Chaos and Pain – Aya – Pleiadian Collective ~ April 4, 2019

Chaos and Pain – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.


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Chaos and Pain - Aya


Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Feel You And I See You!

In These Moments Of The Story You Experience As Reality,

We Remind You That Only Love Is Real!

So Why All The Chaos And Pain?

Chaos and Pain - Aya


You Arrived In This Dimension With A Frequency That Projects The Density To Allow You To Interact And Experience With Other Souls,

With The Intention To Awaken And Remember!

For Arriving As You Were Before Would Have No Point!

Cintamani Jewels
Chaos and Pain - Aya


As Beloved Rumi Spoke To Many; ‘Your Pain Will Bless You.

He Certainly Was Not Saying That You Would Enjoy Pain!

Pain And Heartache Have A Way Of Shaking You!

Your Psyche And Your Body And Your Very Being Will Feel So Uncomfortable That You Shift!

This Is The Blessing!

Chaos and Pain - Aya


You Awaken And Realize That None Of This Makes Sense!

You Must Go Within To Survive!

It Is There In This Sacred Space That You Awaken!

You Know That You Are So Much More Than This Story!

Chaos and Pain - Aya


As You Are Then Drawn To Others Of The Same Vibrational Frequency,

You Begin To Expand In Light And The Unseen Becomes Real;

For In Truth, You Are Projecting This Reality From Consciousness And All You See Will Disappear As You Become Your True Self!

Chaos and Pain - Aya


Allow All To Come And Go!

Surrender To Pain And Ask What It Came To Teach You!

For All Beings Here With You Are Teaching You Something!

It Is Up To You To Find The Gift!

I Hold You In My Heart Chakra Infinitely!

Love Is Our State Of Being!

Chaos and Pain


We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

Pleiadian Collective

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When we are awake, we sleep. When we sleep, we dream. When we dream, we live.

Carl Gustav Jung


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