Headlines and Updates for May 23, 2020: Earth is Hell on Wheels [video] ~ May 23, 2020

Happy Memorial Day weekend to the American People. It’s not going to look like it used to, but this too, shall pass. While the nation is a little the worse for wear, the Republic is returning. Freedom is being reinstated, despite the battles raging.

It’s difficult to fathom how the masses can fail to recognize the war on our planet, but it’s been kept fairly quiet—not to mention overshadowed by the fake coronavirus plandemic.

Amongst the drama there is humour in it, and irony. I nearly choked when I heard they are now manufacturing Hydroxychloroquine as a red-coloured pill.  And in divine timing… moments after I typed that, Scott Mowry tweeted this, so we’ll share it again. ThanQ.

TAKE THE RED PILL! HCQ! https://t.co/KRAtgvpX9E

— Scott Mowry (@MiraclesInspire) May 22, 2020

Elon Musk tweeted to take the red pill. Ivanka Trump confirmed she has. Don Jr. then referenced it on Instagram with the image of a red pill.

Some are wondering if Musk flipped. Perhaps he was always a White Hat sleeper. I never felt he was a really bad guy. Just weird.

Is Musk’s Boring Company a key component of ripping open DUMBs child imprisonment?

Rip them open, free those kids, get them immediate medical care, then detonate the DUMBs, setting off the seismometers for apparent Level 6+ earthquakes

Thumbs up for our #SpecOps troops and #DOJ https://t.co/rI7Dik4zS7

— Spookd Blog (@SpookdBlog) May 19, 2020

How far will the globalist psychopaths go to keep the truth about Hydroxychloroquine from the public? Sharyl Attkisson has been fighting with the cabal a long time and knows all about their censorship and illegal surveillance. This is a good article, whence the video originated.


The tales of murder and intrigue continue as nations strike out against each other = patriots vs. the deep state. We hear bits and pieces of current events but don’t always connect the dots. It’s a complex web of moves and counter-moves, deception, and tactical strikes.

If you’re like me, you suspected something about the death of the Chinese ambassador to Israel‘s death this week. We see dots connecting on that which state it was not just a “heart attack” as some accounts claimed. Is it ever?

It seems an assassination preceded, as outlined in this article. We have heard the warning bells sounded about China for a long time, and the covert war just got a lot more public.

Infiltration is causing a great deal of trouble. The hidden assets are revealing themselves and getting picked off by the patriots.

With regard to the fighter jets the US just lost…

Communist Chinese Saboteurs Destroy US Fighter Jets Worth Over $420-Million At Florida Base

This is while AG Barr is examining the Pensacola, Florida marine base shooting. Everything is connected—to the silent war for planet Earth that isn’t so silent any more. It’s like something out of an epic movie.

This followed, which I didn’t hear about until now. Another naval base shooting.

Communist Chinese Saboteur Identified By Russia Killed In Texas Naval Base Shootout

You can read similar articles and connect more dots here. Use your discernment, as always.

The next headline causes us to question whether we’ve fallen through the looking glass. You just can’t make this up. The whole world appears to have gone mad. Buckle up, indeed. QAnon and Sean Hannity issue that advice, but it’s hard for us to change our drawers being all strapped in like this.

Interesting that Sean added the CIA pin awhile back, and more recently the punisher to his lapel. And Q recently confirmed that the agencies typically had operatives in the media to control the narrative—which is what Sean is doing for the patriots.

War can be disguised as politics, and politics can be disguised as entertainment so as not to frighten the masses; a psychological operation to inform without threat. Subconscious education. Repeat it often enough and it will be perceived as fact. The Light forces can play that game, too.

US Hospitals Have No More Coronavirus Patients—Hysterical Media Doesn’t Tell American People

I’m so glad the Patriots are in control. It appears Q followed through on the promise they were unleashing hell. I’m sure they expected casualties. Perhaps we didn’t.4211

Anons Have the Memes Ready? Q Team About to Unleash Hell

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 11 May 2020 – 4:06:24 PM Anonymous 11 May 2020 – 4:05:22 PM

Q Slow and Steady wins the race. >>9129511
We are ready to unleash hell.
Memes ready?

They warned us it’s going to get more intense, and a little hairy. The week of May 22 to June 1 may be “the perfect storm”, some are saying. It can be challenging to find context for what that means, but I think we’re getting the picture. How much ‘realer’ can it get? Some civilians are already under house arrest; a hair away from martial law if select governors have their way.

Gretchen Witch-mer is pushing it to the max, extending the Michigan lockdown AGAIN.

Gov. Whitmer Extends Stay-at-Home Order

The People are fighting back, however, and it’s not always along party lines. Unity is best for fighting a common enemy. Thanks, L.

Democrat Rep. Shocks Party, Announces She’s Suing Michigan Governor and Trump LOVES It

Now this is getting real. PUSH BACK!!! Think for yourself. Stand with the patriots and don’t support the dictators. Take your freedom back by just doing it. Do not comply.

Every store needs to hang this up. #QAnon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/qYvPfd858M

— T3mp3r (@Dasan48790403) May 18, 2020

We dined with good neighbours last night and I was surprised to hear them say they wondered if the elderly had been specifically targeted because that was one of my first thoughts when I heard they were the most vulnerable.

These smart people realized that the elderly don’t contribute to the cabal’s bank accounts and are basically considered a drain on the system. Isn’t that interesting? There is nothing these psychopaths won’t do to control the world they believed was their oyster.

It’s Time To Bring Grandma-Killing Governors To Justice

Is this real enough for you?

QAnon spoke of a flood. The flooding is back in Michigan and Virginia. It brings to mind this old Q drop:3750

D’s Want to Block the Census, Inflate Counts of Illegals, and Erode Political Power in the Heartland

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 23 Dec 2019 – 9:58:17 AM https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-citizens-executive-order-census-count
Why are [D]s attempting to block the counting of ‘illegal’ immigrants?
2 + 2 = 4
What is the total number of illegal immigrants currently in the US?
What is the ‘real’ total number of illegal immigrants currently in the US?
By flooding coastal States controlled by [D]s does this ‘pull’ votes out of the Heartland?
At what point will your voice and your vote become null and void?

Virginia is a battleground state.

Roanoke River flooding on May 21, 2020

Michigan is a battleground state. Two dam failures. Coincidence? The money that should have gone into infrastructure, transportation, and safety in America went into the pockets of the cabal, the Crown, and the Vatican. Dam failures are a quick, easy way to attack civilians… and displace voters, yes? But the Earth Alliance has plans of their own.

Flooding can affect the election, the food supply, and extract federal emergency funding for cabal money laundering.

Trump threatens to withhold Michigan, Nevada funding over mail-in voting

More than 800 volunteers visit Midland to help flood victims despite pandemic

The media declares war on the public every time they publish crap about climate change, food shortages, pandemics, death, and violence. It’s all meant to generate fear. We hear repeated threats of food shortages and outright starvation in the lamestream media. Now, food contaminated with rocks… how the hell does that happen? What kind of rocks, exactly? The kind that could poison you, or just break your teeth?

Frozen Chicken and Turkey Products Recalled Due to Possible Contamination

California is a battleground state. What was happening at that San Francisco pier? We can only guess, but we know what kind of “contraband” typically comes into those ports. The Human traffickers have gone so far as to mark the shipping containers “live art” or something similar so they won’t be opened. Save the children. Destroy the drugs.

I’m sure this is just a coincidence. … – https://t.co/pkgyTuuSzM

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) May 23, 2020

VIDEO: Massive 4-Alarm Crab Processing Warehouse Fire Erupts Near Fisherman’s Wharf

The cabal is using their Hollywood whores to manipulate people. Same old, same old. Does anyone with two brain cells to rub together care what these mind-controlled propaganda producers say about anything? We’re fairly certain Fauci is simply another actor at this point; playing the role the White Hats gave him to expose it all and take down their corrupt establishment. Great idea to bring Pedowood into it. Bravo!

The star-struck public needs to lose their fascination with these imposters who have betrayed them. Politicizing public health should be illegal but the globalists use these pathetic actors to spout rhetoric about everything from abortion, to vaccines, and now the Kung Flu fake plandemic. This is nauseating, but possibly a great chess move.

Julia Roberts, Anthony Fauci

Obama Staffer, Bill Gates, Soros Behind the Group Pushing a Celebrity Global Response to Chinese Coronavirus

Tennessee is a battleground state.

Tennessee: Hospital Got $121,000 In COVID-19 Relief Even Though It’s Been Closed For A Year & Owes $1.2 Million In Unpaid Federal Taxes

Unbelievable. These crooks know every way possible to get their hands on cash. Hundreds of thousands of Coronavirus stimulus money went to these unauthorized organizations and it will prove who the crooks are. Bravo again!

For a brief reality check, we look in on the news that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been indicted. Common sense would tell us that is probably true, however the indictment wouldn’t be unsealed until the law is ready to act on it, and it’s sealed for a reason; to keep it out of the public sphere.

Add to that the fact that David Zublick and one website appear to be the only ones reporting on it, and the fact that over time we ascertained that Zublick likes to publish sensational videos, we would not feel comfortable stating the indictment as fact. At one point he was making statements about Hillary Clinton and military tribunals, as well, that have not panned out. We get a completely different story from the C-Vine team who have more credibility.

The Fauci indictment may very well be true, but it is not fact yet as far as reporting goes. It is thereby relegated to “opinion” or “hearsay”. “Fake news” gives the independent news community a bad name. Dave explains. Thanks, R.

We know a lot of new people are searching for the truth and we commend them for that, but remind everyone to use discernment at all times. Stating something as fact does not make it true. The legacy media does it every day, all day long. It’s still lies and propaganda.

IGP FAUCIIND — Was Dr Fauci indicted under Patriot Act

It’s an information war. Everyone needs to be crystal clear on that. The good news is, if it’s censored it’s probably true, so you don’t need to use so much discernment. It’s 1984 all over again.

Google Drive takes down user’s personal copy of Judy Mikovits’ Plandemic after it was flagged by The Washington Post

Up for some more rabbit holes, possums?

American Prophet uploaded a new video this week and I missed the notification. You may have to pause it to take it all in. There is so much meaning in music, as well as the Q drops. Multiple meanings. It can mean whatever you like.

When I hear David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” I now hear a different meaning to, “The stars look very different today”. Hollywood certainly looks very different to me today, as do the “stars” in the sky.

Surface, or deep. The choice to know is yours. Let’s begin fairly shallow.

A Traitors Justice Season 2 | Episode 1

A little further down in the rabbit warren… Ellen Degenerate attracted attention recently with “artwork” that is beyond suggestive. It’s almost like a Statue of Liberty or Lady Justice with an overlay of body parts and sick, sexual and cannibalistic overtones. The red face, reminiscent of the Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin ‘frazzledrip’ snuff film… you’ll see.

Symbolism has been their downfall. Past tense. Last we knew, Ellen, (Allan) born a male, wore an ankle monitor, and Romano makes some astute remarks about this framed piece. Thanks, C.

About that Bizarre Painting in Ellens Bathroom in her $24 Million Home

This was not in our science text books, but for a dash of probability… People need to seriously consider this sort of thing, because nothing is what it seems and reality has been kept from us. Thanks, B.

Is Donald Trump a Templar Knight? A vi-king? A wizard with a magic wand? A time traveller? I don’t know, but he’s a fearless super hero in my book.

Who Trump is at the soul level doesn’t really matter at this point, but what he does is everything. We might not like the doctor that gives us the bitter pill that will heal us, but we love the result. It’s okay. We can thank him later.

The Trump Time Travel Miracle Explained (1 of 7)

Gina has an amazing capture here.

Spectacular Starship!

I wasn’t intending to write a book so we’re closing. Remember to remember, honor, and celebrate the freedom that is returning to all of us, world wide, thanks to the patriots, Donald Trump, and the Earth Alliance.  ~ BP

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