving in a better direction—possibly due to the massive protests.

Madrid court annuls central government’s COVID-19 curbs on city.https://t.co/xNPQEDpkZW

— Rocco Galati (@roccogalatilaw) October 8, 2020

Time to close. Research to do… and my stomach is eating itself. Enjoy the drama. More on the way soon.  ~ BP

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