Divine Goddess – Comets Atlas and Swan ReUnion!! ~ May 23, 2020

Editor’s Note: This is a l-o-n-g article, yet the information below is meaty and important for consideration. The astrological issues at play in the heavens mirror the events now playing out on Earth below.

Please read this article, note the commonalities in this article, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Regenerating the Ethos by Transforming the Mythos
Sitting Bull the Great Apostle and the Breaking of the Silence
To them were given Seven Trumpets

My Star Compass says:

May 22, 2020, is the holy day in which we as the collective representatives of the “Seven Angelic Wellsprings” (Pleiades), and all the ancestors that came before, will bless the coming “Breaking of the Silence” which is set to occur this June of 2020.

May 22nd is holy because a magical trumpet will be given to the Seven Angels (Seven Sisters of the Pleiades) that oversee the Key Geometries of their respective seeds of Genesis.

We will begin by delivering our prayers to the creation in golden censers.

Let us light sacred incense to accompany our words of nature, and let them drift into billowing rings far into the bright and glowing atmosphere. Let the myriads of saints gather with us and with those who came before, sharing the vision of our return to innocence. We give to each of the divine messengers a golden lampstand to be filled with the sacred fire to be placed into the heart of the Earth. Upon this day we will bless the coming ending of silence poised to occur this June that was upon the Earth for the space of half an hour. In time there will be heard a great thunder after which the voices from the midst will speak with a lofty and penetrating sounding.


On 5/22/2020 Comet’s C/2020 F8 (SWAN) and C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) will cross paths in the Perseus constellation. Comet Swan is already visible to the naked eye in the southern hemisphere. Although Comet Atlas began breaking apart weeks ago it is yet again brightening. Both of these comets carry an extremely important message to humanity, so much so I hardly know where to begin.

I have determined the precise location of Comet Atlas 100,000 years ago as well as the precise location of Comet Swan 100,000 years in the future. What I found was startling. Nature’s message is always so profound. Comet Atlas actually originated from within the Cancer constellation of stars. More importantly, 100,000 years ago, the star Sirius actually conjoined with Comet Atlas in Cancer. Obviously, they didn’t actually conjoin, as Sirius is eight light-years away while Comet Atlas dwells within our solar system. When I use the term “conjoin” I am stating that two objects appear in the heavens side by side. This being said, when I state that Comet Atlas originated from within the Cancer constellation what I really mean is that the comet originated from the direction of Cancer. The actual stars that comprise the Cancer constellation are anywhere from 90 to 300 light-years away. Any comet we observe is in our solar system is, of course, less than 1 light-year away. There is depth in our galaxy and when considering solar system objects and stars we discount that depth when speaking of conjunctions, etc. Just keep this in mind.

I also determined the precise location of Comet Swan 100,000 years in the future, and low and behold it was also conjoined with the star Sirius, but this time in the Eridanus constellation. For many of you, the fact that stars move over time is quite the discovery. The radial velocity of “Sirius” appears fast because it’s so close to us on a relative scale compared to other stars at 8 light-years away. The fact is, all stars are moving around the Milky Way Galaxy at different speeds and in different directions. From practicing astronomy first and astrology second we can obtain the message from the higher dimensions so that we can decipher the metaphysical causes that produce the wonders of nature.



Is it any wonder that “Comet Atlas” broke apart? The mythological being “Atlas” was the Titan condemned to hold up the celestial heavens for eternity after the “Titanomachy”, the end of the last “Golden Age”. Could it be that the weight of the world can no longer be affixed, held up, in the capitalist form based on its old and outdated ideals? “Atlas” the “Titan” esoterically refers humanity to the planetary sphere of Saturn. Saturn, denoting the core of the matrix, is beginning to crumble from the sheer weight and the immense density accumulated over the many aeons. This weight, this burden, is what is referred to in the movie trilogy “Lord of the Rings”. In this way “Frodo” references the deeper meaning of Atlas, as carrying the burden. Or if you will, it symbolizes the Christ when carrying the cross. This isn’t surprising because Comet Atlas originated from the direction of the Cancer constellation. It is known that Cancer represents the “Manger of Christ” and the “Scene of the Nativity”. Esoteric knowledge tells us that Cancer is the “Gate of Man” through which souls descend from heaven into human bodies and into creation. Comet Atlas having originated from the direction of Cancer suggests that the actual human portal into the 3rd dimension is at risk, falling apart and disintegrating.

Comet Atlas emerging from the Cancer constellation alludes to several key recognition points that we must consider in 2020. Cancer is representative of the 4th dimension and the creation of the “Merkaba” that encourages and facilitates the transition from the physical body to the spiritual body. This transition produced from zodiacal Cancer is precisely what is referred to in the “Ascension/Resurrection of the Christ”.

The first human (Atom/Atum) is made from the Earth, from the clay, a physical being. The second “hue-man” (Christos) is made from the heavens, a spiritual being. The first human (Atom/Atum) became a living soul, the second hue-man became a life-giving spirit restoring the dead to life. The spiritual, the immortal life, is not first. The physical, the mortal life is. Just as we have first borne the image of the earthly, the body of dust, we will then also bear the image of the celestial, the body of heaven.

Although our instinct considers the zodiac of Cancer to be a crab, if we go deeper we realize that Cancer is, in fact, the winged “Scarab Beetle” in ancient Egyptian religion symbolizing immortality, resurrection, transformation, protection, and self-creation. The god “Khepri” embodies the Scarab Beetle and is, therefore, the representative of Cancer. Khepri is the one who creates herself/himself out of nothing. Again, Cancer is the place in which the original creation took place! In the ancient Egyptian story of creation, Zep Tepi, “the first occasion” it is written: Aksak, the giant winged Scarab (Cancer), made the first woman and man on Earth out of clay. The equivalent story is written in the book of Genesis: “Then God formed the human out of the clay of the ground and blew into its nostrils the breath of life, Aleph.

Comet Atlas breaking up is a perfect macrocosmic analogy. We must become formless so that we can create ourselves anew. The old structure based on an ancient paradigm is crumbling apart. The weight of the world in its current syntax can no longer be supported.



Comet Swan originated from the direction of the “Eridanus” constellation of stars and will return to this constellation after its escapade through our solar system. “Eridanus” represents the celestial river flowing from the waters poured out by Aquarius. Within the expanse of the Eridanus constellation can be found the “Eridanus Supervoid” – the largest “Supervoid” in the universe as well as the portal entry point into the “Multiverse”.


There are an infinite number of universes, of realities, that exist parallel to the one we are conscious of now. Comet Swan, the “Swan” animal totem, gives us the clues needed on how to obtain the frequency to enter the “Eridanus Supervoid Portal” and obtain the wings of the “Multiverse”.

Comet Swans position 100,000 years in our future, conjoined with the star “Sirius”, reveals the exact location of this gateway in the constellation of Eridanus, as well as the method. Herein, the star Sirius plays a vital role in all of this. We must pay extra close attention to 2020’s “Heliacal Rising” of Sirius which will take place on July 19, 2020. Remember, Comet Atlas conjoined with the Star Sirius in the constellation of Cancer 100,000 years ago. Comet Swan will conjoin with the star Sirius 100,000 years in the future in the constellation of Eridanus.


May 22nd, 2020

:::: The Astrology and the Comets ::::

— On May 22, 2020, there will be a New Moon conjoined with the “Pleiades” star cluster in the heart of the Taurus constellation. Remember, a New moon refers to the conjoining of the Sun and the Moon.

— On May 22, 2020, Venus and Mercury will conjoin between the horns of the Taurus constellation. The conjoining of these two planets activates the archetype (#16 – The Tower). Refer to path 27 – in Kabbalah. This is the gateway that is activated on May 22nd – not to be experienced until the month of June 2020, and in part on July 19th.

— On May 22, 2020, Comets Atlas and Swan will conjoin in the “Perseus” constellation.


The Akasha — “Perseus”

How does the Perseus myth play into all of this?

It is important to note that Perseus lives within all of us and serves to remind us that it is this journey, this mission, we are to innertake in 2020. Perseus denotes the “Perilous Seat” – the place at the round table reserved for the knight worthy of this “Grail Quest”.

Perseus is born within us as a “Golden Shower” resurrected through the sunlight of our current Sun. Next, we are cast into the deep ocean of Pisces in the confines of a wooden chest where at some point we are found as a “Castaway” upon the shores by a fisherman who was formally instructed by the Christos. It was only hours earlier, before the fisherman found the wooded chest containing Perseus and his mother Danae, that the fisherman experienced the miracle of the “Miraculous Catch of Fish”. And they were instructed, throw your net starboard into the great sea and you will find what you are looking for. Upon pulling the net to shore there were 153 large fish, “Nun”. (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17 = 153)
We know that the number 17 refers to the constellation of Aquarius from which the celestial river of the Eridanus flows.

Hours later, a fisherman found the wooden chest containing Perseus and Danae. Here we find ourselves, in the cosmic swirls of the Milky Way Galaxy on its outer edge. Isn’t this what washing to shore means on a macrocosmic level?

The quest?

The resolving of Medusa
Pegasus and the Thunderbolts of Jupiter (Rescue Andromeda)
Perseus and Andromeda (Sacred Marriage)


Perseus Begins the Quest of “Medusa”

Medusa represents the Akashic Archetype we must fully innerstand in 2020. In the name “Medusa” everything is revealed, everything not known until now. Let the veil be lifted!

First, we must explore the etymology of the name Medusa.

The root “Medu” comes from “Medu Neter” – the words of nature. “Medu Neter” is the original name for the language of nature that is commonly known as Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. “Tehuti” is the cosmic factor of “Medu Neter” – the one who speaks the divine words and causes the vibrations of life to be transformed. Tehuti (Thoth), is the Medu Neter of cosmic resonance and the cosmic scribe. Thus, the “Medu” records all occurrences in the Universe. In Medu, the root of “Medu.sa” the lord of the Akashic records is summoned. But also, in the “Medu” the language of nature is revealed.


Now for the last part of the word Medu.sa — “Sa”

“Sa” is an actual Egyptian hieroglyph. The symbol of Sa means “protection of young life”. The primordial Sa was the actual symbol from which the Ankh was later conceived. The “Sa” is the “Ankh”, the symbol of life, immortality, and resurrection. Sa means absolute protection.

(Medu + Sa) = It is the language of nature that causes life to be transformed. Through its cosmic resonance, it shall protect the offspring of life and those that enter the gateway as a child. It is they who are granted immortality and the secret power provided by the words of nature. Now is the time they shall appear and speak.

This drastically changes our perception of what “Medusa” is in its finite details. The resolution of Medusa by Perseus now becomes dramatically different in its objective. Medusa represents the two phases of nature itself. In her pure and untainted state, she is the most beautiful affirmation in existence. In her poisonous and aggressive state, she is the most terrifying aspect found in nature, case in point the CoronaVirus.

Explore the myth of Medusa and you will find that she was betrayed. I cannot help but think of nature as also being betrayed by humanity. The hero within us all, Perseus, is here now in 2020 to resolve the rage (Medusa) present in nature, not by cutting her down with our sharp sickles, but by again using the words of nature and also the magical property of reflection. Not necessarily so that nature can reflect on herself, but more poignantly so that Humanity will see the monster in itself. This is the true plight and call to humanity by nature at this time in our evolution. Nature is not a monster! We must ask ourselves if Humanity is the monster? Of course, to say humanity is the monster is not absolute. In this case we are speaking of “Humanity” on the level of absolute effects and not by the succession of beautiful individuals intermixed in the whole.

It is interesting to note that “Perseus” is given four magical weapons by the “Sea Nymphs”, those elemental and magical beings of our Piscean age. Unbelievably, three of them are embodied in the three decans of the Taurus constellation and the fourth with the mirror zodiac of Taurus, Scorpio.

— 1st Magical Weapon and 1st Decan of Taurus (Mercury) — Winged Sandals of Flying

— 2nd Magical Weapon and 2nd Decan of Taurus (Moon) — Shield that shined as a Mirror

— 3rd Magical Weapon and 3rd Decan of Taurus (Saturn) — Sickle-shaped Adamantine Sword

The 4th magical weapon has nothing to do with the three decans of Taurus, rather it has everything to do with the zodiacal dimension opposite Taurus, Scorpio. This magical weapon is “Hades Helmet of Invisibility”. Obviously, we know that Hades is representative of Scorpio.


Looking at the zodiacal constellation of Taurus we see that the Perseus constellation sits directly above it. This is exactly why May 22nd, 2020 is so holy. On this day the Sun and Moon will adjoin in conjunction with the Pleiades star cluster in the heart of the Taurus constellation while at the same time Comet Atlas and Comet Swan will conjoin in the Perseus constellation. Also, at the same time, Venus and Mercury will conjoin in between the most notable asterism of the Taurus constellation, the horns of the bull.

This brings us to the conclusion and what all of this really means.

In the case of Taurus and for this event we are calling upon the “Apostle of the Ghost Dance”, Sitting Bull, Messenger of the Gods. “Sitting Bull” was and is the embodiment of Taurus and fits best with what is going on in the heavens on 5/22/2020. This Ghost Dance is the calling forth of our ancestors to again share in our collective vision foreseeing the “Great Renewal”, the day of a new heaven and a new earth.

In the great Akashic Mythos, at the beginning of human existence, it was the turtle who gave its gift to the Earth. From the ancient Vedic tradition to the indigenous of the Americas, it is the turtle or tortoise that is the supporter of the Earth, the “Atlas” on whose back rests the burden of the whole living universe. The world itself was conceived by “Atlas” as a huge turtle swimming in a limitless ocean. It is the turtle that was pictured on the “Ghost Shirts” worn by the Arapahoe.

Let the Turtle speak: My children my children, It is I who makes the loud thunder as I circle about, and it is I who resurrects the “Thunderbird”. To the wild rose say this. I am now a dreamer in the sacred vision by which no shadow comes into form. I have gained the power of speech to tell of omens near and far. You have seen my picture with “Black Coyote” as a sign. You have seen the birds of protection circling above before this occasion.

To the seven venerable messengers who wear the thunderbird headdress and sing the sacred song, “Number 14”.

It has been caused inside you to be in joy and to sometimes weep inside. Because you have overcome you are the seven chosen angels, and to you have been given seven trumpets. My children, my children, the Earth is about to move. The ancestors say it is so. Prepare yourselves to sound!


A Call to Taurus

“A vision came to me when the Sun (#19 – The Sun) went into shadow. In my transformation, I saw the heavens of the white robes. Yes, it is as they described, But also, there, are my children and all who have come before, and all that have ever roamed the Earth; all of your beloved ancestors and mine, and those young ones who were taken by disease. Here is what the white robes did not tell you. You must not hate those who have persecuted you, this will only delay the transformation. But, if you will do the ghost dance that I will teach you, all the ancestors will return, and the heart of the Buffalo (Taurus – Pleiades) will be renewed, and you shall all live forever in the freedom that human consciousness once knew”.

~~~ Sitting Bull ~~~


Yoga For Awakening says:

A higher octave of existence?

In India, the swan holds a very unique and revered position. In Sanskrit, it is called “haṁsa” (Hansa). Very few enlightened masters receive the title of “Paramahansa”, “the supreme swan”. The swan is seen as so special because it can draw milk from a mixture of milk and water. In the Rg Veda, the swan is depicted as the one who can draw the life elixir of Soma out of the material waters, a metaphor for the capacity to discriminate between consciousness and matter.

A Paramahansa is a sage that has mastered the duality of the earthly and the spiritual realms in the same way that the swan can move in the water and on the earth. It is someone who has penetrated into the innermost layer of bliss and can stay engaged in daily life operating from a space of higher wisdom. He does not need to be withdrawn from the world. The enlightened master Paramahansa Yogananda himself describes a “Paramahansa” as someone who is “awakened in all realms”. If we look at his life, we see someone who wrote books, founded an organization, traveled to and settled in another country, and was very much engaged in normal life while at the same time bringing and bridging the spiritual teachings down to the earth. When he died, his body did not decay for 20 days, a miraculous testimony that our physicality is influenced by a deeper source within.

In some of the creation myths, it is either a serpent or a swan that put the golden egg of creation on the cosmic waters which then bore the creator god Brahma. The swan is still the riding vehicle/vahana of the creator couple Brahma and Saraswati, goddess of the word, the white flowing one, the celestial river Eridanus. Isn’t it interesting that the comet Swan comes from and goes back to Eridanus and therefore Saraswati? It is from purity, love, and wisdom that we are all born into the cosmic river of creation and it is to that origin that we will all return. It is pure white that holds the whole spectrum of all colours.

The swan also points to the golden light of consciousness, penetrated by “SO/SA-HAM” (the word HAM-SA turned around), meaning “I AM THAT”, one of the great wordings that can help the spiritual seeker penetrate into his or her heart, into the depth of consciousness and realization. These sacred words emit higher frequencies and are by the way not exclusive to the Indian tradition. It was Moses who received “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh” (“I am that I am”) from the divine to be able to describe God to the Israelites. It is at this point that we understand the universality of Christ consciousness and what our true search can aim towards. Not outwards, nor upwards, but more and more inwards.

With comet Atlas and comet Swan meeting in the constellation Perseus, we are, as always, witnessing a symbolic, self-reflective, prophecy, and energy report provided by the celestial bodies and we can take it to understand what is happening not in the heavens, but inside us.

Perseus is the hero that could kill who no one else could kill, the Gorgon Medusa, a poisonous creature that turned everything into a stone that would look into her eyes. We as a humanity have become poisonous because we have become so dense, so disconnected, that we also seem to do more harm to this beautiful planet through our lives than actually do it any good.

So these two comets meet in the place of the hero Perseus, the one who wins over the daunting evil that poisons the earth and then founded Mykene with his beloved Andromeda, the place of the original Lion’s Gate. Are we already intrigued? Stars always provide us with a metaphoric theatre show.
Who will this hero be that drowns out the poison and erects the new city? Atlas or Swan? And maybe, most significantly, how can we be this hero/ine that destroys the evil and builds the new city? What is nature asking of us?

As comet Atlas is reaching this constellation, we see him continuously falling apart. It is a whole archetype that falls apart in the realms of consciousness and on our planet right now, the archetype of the savior, the fixer, the martyr, the masculine hero that needs to save the world in order to be worthy. To understand that archetype more in-depth, we have to know that it is the male principle in us that is actually “giving”, and the female principle in us that is “receiving”. The two, at best, form a circle, and neither one of the principles is polarized. In its deepest revelation, love is neither giving nor receiving, but simply an emanation that shines on its own, in the same way, that the essence of each one of us is a unique emanation in the kaleidoscope of consciousness. Everyone who has existed within this paradigm of overexerting or overgiving, of rescuing and saving, will feel themselves falling apart right now.

As comets are always also connected to Venusian and Sophian consciousness, the archetype of the savior is also falling apart within women. All those whose mission was to save, and rescue, are recalibrated. A lot of people who had contracts for connected mission work, be it planetary gridwork or diverse forms of Atlantean leaderships, feel these roles coming to an end.

The earth and the teaching of this Coronavirus are showing us that no one will come to rescue us anymore if not ourselves as a collective humanity. It’s for no one to carry the load of the world on their shoulders any more, not even for a god/dess. The eternity that Atlas was serving, comes to an end. The masculine Titan hero will not be able to build a new golden age and will feel himself falling apart inside all of us. That archaic energy cannot usher in the new.

Instead, we unveil in us all the swan, an elegant shining creature of beauty and wisdom, a white and golden emanation of the heart, gliding on the waters of the earth as if it was flying. A combination of masculine and feminine. Paired in sacred union and united by a love that is majestic and magical, laying a golden cosmic egg inside our hearts from which an awakened creation can emerge into being.

The trumpets of the angels will sound a higher octave now, as the frequency moves collectively from the solar plexus into the fourth seal of the heart. Each seal upwards is a breaking open for ourselves and the wider macrocosm. In the end, we are all catalysts. At the beginning of this transition, we are faced with a stronger connection to our own heart and open to our own uniqueness, our own authenticity. Who are you in your uniqueness, what are your own gifts? What’s an authentic depiction of you? How much acceptance do you have for yourself? Are we following trends, preconceived ideas within spirituality and those Atlantean things that society, our communities, etc. suggest? Are you allowing yourself to be you, combining your own gifts, standing in your own values? Can you authentically embrace yourself, how you are, who you are, how you feel?

We must feel our physical heart to activate it, we must feel our spiritual heart to activate it and in the heart chakra, we merge them both to the second Merkaba field of our energy body.

To connect to the swan is a call to go into the heart and be moved again by purity, beauty, grace, and spiritual depth. Those of us who feel collective energies can also feel that beauty wants her way now because love is infused in it. Because love is beauty and beauty inspires love.

Remember that the heart is also the axis Mundi, the middle point, the zero point field between heaven and earth. The swan who glides on the cosmic waters and walks on the earth. With such a pristine bridging position, we are also opened to the cognizance of heartfelt awareness, to the exploration of consciousness, and to the spiritual realization while in a body and while living on Earth. Of being in and of both worlds. Of really participating in society in whichever ways this feels good for us, online or offline, offering our unique services to the smaller and broader communities.

The swan prophecies not just a single being, but an awakened society in all realms. An enlightened society, how would that be? Can you imagine a whole society operating from a space of higher awareness?

To be honest, maybe this is our only collective chance to actually save this planet. We need a higher awareness because it will enable everyone to feel connected to the earth again, not just as outside of us, but as a part of us. Only if we know her to be us, will we treat her differently in the long run. What if kids were not taught that they must do something to save the earth, but that they actually ARE the earth? What if everyone really felt that way? Wouldn’t that completely turn around how we all behave towards her?

Let’s fixate our star compass on the penetration of the depths of our own hearts and the deeper ocean of consciousness within. Not to leave this planet, but to be here and to live our lives from a space of sincerity, spiritual awareness, and discrimination, from the profundity and magic of deeper spiritual realization and, swanlike, from purity, beauty, love, respect, divine union, and absolute grace.

Evelyn ❤ Shane

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