Late Edition for July 2, 2019: This Planet is Rockin’ with the Unexpected [videos] ~ July 2, 2019

secretive Russian submarine lost along with 14 souls July 2

This just in… and possibly related to the recall of VP Pence to Washington. Another case of “Grey Lady Down”. Not what I enjoy reporting on. We will want the whole story. We heard Pence stated we will not be given any details about this for 2 weeks. Nothing is what it seems, so we withhold judgment, but no coincidence.  ~ BP


Reports are streaming in on the Russian Sub that caught fire, Debka Files is reporting a U.S. Russian show down in which two subs got into a conflict and exchanged fired, early reports are the U.S. sub was sunk.

Get the details at Before It’s News. One source quoted is Hal Turner. May he remain well after late post-surgery developments. Also this…  said to be due to a fire and fumes

UPDATED: 14 Sailors Die on Secretive Russian Nuclear Submarine; Putin Calls Incident ‘Great Loss’

If you’re not aware, Stephanie Grisham was Melania Trump’s communications director and aide. It sounds like she has the right stuff for the job, although I thought it would be difficult to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I think they found the perfect (wo)man for the job.

White House Reporters Praise Trump’s Press Secretary

Thing are very serious in many countries, but sometimes you have to laugh. This is a tongue-in-cheek rundown on the Hong Kong protests. I would say… à la James Corbett. Very funny.

Police Crack Down on Un-Independence Day | China Uncensored

Of course she does. That’s what un-elected communist dictators do. We know this. Strike Carrie Lam and insert “Emmanual Macron”. When you are subjected to a non-democratic, tyrannical regime and you don’t have a Trump card—what’s a soul to do? You have to state your message. You have to get out there and DO something… and you can’t back down until you get what you wanted.

Our thoughts and best intention go with the people of Hong Kong in their fight for freedom. May cooler heads prevail.

The lastest from Judicial Watch

Depositions w/ State Dept. Officials Reveal NEW DETAILS on Hillary Clinton Email Coverup!

Other headlines of note…

This is a controversial one.

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher found not guilty of murder in war crimes case

Gee… All  that money collected for a Democrat and largely with lots and lots of itty-bitty donations less than $45. Somebody must really like him. Somebody. I’m wondering why so much of Arizona suddenly went from Red to Blue.

(They know the uninformed like astronauts.)

Mark Kelly raised $4.2M for Arizona Senate bid

Gotta run. I’ve neglected my life all day because of the volume of fascinating news.  ~ BP

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