Headlines and Updates for March 4, 2019; Short Month to Long Month of Madness [videos] ~ March 4, 2019

Before I get into anything else, just a suggestion for news and views that might interest you… Jim Stone always has a variety of perspectives and information; not to say he’s always 100% correct because the truth can be elusive for us all, but he is an investigative journalist.

From the 90210 zip code we learn that actor Luke Perry died. My first question is, “Really?” because we never know any more and he was only 52 but strokes do hit people. When things get interesting in Washington we have high profile deaths like Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Freddie Mercury, Prince… you get the picture. “Fake death” is a household concept now in the alt news community. I have no opinion on this as I haven’t really seen Perry since Beverly Hills 90210 but he seemed like a genuinely good guy. RIP.

Luke Perry died after a stroke, at Los Angeles hospital

I concur with Josh Bernstein’s opinion on the President’s CPAC speech. He also has an interesting perspective on the Mueller feud.


As we’ve said numerous times, surfing the ‘net getting educated is only half the battle. ACTION is required to win this war. Dustin Nemos has plans and you might be interested in hearing some of his ideas—whether you are a Q fan or not. He has 90K subscribers for a reason and you may help him out to take that to the next level.

AIM4Truth often provides ways to make a difference, as well.

The Beginning And End of “The Plan” Qlock (Broke Q Cypher?) Hint: It’s Perfect.

Sir Patrick Mack broke 100K subs a couple of weeks ago and he’s so hot he hit 113K already. He’s dedicated to deciphering the Q posts in his Pursuit of Truth, he’s good at it, and adds a healthy dollop of humour so we can have fun digesting the news. QAnon dropped a ton o’ bread yesterday so this is long.

Q Anon/News – March Madness – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 3.4.19

Our power was out and I have to head out to the airport so that’s all I got for you now, possums.  ~ BP


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