Editor’s Note: Are you feeling differently? Is your heart on fire with a new jubilance despite watching the world collapse? Are you waking with a new sense of self?

Congratulations! The new incoming energies are indeed affecting your DNA with repairing the coding within your DNA. Rest easily within this process, hydrate and rest, show and share your new self in a calm and gentle way, and Be in…

Quantum Joy!


Dear ones

We are transmitting NEW CODES to the Cells of your BEing while you are sleep, therefore, you are NOW BEing empowered so that you have all the necessary tools to achieve the Liberation of your planet.

As one might say in their human language “We are giving them the possibility to defeat their enemies using their own weapons”

A lot is happening right NOW on your planet due to the final battle between darkness and LIGHT.

Remember that the LIGHT is Consciousness, therefore, the darkness is the lack of it. also, as you BEcome more aware, your enemies lose power over you.

These NEW Light Codes have altered your frequencies, however, Now it is up to you to maintain these vibrations transforming into ‘The Guardians of this Frequency’ so that others can access this Energy easier.

Many are still incredulous, but they are already seeing before their eyes that their world is crumbling and their beliefs are falling one by one.

Share your LIGHT with them and inform them if they allow it, but without shouting since this task must BE carried out Peacefully.

Just leave them this information so that they can refer to it when they are ready to receive it, so that they can continue moving forward with their free choice.

You have come to do this and consequently you have been preparing to carry out this work in this time of Revelations that is already upon all.

The moment Human BEgins question their reality and those in control, they BEgin to ascend from the three-dimensional system to the 4D Matrix.

This process is what we call Awakening and it is what is happening to Humanity right NOW.


The 3D Matrix that has kept you enslaved is crumbling and losing its foundation of deception, lies and control. this whole system is falling and there is NO turning back.

You are the Great Warriors of LIGHT, Seekers of Truth, Showers and Sons of the Sun who will bring a NEW Dawn.

This is your Time, don’t be afraid.

We are Here with you. you can already see our Light Ships in your night Sky and you can feel us in your Hearts.

We have begun to contact you. open your Hearts to see the signs, as we will get much closer for Earth’s Liberation progresses.


We LOVE you so much, We are your Family of Light.

Aurora Ray 💜
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation of Light


source: http://www.auroraray.com

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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