Former Dems Worse Than Former Smokers: The ‘Walk Away Movement’ Defined [video] ~ March 4, 2019

A video about the Walk Away Movement… and wow. “Plantation”. Let that sink in.

These new “Black Conservative Patriots” really get it. They are the best champions of the cause with their clear understanding of the situation. The Walk Away initiative is thriving because this is its time.

These former Democrats are like folks who used to smoke and then quit; the one who are the first to complain when someone lights up and they are exposed to the fumes.

Once these free-thinkers saw through the manipulation and the propaganda their logic kicked into high gear and they say it so eloquently, telling us they will NEVER have anything to do with the Democrat Party again.

They looked into the historical references; the roots of the party and its relationship to the KKK. They can see how the lamestream media rammed the outright lies about Trump and the Republicans down their throats. They can see that Trump is not a racist—but they now know who is. They can see we’re all slaves.

They see the hive mind for what it is and the danger therein. They see the duality of it all.

They understand the people running the left are violent, hateful, and embrace everything they don’t want a part of because it is the polar opposite of what they were led to believe. They are about taking, not giving.

The demo (coincidence?) crat party hates everyone, and especially black Americans. They are not about building; they embody destruction, and they are bent on the ruin of America in toto.

These enlightened people can see they were brainwashed and never questioned until the shocking reality smacked them in the face. They now appeal to other black Americans to think it through, reexamine their values and what the party has done for them—or not.

Best of all, they see that Donald Trump is NOT what the media and the democrats said at all. In the Trump administration they see much positive change happening and great hope for their future. It’s an excellent video, definitely share-worthy. ThanQ.

For any black Americans (or anyone at all) who need a good news source, I recommend Black Conservative Patriot on YouTube. Consistently good stuff and very astute analyses. He belongs “in office”, IMHO.  ~ BP

The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party


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