“ACTIVATING The Divine DNA Now!” ~ June 30, 2020

Editor’s Note: NOW is the moment to live inside of yourself in that quiet and still moment. In that calm point of balance, observe yourself and Know You Are More than a Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, worker bee.

Your DNA holds secrets which have been “turned off” during your life on Earth. in your NOW moment…allow yourself to consciously feel into your powerful self which is indeed, a powerful creator, and gain a new awareness of BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


Examining the flow as in the moment, one can observe what takes others consciously out of the flow. Even induce non flow. Although most non flow BEINGS are unconscious to their eternal SOUL and do not know how to even begin to be in the moment through the heart; let alone flow as the eternal being that they are.

The majority get CAUGHT UP with events, with thoughts of events concerning the future, and then thoughts of worry about the future and on and on it goes, for many; an endless cycle. And with all that, even unaware of what is going on within their own consciousness.

What it is really is very unnatural, that is, to not be in the moment in the flow. As the ego is not a natural creation. But a resistance to what is, in perfect DIVINE FLOW.

To not be in the present moment always involves attachment to patterns of thought, to beliefs and to ideas. THESE attachments include a powerful resistance to change. Almost like hoarding old ways of being in case they prove successful, with fear as the grip, that makes the attachments so ingrained in the minds that they exist through, they cannot even imagine there is another way of being.

Aware are the flow beings through their heart and the non aware; the non flow beings.

Ego loves to HOLD on to hoarding attachments in the minds of those subservient enough to let it rule. As if ~ for a rainy day IN CASE. As all will see, that mentality and attachment to it, is by far a counterproductive way of being.

As EGO and its grip in the thought attachment game, not only does not want to lose, it does not want those in its grips to ever LET GO of that pattern. AS that pattern and attachment to it, keeps ego alive. Yet it is unnatural. Unnatural as the greed, hate and division, that keeps ego adamant to safeguard its nest and believers in it.

The natural way is the way that ALL was created into being here on EARTH. As the Divine Souls with the Elohim and The Divine Council of Overseers created the DNA plan, I too was present. It is and always will be a Majestic plan of GLORY for all to rise and be as Divine Creator Gods. That is for most, what they truly mean by ASCENSION.

All that is inherent in all Divine Lineage is within oneself, through the heart, ACTIVATED IN THE DNA.

Your will and focused attention allows you to choose. To let go of old patterns. TO CHOOSE the heart, to choose awareness of only NOW. To LET GO OF ALL ELSE!!!!!!


FULL POST: thenewdivinehumanity.com/2020/06/26/activating-the-divine-dna-now

L’Aura Pleiadian

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