Schumann Resonance Today – Update ~ April 4, 2019

Schumann Resonance Today. We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like us! RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz.

Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

  • 4/4/ 17:00 UTC – From 11:30 UTC the gradual decrease of the activity began and reached normal values at 12:30 UTC.
  • 4/4 12:00 UTC – The strong activity is continuing, after the peak at 69 Hz at 7:47 UTC the amplitude of the resonance frequency has slightly decreased but it has practically remained almost always on the 50 Hz threshold.
  • 4/4 08:00 UTC – New powerful activity now underway, started with a steady increase at 00 UTC this morning with peaks at 40, 55, 65 to culminate with a strong peak at 89 Hz just before 8 UTC.
  • 4/3 – Moderate activity today, the copy of yesterday but of shorter duration. The movements started at 00:30 UTC to finish shortly after 10:00 UTC, within this time frame there were several peaks at 20 Hz while the two highest peaks reached 25 Hz at 5:30 and at 10:00 UTC.
  • 4/2 17:00 – After the peak reported previously, the activity continued but has been waning with an amplitude of around 15 Hz down to the current calm.
  • 4/2 12:30 UTC – Even today there is a fair amount of activity going on, event though the peak above 40 Hz is still missing, there have been various movements started at 4 UTC with a maximum peak so far that has reached 28 Hz at 11 UTC.
  • 4/1 – After the strong peak at the beginning of the last 24 hours the activity continued but in a moderate way, there were various peaks from 5 to 11 UTC, the highest of which reached 26 Hz at 8:50 UTC.
  • We added a new chart below, we’ll try to post it daily to show the actual peaks above 40 Hz.
  • Frequency means how many wave cycle happen in a second, 1 Hz. means 1 cycle per second, 40 Hz. means 40 cycles per second, Amplitude is the size of the vibration, how big is the wave, the chart shows the frequency variation in Hz and the amplitude using the white color.

The Chart time is based on Tomsk – Russia – UTC +7 Source


The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm Schumann resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paper-clipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.   The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

MARCH 2019

Dependencies Amplitudes Schumann Resonance 31-12-2018

Dependencies Amplitudes Schumann Resonance April 4 2019

Schumann Resonance Differential Peaks


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  1. Rebecca Can the spikes be correlated with rush hours lunch hours etc. times of peak toxic electromagnetic field transmissions? Reply
    • Disclosure News Mainly with thunderstorms, heavy machinery/drilling or industrial heavy noise but not cars or traffic… this is the explanation the quackademics want to give to something they have no idea what it can be, as for them the Earth is a rock in space. Reply
  2. court Brightest Blessings!
    Have you noticed that the SR has integrated into MSM recently? Several articles / discussions … even FOX, talking about energies affecting humans … EME / EMF … Now, if only we could use these omni powerful frequencies to empower each and every soul .. LOL .. Always pleasant to see around you, what you’ve forever known!! I take this influx of info as an opportunity to engage others to realize their own Inner Lights!! How are you using these equi~energies? ♡ Reply
  3. Haplo What’s causing the black/void areas? Monitoring computer resets? Reply
    • Disclosure News Antennas/measuring system glitches. Reply
      • Robert You are monitoring only frequency variation on SR but I would like corelation to change of magnetic field strength variation vs. frequency change. Than could be pinpointed locations were the source is. Still in believe that this is man made. I have captures on SR in voltage vs. time back from 2015. There was obvious fluctuations in amplitude and frequency Reply
        • Disclosure News We are monitoring Amplitude not frequency. Reply
  4. E-Phoric Is there any way to align oneself with these massive doses? I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack… Reply
    • darsdragons I too always have buzzing in my heart, arms and legs when these energies arrive. Use to think I was being attacked but now I know. How I dealt with the massive energies is to make sure I am grounded (I also bought grounding mats and bed sheets), my chakras clear and balanced, and used “The Microcosmic Orbit” breathing technique. A Taoist Meditation technique which moves the energy around your body, helps to remove blocks in Chi. Google it for more info. Good Luck. Reply
      • E-Phoric Thanks darsdragons. I appreciate it. As it turns out, I began to align almost immediately after asking! (Ask and you shall receive I guess!) So MANY positive things have been happening and I’m beginning to manifest things almost instantly. Even the hiccups feel like blessings and I’m interpreting the tougher tests positively as well. While I’m still experiencing physical symptoms, I’m able to remain in my heart space and remain calm and happy. I feel like I can ignite my heart energy at-will. My latest mantra has become, “out of your head, into your heart…out of your head, into your heart…” Seems to work pretty well. Thanks again for your input! Reply
      • Morgean Thank you for the breathing technique information. Much appreciated. Reply
      • deb I wish I knew what you meant. (Grounded, breathing technique, chakras) Def need to google for more info. Reply
    • court What works best for me … and I am extremely energy sensitive … native American music (flutes, drumming), my creativity flows much moreso when in an elevated spike, going out and connecting with the Mother herself … Breathing rhythmically! Being aware of the frequency and instead of “fear” ~ allowing / surrendering to the energy … having Faith and Trust that each moment is perfect! We are in AWEmazing times … embracing these moments with Love, Kindness, Compassion, Gratitude, Joy … allows us to flow rather than “sink” … during these “waves”!
    • Mike hello, my 2 cents… observe your daily life. What do you love in life? What are you passionate for? Start doing these things more… love more, have more compassion and follow your heart… even if life is feeding you lemons right now, make lemon pie!
      you know what feels good and what doesn’t… this anxiety… too much thought… meditate on what you want, where you want to be and i recommend trying to visualize color in your mind’s eye… Green and Purple… high vibrational colors… after all this is a vibrational uprising…match the frequency/amplitude… Reply
    • rachael Yes! I thought I was going crazy. good to know there is someone else having adverse effects. I have been weepy for days, no reason, but exactly when the white appears. Reply
  5. nineofnine Expect a grand flash of 80Hz on the Spring Equinox March 21.
    What you are witnessing is a monumental plasma wave of magnetic gamma ionized 40hz light originating from the heliosphere of the sun by our benevolent family to raise the frequency of humanity, the planet and remove dark and low frequency. It was first tested Dec 21 2018, see Schumann Resonance records and full scale operation commenced Jan 1 2019.. activity was and is recorded by observation of the magnetic grid since Jan 1. Many are experiencing symptoms. These are due to the magnetic influences on our DNA …Expect a continuance until the climax March 21 2019. For exceptional times ahead. Reply
    • Patricia Helen Hamann Mangner These are exceptional joyfull news as the Pleiadians are confirming this day for our Rapture (I like to use this word as I respect deeply the holy bible and the prophets) so we have a Vernal Equinox Rapture with the Saints to eternal glory and following the 3DD we will resurrect same Sunday Easter Resurrection as March 24th is the real date corresponding to Holy Week, not April, the full moon is on 21st March. Also Jesus Christ is called the Firstfruits of Resurrection and we are the Body of Christ Firstfruits resurrecting on same glorious day! AUM!
      I am permanently in contact with my Pleiadian Angelic team mostly visually and suspect we come from Orion! (from the Light team of course!) Last night I felt I got a positive answer of this Cosmic Fire Event date of Spring Equinox 21 March 2019 from my beloved Ashtar!
      We are ready to go home now to New Earth 5D! Reply
      • Jay D If you are in sync with Ashtar and the Pleiadians, why are you still clinging to 3D ideas like the bible which historically everyone knows was manipulated to support the agenda of the cabal (ie council of Niicea? Just eomdering….) Reply
        • Stephanie Although the bible is by far, one of the most corrupted books I have come across, the message of Isa was true. And the energetics that were seeded with it are coming to fruition.Which is WHY the story was added to that pile of rags to corrupt his actual message of freedom and raising up to more. Reply
      • Sartt You are stupid. ” firstfruit ” pleadian angelic contact team , Vernal Equinox Rapture? Please do everyone a favor and stop typing, crap you copy and pasted off the internet… mostly likely you’re a bot and im wasting my time making this message. Reply
        • Daryl I’m guessing that you probably disagree with the philosophy stating that. Others are not who you think they are, YOU are who you think they are.
          Look inside yourself.
          Namaste … Reply
        • SlimCity So you are free to believe what you want but that person cant? Reply
      • MAET Reveal The Lies * Speak Only Truth Reply
    • Jennifer Mackey This sounds wonderful Reply
  6. Ram I would like to know how you are making a claim that OM is the Schumann frequency cited here. The sound OM is made of 3 very distinct frequencies with its associated harmonics. The OM sound (the yogi’s claim) is derived from the vibration of the petals of chakras. Your claim is too much of a stretch unless you have experiential proof. R Reply
  7. Matt I wish the bar graph would show more of the amplitude so we could get a picture of how high in frequency some of these spikes are…. Reply
  8. Christopher Reed If you’re interested in the resonance increase check out the Yugas. We go through ages of destruction followed by ages of creation. Dark ages followed by revivals. These are waves of cosmic energy and this wave was marked by the Mayan calendar in 2012. It is also spoken of by Jesus as the end of an age, or summer being near, like Narnia. We are currently in winter or Kali Yuga to the Hindu. The stories we have told about Osirs / Seth / Horus, Zeus / Hades / Hercules, Mufasa / Scar / Simba, Yin / Yang have always been stories of this great cycle. This cycle is also known in Greek philosophy as a Great or Platonic Year. Just look at it like cosmic seasons . . . “All biological systems operate in the same frequency range. The human brain’s alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the Earth is between 6 and 8 hertz. Thus, our entire biological system—the brain and the Earth itself—work on the same frequencies. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humanity.”—Nikola Tesla Reply
    • Stefanie Farren I agree and absolutely love your references! I think of the same stories as we shift. Reply
    • Michael Maffei Yes Reply
  9. Hugh the Hand Ever notice the entities dwelling within the frequencies? Reply
  10. Dr. Schavi M. Ali Namaste!
    In terms of “grounding”, many people are suggesting that we walk upon the earth barefoot as much as possible in order to be acclimated to (” grounded with”) Mama Gaia. However, if indeed the Schumann Resonance is erratic or up and down in frequency on an almost regular basis now, would not being barefoot (weather permitting) cause a sense of “ungroundedness”? This could take the form of dizziness, anxiety, upset stomach, etc. It seems that “grounding” would better occur via the use of particular gemstones which have been scientifically proven to have such an effect such as Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz. There are several others. Also, connecting with our Higher Selves helps by meditation. In brief, merely walking on the earth barefoot would seem to have the effect of causing “ungroundedness” rather than “groundednes”. Does anyone else have feelings or thoughts about this? Thanks, and have a peaceful, healthy, prosperous day! Reply
    • Sudi Maharaj I live by the beach, and never wear footwear unless i am going to a mall or something, which is very rare… Even barefoot while walking around in Urban areas. 1. If you are barefoot, and NOT outside on the ground, it dosen’t count. 2. I am outside, barefoot, all the time, every day, almost all day. You would feel “NORMAL” and that which you refer to as “groundedness” becomes as much a part of you as your heartbeat… and becomes unnoticeable in the midst of all the other things you feel and do every day.
      Whether you might decide that you are “grounded”, due to that alone, is very questionable. I do, however appreciate putting my feet back on the ground after they have been in shoes, or boots, and I do “feel” better when my feet are on the ground. A person who is in shoes or on an artificial surface for a part of the day would feel that pleasure more succinctly. It probably also has to do with the pressure points in the foot, that get to flex and groove on variable terrain, as Developed Nation inhabitants have been used to doing for all but the last 200 years…now to notice the differences… Reply
    • Lizanne I love your commentary Reply
  11. Schavi Ali Namaste!
    People around the world seem to be becoming increasingly aware of how the “Schumann Resonance” is a part of a three-pronged phenomenon called an “Energy Wave” which is: 1.) Cosmic energetics such as solar winds affecting Earth’s magnetic field,etc. 2.) Human collective levels of consciousness, and 3.) “Schumann Resonance” vibrational frequencies. Thus, as time advances, we will experience continual “Energy Waves” as all three of these phenomena intertwine in what may seem to be a mystical manner but what is actually scientific observable fact. For example, when there is accelerated hatred on Earth along with warfare, oppression, famine,serious economic issues, disease, political chaos, etc., cosmic disturbances such as coronal mass ejections from the Sun and geomagnetic storms on Earth plus an erratic “Schumann Resonance” seems to occur. Therefore, as can be gleaned, human consciousness, cosmic happenings, and Earth’s vibrations have all created an “Energy Wave” as stated. The human mind is, therefore–just like the Earth–a receiver and transmitter of energy. Consequently, as I suggested in an earlier posting, it is a good idea to envision our planet in peaceful, loving LIGHT. However, I now add an extra suggestion: Let us envision this LIGHT soaring from the Great Central Sun, the Photon Belt,that the Earth and the entire Milky Way Galaxy has entered into within the first of twelve vortices that will supposedly take a total of 2000 years to cross. Yet, we can call forth and enjoy peace and love long before then. Let us at least try.
    LIGHT and LOVE to All! Reply
    • S.A. McClellan Any comments on what the proposed 5g communication transmission might do?
      How to protect against that? I also thought it was interesting to note the mention of our earth’s heartbeat/resonance as being very similar to our normal healthy ph level. Reply
      • Elisabeth You can use Orgonite/chembusters to protect yourself against 5G, WIFI. Just Google it. Reply
        • Andrea Lyn Yes, orgonite and elite shungite transmutes the deadly orgone radiation emitted by wifi and 5g arrays. Research Wilehlm Reich, Don Croft. Reply
      • Robert I don’t plan on needing to PROTECT myself or all life on this planet.
        The very fact you know it’s presence and choose to accept that,is consent to a crime against all life on this planet(prosecutable under Geneva Treaties, Nuremberg Doctrine Inter-Nation Law) by the extreme noise and damage it will do to DNA of all life. Reply
        • marcy cravat Robert, could you please elaborate. This topic is interesting to me. Thank you Reply
    • Randy What is changing our Resonance is the incoming Binary Star System, the Neutron Star.
      She has 7 Planets and 10 Moons in tow. Travels on Red Magellan Clouds that permeate her gaseous Neutron Emissions that vent out of her sides and resemble WINGS, making them RED.
      Because of her enormous Mass, she has an extremely long tail.
      You sang about it at Christmas~
      Do you see what I see?
      A Star high up in the night-
      with a TAIL as big as a Kite. Stars don’t have tails.
      Except a Neutron Star. It too, will become permeated with the Red from the Magellan Clouds. RED WINGS.
      RED TAIL.
      DRAGON. Typhon, Son of Tartarus Returns. Peace~
      LoveGod.LoveEachOther Reply
    • Linea L Wonderful posts! Congruent with Energetic Synthesis, which explains in great detail what our galaxy is going through, and why. Keep the comments coming! Reply
    • court Very nicely shared … for as long as I can remember and with the use of the internet, (90s) … I have correlated the great sun energy and SR with the happenings on earth. We are in Great times presently …I remind my friends, family and clients … Have Faith and Trust. . Each and every Divine moment is as it should be, strive to maintain balance .. go within for answers, Listen to your Spirit … SEE thru your Soul eyes … Great Spirit ALWAYS has your back!! Have Faith and Trust!! Reply
  12. Ed Lawrence My ENTIRE Life, I’ve heard that I am from the Divine Realm, and that I have SO MANY souls, Angels, Arch Angels, surrounding me, I look like I have my own Galaxy around me! It has been Validated SO MANY times! I have a 5-6 abilities, and they’ve taken a MASSIVE JUMP, since July, and 4 weeks ago, I saw “Death” for the 1st time! That one can go! LOL! Those, who are getting information before a Spike, you have a Special Role to play here and NOW! Consider yourself Blessed! That’s how I feel. This has EXPLAINED so much, and working back for the time difference, it shocks me to NO END, how DEAD on this has all been! Thank You Very Much! Reply
    • court I am working ‘overtime’ presently given the elevated frequencies … creativity is off chart, tones exceptionally intense, manifestation ~ instant and intuition ~ spot on! One of the most complex issues I am finding with those I counsel and family / friends … is integrating the frequencies, still so much fear being felt. Of course, when you try and explain how and what … the need for balance, meditation .. even if one cannot yet achieve meditation … I strongly suggest visualization … I am sensing a strong beckoning to expand my work, having been on journey for a lifetime, being called to SERVE a higher purpose and many more that are awakening!! We are sooo BLESSED … I am humbled by the sheer joy, passion and grace of being here to aid and assist! So happy I found this site to share … I was administrator for for 9 years … and I miss that connection!
      court aka lovelight Reply
  13. Peeter amazing vibes Reply
  14. Melanie Hi All! New to this site, super happy to read everyone’s comments and see all of the self-science being done and personal insights. I’m located in Quebec, Canada. I saw a couple of comments regarding no data coming from Canada… do we know why? Is the only monitoring station in Alberta? I’ve been feeling the shift in my body and mind for quite some time now, especially since March when we experienced some massive spikes. Some say there was a “rainbow wave” or galactic pulse that hit Earth to activate the first wave of starseeds (or second if you count the pioneers as first wave). My experience was absolutely nuts! I had no previous knowledge of starseeds or any of this shift business, I just knew I was on a spirit quest and looking to do good things for humanity. I was in Nicaragua at the time and for a whole week I could not leave my hotel room, as my body became scorching hot, all of my joints and muscles ached, and I could barely move. I couldn’t eat anything other than fruit but I drank gallons of water each day. Despite these crazy physical symptoms my mind was clear and I felt called to do research into what was happening. At first I thought it was the moon or the astrological aspects. Soon though, I found this youtube channel by Aluna Ash, who claimed to be a 9D clairvoyant, and she described to a T what I was experiencing. Through her and other sources I learned about the shift and put the pieces of my own life and destiny together. I also started receiving downloads at night that brought massive realizations, all while I would “evaporate” density (it literally felt like that). Interestingly I had also been following the Mayan calendar off and on for a little over two years by this time and my experience pushed me into deeper exploration with it. I started following the more modern adaptation, the Dreamspell, and reading the first volume of the Cosmic History Chronicles. In this, the author speaks of the NOOSPHERE, or the psychic/cognitive field of the Earth, that contains all of the projected thoughtforms of humanity. This is our collective consciousness that merges with the psychic aspect of Gaia herself. As we evolve into a 4D collective with a 5D consciousness, we will be synchronizing with each other telepathically through the Noosphere. The Noosphere has always existed, we just don’t consciously sync up with it at this time because of the control agenda of certain lower frequencies of fear keeping our minds in a state of separation. Anyway, the point of this is that some are wondering what the SR is, and I had a thought that maybe it is also recording the psychic shifts in the Noosphere. If anyone would like to connect feel free to find me on Facebook or Instagram. Reply
    • CapFl Good evening, Thanks for all the information I read in the messages below. Can you explain for there are white bands up and down on the RS’s measurements?
      Do not you believe in a counter measure of the RS activity related to the chemical spreading program on the world?
      Why nobody stops this thing, because in the end we will be you and me not healthy.
      Thank you for your opinion. Reply
  15. Patricia Helen Hamann Mangner Thank you Gabriel, your blog is amazing, I am also from the Ashtar Command. I already made a great part of my mission and I’m a gatekeeper in Pisac -Cusco, Peru, powerful vortexes and have a pleiadian team of 3 that protects me to be safe during my missions regarding ascension of Gaia and humanity that is ready, very few still as yet. Multiple reptilian hybrids trying to stop my mission but I’m very well protected and covered in Jesus Christ golden solar powerful light AUM! Nevermind, this is to tell everyone that I noticed just as of today October 25th 2018 there’s music incoming in the air of Gaia and when I woke up today I heard sort of a melodic symphony of the first musical tones of “LA VIE EN ROSE”! I am clairaudient since many years now… Has anyone heard this yet? Divine Light and Love have won! Reply
    • Ed Lawrence Yes! Congrat’s to you! You are like me, and receiving information, ahead of the Curve, for your Work must be EXTREMELY important, as mine is! I have Several Abilities, and 4 weeks ago, they ALL took a Massive Jump, and NOW I can see Death, which is something that I’ve never seen before! My work, is to help those going through Ascension, and to help them out of the 3-D, into the 4 & 5-D that soon will be upon us! I can spot “Dark”, or “Negative” Souls in People, and I stay away! I know that it isn’t good to be around them! I have had the HIGHEST Pitch in my Ears for 6 Months, at 185 Hz, and now it’s so Peaceful! Be SAFE as you continue your Work! Meditate, and Pray Daily, to keep yourself Grounded! Much Love & Light for you! Reply
  16. Dr. Schavi M. Ali Namaste!
    It seems as if the “Schumann Resonance” level can be somewhat detected by human physiology and emotion. In other words, when there is a spike in anxiety or in bodily aches and pains, this could also be “Mama Gaia’s” spike in anxiety and physical discomfort. “She” is endeavoring to cleanse and heal from all of the tampering that mankind has done to “Her” with toxicity of water,soil, and air. As “She” heals, we can heal too if we consciously envision LIGHT enveloping and surrounding “Her”. Meditation is powerful! Reply
    • Misty Rose I reside in a 55 and older community. Many of whom are in the higher senior years. I have started to connect the overall temperament of the residents to the Schumann Resonance graff. Those that show great depression and anxiety I have shared my findings with. By there knowing how to monitor Gaia, and with the understanding of how this affects them, they can now predict it. Thus turning the anticipation of the next attack, which brings the depression faster, faces it with confidence that they can control it. This has lifted the vibration of the whole community. Knowledge is Power. I think I gave them the power to control the outcome. Just FYI Reply
    • Jacquelyn Elder Oh thank you!! Yes I can feel her pain. I will start wrapping her in healing light. ♥️♥️♥️ Reply
    • Lizanne yes i agree, i feel the shift once it returns to the norm… 7.83 and it is very difficult, painful in my high heart and wanting to go home…
      it becomes more difficult to remain here to hold the vibration. Reply
      • Kanti Wow I too am experiencing same feelings. Pretty sure try I g to clesr smething fear or some pass life karma. Reply
  17. Rod Cloutier I read graphs all the time, however I’m unsure how to interpret this one? What do the x & y axis represent? What is the color representative of? Why are the graphs shown as lines that change colors? What do the color changes mean? Reply
    • Disclosure News Axis are Freq. and time (UTC+7), lines = frequency, color = amplitude Reply
  18. Janet Sorry, DNI, et al. I just re-read the Note, and it answered my question, more-or-less. “Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity….also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.” Reply
  19. Janet Yowza! Anyone have any thoughts on how the solstice ‘window’ might relate to this sustained Gaia spike? (21Jun18, 29hrs). Concurrently with all this, I received a Rescue check($) by post–quite out of the blue! [I’m fairly sure the inspiration for this didn’t originate with Commander Ashtar.] My mothers “dis-incarnation” is imminent, and she decided to thwart Arizona (USA) Probate shenanigans (many MiDs on the ground in that region)–by doing some early Gifting. Haleluja! Reply
  20. Yaudi Thank you so much for these updates!! Reply
  21. Janet Hope this isn’t a ridiculous question. Is anyone aware of the correspondence between (daily) seismic activity and the (daily) Schumann Resonance? If the answer should be self-evident from the various graphs, I’m afraid I can’t visually accomplish that any longer. On 12 June, Dutchsinse was ranting about dubious data, and directly accused the USGS of deliberately keeping three (same day ) 4.0+ earthquakes at Mauna Loa, HI, undisclosed (to the public). On top of that, almost the entire globe was ‘silent’ on reporting any activity, which is really weird. Dutch said that if it’s ‘true’ reporting, serious pressure could be building along the fault lines, especially along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Reply
    • Disclosure News It’s a legitimate question in my opinion but seems that there is no regular patterns between EQ and SR, sometimes they match but several others they don’t, I checked this in Italy on the vlf site where there are some charts referred to both but it doesn’t seem to be strictly related… USGS is surely hiding EQs! About the world situation someone says that there are groups of people that help the Galactics to keep under controls many volcanoes, one of them is the super volcano Marsili in southern Italy sea, quite surely there will be other groups around the world doing the same… of course if you believe there are ETs and they are acting on the Earth… Reply
      • Janet Thanks. Yes, I do believe it. Most assuredly…Gaia knows it. All the off-stage activity by elementals, or ETs, or Terran allies, is much appreciated. Too bad the general population hasn’t awakened (yet) to how much help we have…fear-mongering would fizzle out quick-time, and there’d be no point in deception at all. So far, the “bumbling sappers” are failing spectacularly! I’ll check out Marsili supervolcano…Yellowstone, USA, is our resident sv, bulge growing. Since its fallout swept from W. Montana to the Carolinas at the Atlantic, it’s been a great fear-inducer in local geology. Never mind that Yellowstone blew 60 million years ago. We have long memories, it seems. Reply
        • Shanti Funny. You don’t understand that we’re all ET’s? People believe who don’t know. Reply
          • graham Yes, Shanti, it is funny and it often takes people a while to realise the universe is filled with DNA..just like ours..the universal pattern for human beings..
          • Janet Cameron What I ‘understand’ is that I AM a Source-spark, surfing the Zuvuyu, and having fun in ‘manifestation,’ too. Seems whenever I start having fun, some ‘superior knower’ sprays a shit-mist on my 3D explorations. Sheesh.
  22. Robert Fay RE: Schumann Resonance Today 6/10/2018
    ─ per the “isolated spike that topped 40 Hz”
    This was caused by too much False stimulus (connected to survival and fear in the illusion) which showed up because of the unusual suicides happening (etc.) that is being pushed by TV into the minds of people. The Planet is fine and does not care about survival because that concept is meaningless and no such thing exists for it. Only the Delusional-Illusion cares about survival. Reply
  23. Mar How can we trust the Russian chart when the Italian chart shows massive activity compared to none at all? Reply
    • Disclosure News Well it does not mean the TSU chart is fake, as this is a frequency with the amplitude oscillation it’s not happening everywhere at same time, ideally we have to check several measuring stations, sometime we do it just for comparison… Italy is under massive intervention as for the dark forces housing here that might be why… Reply
      • stanislov why is there an 8 hour chunk missing ? archive 25/11/18
        a comet hit the sun that day
        frankly a smell a rat
        stanislov Reply
        • Disclosure News Seems ok now, thanks. Reply
    • Nikolas LeTouareg There’re several measurement stations that measure Schumann Resonance (S.R) in a very specific area. The intensity of the various frequencies of this S.R varies from one place to another of the Earth, just as the vibratory frequency can vary from one place to another. Currently, it seems that Canada has one of the highest vibratory frequencies, but there are also specific sites that have very high frequency rates, thanks to vortexes or crossings of electromagnetic grid lines. of the earth. Reply
      • Sonia We are in Canada and for some reason we can not see any graphic for the Shumann resonance in Canada. Everything is blocked for us as for Canada. I would love to see the graphics. Reply
        • Invisible Because the energy is happening just north-east in the sea where it appears a crack in the earth is at on google earth. Js Reply
  25. Blue #KNOWLEDGE At the risk of being accused of quackademics, may I suggest you look at all 6 reporting stations…they will be different but all correct. As the planet under your feet is rising from Earths crust the resources on each continent resonate differently. I speak for the Immortals. Thank you. Reply
    • Disclosure News I know, they are all correct, but it is too much work to do on a daily basis to check the 6, make the description of each, eventually save some images and so no… we decided to show this one as this is what our resources allowed us to do… Reply
    • Hannah Can you help me figure out which of the different station locations I would use for the Dominican Republic? Reply
      • Disclosure News Hannah, I am not aware of stations in the Caribbean… Reply
  26. kpeo Unfortunately, it seems we can’t be sure in TSU data. They were absent for 2 days of magnetic storm (28-29 of april). Wrote about it here (translated to english from russian): Reply
    • Nikolas LeTouareg While it is precisely during this kind of event that the measurement of this resonance is important (in terms of the intensity of each frequency and not the change of frequency)… Reply
      • Hard Candy Nice explanation! Much appreciated Nikolas…thank you for sharing!! Reply
    • Aly I knew it…alberta canada ottawa quebec no readings cant wait to see them Reply
  27. Irish Eyes I noticed a vast difference between the alternate chart you posted for Saturday (4/28) and the TSU chart that they finally updated. TSU chart looked like default SR wallpaper. No real readings during blackout? Have you seen an explanation as to why the blackout? I haven’t. Thanks for all you do! Reply
  28. Nikolas LeTouareg Hello, Thank you for what you do, I really appreciate your involvement in this transition phase and all the energy you bring in your articles very interesting and often bright! However, I just wanted to clarify the confusion that may surround this Schumann Resonance (S.R). There are many factors that prove that humanity is changing and that consciousness awakens, but Schumann’s Resonance isn’t one of them. Since scientists measured this S.R in 1950, all major frequencies have remained unchanged. Thus, there are 7 frequency peaks (7.83 Hz, 14 Hz, 21 Hz, 26 Hz, 33 Hz, 39 Hz and 45 Hz). We only retain 7.83 Hz because it’s the one with the highest amplitude and therefore, the one that acts the most on living beings : The measurements that you show only concern the amplitude of these 7 peaks of frequencies (yellow = high intensity). The intensity of each frequency is always higher during the day because of the differences in temperature and the electricity circulating in the atmosphere. This intensity also varies according to storms, solar flares, the use of HAARP (directed energy weapons, scalar waves, etc.) or sometimes when powerful energies are in action on Earth. That said, it can be interesting to monitor the S.R, because often during some events there will be an increase in intensity. That said, it is necessary to take into account the place where this RS has been measured, because there are 6 measuring stations in the world : 1 : California (USA)
    2 : Hofuf (Saudi Arabia)
    3 : Lithuania
    4 : Alberta (Canada)
    5 : Northland (New Zealand)
    6 : Hluhluwe( South Africa) Nikolas Reply
    • Disclosure News Thank you Nikolas, what you say is the scientific explanation but as they know nothing about the SR, they can write books circling on the Schumann Resonance without going anywhere, those who explained the RS are the same that deny the existence of life in the universe or the same that try to explain how the Egyptians built the Pyramids… and that says it all. We know nothing as well on the RS, same as the quackademics, but at least we’re not trying to give explanations… Reply
  29. Candy Is it possible for you to provide the actual web address for the new Schumann Resonance chart you have today, when I follow the source link it leads to the old chart image only:-( and I cant seem to find it doing a search. Reply
  30. Michelle I am very interested to follow the activity of the SR, but would like to learn how to read the chart. Can someone point me to an article of some sort? Thank you Reply
  31. Blue #KNOWLEDGE Earth is a crust over the planet inside. Heaven is the interior planet beneaths Earths crust. The Heavens are the rest of the Hereafter. Heaven is rising from under your feet as The Heavens come in from above. The spikes in the resonance are handled from inside. Reply
  32. Ethan Fahey Do you believe a polar-shift along with a consciousness-shift are imminent? If so, when would you suggest this might happen? Reply
    • Disclosure News Hi Ethan, I do not like to “believe” in general but, apart from that term, there would be a Polar Shift quite surely, sooner or later. There have been already in the Planet history but I do not feel it as something that will make a big difference in the human consciousness. I think, and I might well be wrong, that the planet and consciousness shift are separate things. The latter is already happening in my opinion, it won’t happen overnight, it will take some time. For the Polar shift I can guess we’ll need to wait the Galactic Superwave that some are guessing would be any time from now to 2025… Reply
      • H.K.Mittermaier Your Galictik Superwave (Photonenring) will bring big changes to our Earth!our 3 dim.Lifestile will mayby transfer to an 5th dim.Thinking. There will be tremendous changes as we go into this GalkT.
        Wave(Manasische Vibration)you can see it already,it started and is only the Beginning of his comming…so be prepaired in Love to each other… Reply
        • Disclosure News Agreed HK! Thanks for the energetic comment Reply
        • BWS Who is “he?” Reply
  33. Nancy Brady RN Funny, I was just playing around with muscle testing and I come up with The SR as being Mother Earth’s Anxiety Level… would love it if others could also check that? Thanks! :)) Reply
    • Artemis Checked in on this too, and connecting with the frequency, this is GAIA’s upgrade time, and she’s doing what she has been working towards for aeons. The Electro Magnet Fields are shifting and this is allowing more vibration in from the galactic bodies around us while the Sun is on Quiet mode. Earth is out there connecting. It’s a little challenging for her inhabitants as we like to be in control of our Earth Ship, and that seemed to be what the anxiety/stress/tension is that is affecting the beings that live here. Of course, we want to go into Lock Down, control mode, it’s the way. We’re fear driven… we resonate their first. Reply
    • Aldwin I began using muscle testing/stress testing/kinesiology about 30 years ago for personal-holistic healing…since then, I’ve expanded it for “greater purposes.” I prefer to connect-the-dots to as many realms as possible. The SR norm is 7.__ and current SR is +40.__, nearing 50. Mathematical/Numerical dot-connecting 7X7 is 49. Historically, 49 has always indicated a tipping point…leading into 50, that is, “The Year of Jubilee.” Historically, The Year of Jubilee always brings about great change. It is said, “history repeats itself.” If we ignore historical, documentable significance, we are doomed. YES…we are at the brink of GREAT CHANGE!!! Reply
      • Disclosure News Thank you Aldwin! Reply
      • Paul Fisher Excellent focus in using kinesiology. We are doing work on genetic transformations using frequencies now…so all connected.
        Paul Fisher Reply
        • Al Windsor Paul, thanks for your comment and info…more please! Who is “we”? Do “you” have a site to visit for updates and info? Aldwin Reply
  34. Moon Mama Dear Disclosure News,
    I have been following the SR for quite awhile now. I know the chart reflects activity for 2 or 3 days at a time..but looking back at previous charts, I’ve noticed that there are often large date gaps in between – like Dec.17 and then skips to Dec.26, for example. I remember there being alot of activity on certain days, but those charts can no longer be viewed.
    Could you please make ALL previous charts available to view in chronological order every day?? That would be truly awesome for those of us keeping track and making notes for comparision!… Thank you. Reply
    • Disclosure News Thanks Moon for the feedback, we did as you suggested as you are absolutely right… hope that the result is satisfactory here the page Reply
      • Moon Mama AWESOME!!! That was a really fast response, Thanks so much!
        (and today’s SR is truly mind-blowing..WOW)… Reply
      • Sorin Thank you! You did a great job. Reply
  35. Daki Is here of Schumann resonances shown on a graph only base frequency 7.83 or all the frequencies? Reply
    • Disclosure News There should be on some websites, somewhere… you have to scout for it Reply
  36. Lx Can someone explain me, why the Schuman resonances are so important for alot of people? I don’t know anything about the Schuman resonances… thank you. :)! Reply
    • Disclosure News Quackademic science know nothing about SR, they clearly say it… we know Planet Earth is a living being so probably the SR in an indicator of something about her state… we do not know which one yet but we can speculate it might be the heart beat or something similar… Reply
      • Sorin What seems to me to be interesting is that every time the satellite records these changes, I feel them in my whole being. I clearly have a strong connection with Gaea, but I still have not found the answer, why? Reply
    • GreenYogi They are the parallel of our brainwaves at the planetary scale. They are entraining our own brainwaves and broadcasting cosmic music encoding to be received and processed by our DNA, therefore influencing EVERY function of our bioenergy field, from circadian rhythms to neurotransmitter production.
      It’s kinda something like God’s will in other words. Reply
      • Michelle Very interesting Green Yogi. I wonder how many people have had their circadian rhythms totally screwed up with the jump in SR Reply
    • Shelley Jo Graham Being an a Empath and extremely energy sensitive, It really effects me‍ Reply
  37. Billie Are you still sending the alerts on the Schuman resonance? I haven’t received any for awhile. Reply
    • Disclosure News Hi Billie, we do! We had some issues these past days… Reply
      • Michelle How do I receive the alerts DN? Reply
  38. Chantel Can you please post a legend for the charts and instructions on how to read the charts, how can we tell what has changed between one chart and another day by day? Reply
    • Disclosure News It’s already there Chantel, above the volcanoes and the live meteor buttons and the SR Gallery you can see Explanation of the Chart, you can click it and it will open a toggle with some indications about the meaning of the SR spectrogram. Reply
      • Chantel I see, Thank you!! Reply
        • Michelle Thank you this has also answered my previous question Reply
        • Lendy Hart Thank you for asking. I was just thinking the same thing. Reply
  39. Shannon I have been thinking this for awhile. Doesn’t it seem like the source of your Schumann Resonance might be altering the image. I feel the frequency of Gaia is much different than what I see in the posts. Reply
    • Enki tahts because it is not Gaias frequency.. it is the frequency of the Son of man the holy grail.. who goes to sleep every night thats why there is no frequency for 8 hours every day Reply
      • Leia Vermillion shouldn’t we be talking about the “Amplitude” instead of the word ‘Frequency” ??!? Reply
        • Disclosure News Probably yes, but not instead, both, frequency and amplitude… the color, white, is the amplitude, how loud it is on that frequency peak. Reply
        • GreenYogi That’s what i already suggested Leia Vermillion. As a matter of fact, only the amplitude graph effectively shows the entire peaks no matter how high they reach. That only is important in our study. The frequency graph is actually useless for us, since frequencies always remained fairly stable and that graph never really shows any big event. The ‘blue’ graph which is published up here daily is in fact useless to us as well, it is NOT in any way reflecting the frequencies and also fails to show amplitude peaks reaching above 40Hz. It only looks attractive but was not conceived to monitor any activity above 40Hz, simply because those who designed this scheme at that time never thought such peaks would be a possibility in the future. lol In order to properly relate with the spikes in SR, we are to look at the amplitude graph and match the time and value of the spikes (for all 4 colors/amplitudes, not only the white line) with our own energy fluctuations (mood, stamina, blood pressure, heart-rate, sleep-patterns, etc…). I have monitored this amplitude graph for over a year and have always found relevant synchronicity with my own energy levels and brainwave activity.
          I have published the graph and shared my own results with the public on a facebook group, and many folks – all around the world – have corroborated my own findings, proving that the amplitudes are greatly affecting our own brainwaves with the multitude of side effects that this implies.
          Furthermore, the spikes in amplitudes recorded in Tomsk-Russia, do affect people anywhere in the world, in real time, as proved by my observations and the testimonies of my peers. It’s not a localized event as it was suggested here in the previous comments. I do not claim to understand fully the mechanism and modus operandi of the SR monitoring plots but i have been highly affected by the rise in amplitudes since January 2017, in a way that simply can not be denied. And so have been a number of people i am in touch with, who live in various continents and yet are all feeling affected by the spikes at the times shown by the Tomsk station. If this was understood, may more people would be able to use the amplitude graph to monitor their own synchronicity. Cheers. Reply
          • Potofbasil Hi Green Yogi. I would like to visit your Facebook page. Could you post a link please?
  40. Jorge andrade A big earthquake in Mexico City 7.1Richter scale, any relation? Reply
    • Enki nopeee zero Reply
    • Leia Vermillion very good ! Reply

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