Karmic Endings 12/27 ~ December 27, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is a very compelling and excellent explanation of why we are feeling as we are. As we turn ourselves “inside out”, our emotional self is overridden by our the essence of our soul…we become “triggerless”. Please listen to this message, feel the love,  and be…



“The water moves” im hearing clairaudiently and being shown the earth’s frequency spiking higher then it has yet due to energy/plasma waves and from our consciousness/dna activations. And more from the eclipses coming Jan.

(Royal Queen & Vatican are behind all events and false flags and “re- education camps”)

Around March-ish July-ish 2019 is a BIG DEAL! VERY EXCITED!! For many, we have completed one 3D reality/one massive life cycle and we are all entering into something new. Some will be entering after some resistance.. others will be going with the Divine plan. Everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to energetically or karmically this is why it’s so important to work on your karma. And when I speak of karma I just mean your unconscious & the unconscious emotions, thoughts, patterns, belief systems, perception of reality, triggers- the program’s deep within the unconscious mind is what creates our reality by default through projection and manifestation. When we break through the veil of the Moon which is our karmic storehouse, are unconscious becomes conscious. We begin to create deliberately and co create new earth in our 5D awareness as a 4th density collective. The more we focus on our thoughts from a place of deep self-awareness and unity, we then project that into the hologram and into the grid system & we heal others and we heal the planet. It all begins with the feminine energy it begins with the unconscious mind which is the magnetic energy which is exactly where we’re headed into with the new galactic yr the August of 2019. In order to “win” we have to stop playing their game and get out of duality within. They want to control the 5th dimension.. then they own Earth and every planet in this galaxy- this is why our galactic family is giving us messages & why we are here. If we do not get out of duality, the entire galaxy would be under complete control within a few hundred yrs which is nothing in Draconian time. They want to keep the collective from being in the heart chakra and keep us divided so we vibrate at a 3D frequency for them to control & drain our energy through the endocrine/hormone system/emotional body/vagus nerve.

You may be tuning into people in your soul group or Partners through your emotional body or through your unconscious mind you can strongly pick up on the emotions of other people right now this is where we really union to the telepathic communication in becoming more empathic as a collective. You may have a strong feeling about how certain people are struggling right now because of the energy that you’re picking up on.

The moon is a satellite. It is the illusion or what helps keep the Illusion/matrix in place. Therefore the Moon is veiling Neptune and Neptune is not the Veil or the illusion. Neptune is connected to the Ethereal Waters or the astral plane, which is where are real reality takes place this is the dream of the dream. This 3D linear dream is only a tiny fraction of what actually exist on the electromagnetic spectrum, it is a byproduct of the Ethereal plane or the astral plane. This eclipse is completely uprooting karma and the unconscious for the soul to integrate more fully.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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