Aluna Ash- Soul Family Page ~ July 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: Below is a GREAT read these words, “…there is a large focus on a battle of light/dark, a small group growing into many more that may notice feeling more drawn to the God-Mind/Oneness, non-judgement, forgiveness, compassion and embracing, overcoming and releasing light/dark opposition within… it is all within.”

Please read, gain personal awareness of your personal internal growth, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


10 Day Portal is Opened- Bringing in an increase in Cosmic/Solar Activity 💜 Cosmic/Solar Activity is already on it’s way. This portal is related to Maya timing system, 13 moon cycles, Solar cycles in relation to what we call the physical Sun, Earth & Sirius. (Which is like the Heart, Soul, Mind of a Greater Body, within our own consciousness) It is all happening within, we are One body inside out, we just see a distorted personfication on the material plane & mental plane. I do not live by transits or plan life by planetary transits/astrology because I feel it’s the mortal mind trying to control the how/when blocking wanted manifestations instead of being open/receptive to them, but I do share a pattern connected to Cosmic/Solar energy from time to time because it is related to Schumann Resonance and shifts in energy coming onto lower planes that some notice. I also share because I noticed it can be helpful or confirmation for some to see some kind of correlation. I do my best to not allow myself to be influenced in unwanted ways, and if I notice that is happening, I listen to my Soul, make adjustments within myself- not blame the energy, planets, world or give power to other things.

The truth is, there is always energy shifting, we are always shifting timelines, we are always experiencing all reality now, we are always manifesting our destiny not the planets, everything is synchronized as one system so we will always see a connection in whatever way we look at things, all angles is one unit no matter how we may see it and the outside is not the cause- it is the use of our creative power, not reactions to external influences.

If there is an unwanted individual pattern noticed with energy, world events or transits, it is something the individual can change. If we believe something affects us in a negative way or causes purging, then it must be that way or continue that way. If we feel swayed from one direction to the next or influenced by the Collective Race Mind, then it is our individual job to change that. We are responsible for how we think, feel, act, react. We believe different things, but I do not think Ascension is suffering, purging, pain and spending lifetimes trying to heal or needing to do all these different things to “make it to 5d” …5D is not Spirit/God-Self, the Eternal you is beyond dimension or destination, Oneness is far beyond the 5th dimension, beyond all dimensions. I experienced Oneness and it is not just 5D or going to 5D… so after that experience of Oneness and fusing with the Ether/Eternal Body in awareness I let go of many beliefs, one being the belief in 5D as the destination or what ascension is. Yes, we have spent years building thought patterns so it does takes consistency to change them. We have always been ascending from one state of awareness to another, which state- is a choice, how we view ascension is also a choice and that determines our experience. If you believe it’s pain, suffering, purging, clearing ancestor karma, battle, spiritual war- then it will continue to be just that… and true abundance/balance will always be something in the distance, always waiting or looking for the next energy shift or for things to change. Or you can use your creative mind and project your consciousness through time and space to experience wanted results.

Some may notice a shift in energy, the beginning of a new beginning in some way, or a feeling of pause before a new cycle begins. I have been picking up on a small group of people fusing with the Ether Body/Light Body- could be experienced or described as a visual Merkaba Activation. We all manifest our experience & perceive things differently, so it really depends on the individual, but many of us experience similar things around similar times. While others may not notice energy shifts within or experience anything at all.

The Feminine energy/consciousness is how we tune into these things within ourselves and within the world, the feminine consciousness is rising within. There are millions awakened, but there are many different groups that are on specific wave lengths (Earth is a realm, a wave cycle, not physical)- experiencing very similar things and similar states of awareness, this seems to be getting more specific/fine tuned or narrowing down quite a bit over recent months. You may have noticed major changes in your awareness rapidly unfolding and changes in what/who you resonate with. I personally feel this is going to accelerate in coming months for those noticing this within themselves along with a deeper awareness of Universal symbolic language, precognition and accelerated deliberate manifestation (this depends on the consciousness, overall mindset, subjective plane of operation and the balance of physical, mental, spiritual)

Even though As well as embracing the past for what it was to release it, appreciate the growth and see from the present good. This includes the way we see people… no longer binding others to the past or our conception of them, embracing what was to release the conception we have held, acknowledging the growth and affirming their present good- no matter who they are, how they have appeared or what they have done. (For many of us, getting to this place has taken much time within/inner work to get to as well as learning through personal experience)

I do have a video on this already recorded, I am going to re-record part of it, fix typos I noticed & add some messages that have been coming in recently and I think I will be posting it shortly on my yt channel. I talked a little bit about it on the Patreon Livestream last night with a reading & meditation for anyone on Patreon that didn’t get the notification because I didn’t share the link until the night before.
(Which is: for anyone else interested)

Incoming Solar Activity/Portals Opening/Transformation ~ June 17, 2020

Editor’s Note: Each article below speaks to the momentous effect of this coming weekend which WILL affect the “shift of consciousness” now being played out on Planet Earth. Please read these articles with LOVE, prepare your Magnificent heart for a different perspective, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


It is time, portals are opening and energies will be intense by the solstice. We Lyra’s star families are very present, our energies are much integrated in Gaia, bringing balance and love at this time, even when you feel that chaos are all around in the planet be confident that all will be transformed and reordering for the best.

Even for humans, it is not possible to start their own transformation if they don’t feel that there is chaos inside, because remember that what you see outside it is part of the inside of the collective. Stay in you, keep your own peace, connect with your highest aspects to be inspired in this difficult times. 💞🌈

You are ready to assist in this planetary transformation. ☀️🐬👼🏻

Paola Emerald



It is in stillness and quietude that you can truly hear.

It is by allowing the heart to open and ego to step out of the way, that your inner hearing and seeing amplifies.

Now you become an instrument, played by Divine hands, as you and the Divine become as one.

The Divine now sings through you, works within you and pictures will appear, guidance comes, and with it a deep peace, which surpasses all understanding.
It is then that visions come, when guidance is crystal clear and profound.

Such moments are blessed beyond blessings.

Judith Kusel

Aluna Ash- Soul Family Page ~ May 31, 2020

Increase in Solar/Cosmic Activity & signs of the New Solar Cycle! A new Solar Cycle represents new consciousness, new ideas, new insights, DNA activations, the new beginning of a new world at a Collective Level. There will be more of an increase in Solar/Cosmic Activity in the coming weeks. Although Full Moon Portals that open on a G.A.P day & Full Moons in general can bring in Solar/Cosmic Activity depending on the cycle/pattern line up, but NEW Moons vs Full Moons tend to bring in a more powerful force when it comes to Solar/Cosmic Energy. Eclipses do as well, depending on the cycle/pattern line up but again- more so with New Moon Solar Eclipses vs Full Moon Lunar Eclipses. (New Moon Portals- about 3 days prior to a New Moon & New Moons tend to help rotate Sun Spots and release Solar/Cosmic Forces toward’s Earth more powerfully then Full Moons.) The New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 21st is lining up perfectly on the 13th day of a 13 day cycle related to Solar Cycles while also on a day that corresponds to the Sun🤗 Should be a powerful energy. It’s an important time to practice mindfulness, being present & aware.

June 8th is a 13th day- just a few days after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and opening of Gateway to the Planetary Galactic Activation. And June 21st, the day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse Activation- is another 13th day of a 13 day cycle that corresponds to the Sun!
** I posted a pic on this page not too long ago of the dates & the 13 day cycles for the next few months if you are interested.


The 12th Moon Cycle is a powerful one! The Planetary-Galactic Axis Activation I have been mentioning for last couple of years on my channel- is finally here! This is an incredible rare alignment (in placement in relation to Giza & Stonehenge and the New Moon Solar Eclipse taking place right after Solstice)- is activating the Masculine Objective & Feminine Subjective Spheres of Consciousness (Vesica Piscis) directly on the Planetary Body opening the Flower Of Life. All that happens without, is happening within.

The Collective will begin to synchronize more with Planetary Consciousness to then synchronize with Solar Consciousness which is the gateway to Galactic Consciousness (this will be the time of full disclosure of other life forms) and Cosmic Consciousness- Oneness. It is an integration of a hierarchy of consciousness that takes place within us! This integration of the inner hierarchy within- causes changes to manifest on the material plane, without. This is also a time of calling in your Soul Tribe, new people/connections, Soulmates of all kinds and Divine-counterparts… it is preparation for a Soul Group Activation coming in August after Venus crosses the North Node & New Moon Solar Eclipse- Planetary Galactic Activation Point.

G.A.P days are connected to DNA activations, Solar Cycles, Sun Spots, Solar/Cosmic activity, there is usually an increase in energy, synchronicity, dreams, insights, downloads, etc.. on G.A.P days.
Now is a good time to be mindful of the connections you would like to change, deepen or manifest- in all areas of life. It is a new turning point beginning after changes experienced over the last couple of years and the last yr- giving many a new beautiful and powerful opportunity to heal, expand and to find balance.

Solar Activity/Cosmic Rays/Opening New Moon Portal/Galactic Activation Portal Days (GAP) ~ May 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…what an interesting correlation between my own personal understanding of NOW acting as a key for the heart, and the significant astrological information below. Please know that ALL things are working toward evidencing LOVE for all, as we realize our Magnificence, and vibrate in…

Quantum Joy!


On 05/18-5/19 the New Moon Portal opens and is bringing in some Solar Activity

May 18th, 19th, 26th are GAP days.
GAP days tend to show an increase in Solar Activity, Cosmic Rays, Synchronicity, Inspiration, Ideas, Subconscious impressions surfacing to the Conscious Mind, DNA transfiguration, dream activity, downloads/insights. What is within- becomes more charged… this is helpful for healing if reactions/emotions/fears surface.

The New Moon is on May 22nd.

This New Moon Portal is preparing the next gateway to open within the 12th moon cycle, eclipses of June- Solstice Galactic Axis Vesica Piscis Alignment-which will be preparing many for an experience…

Good Things Are Coming.

The activity of the Sun will or may appear to be unstable, this is just because of a shift in the magnetic field of the Sun and the amount of Cosmic Force currents being received (to be transmitted) from the Hidden Spiritual Sun. The Cosmic Forces entering the subjective planes beyond & attached to the material plane- become more “charged” causing a blending of Forces-Field Currents.
~Aluna Ash

MAY ENERGY UPDATE_ 5/16 ~ May 16, 2020

Editor’s Note: Balance, it’s all about balance, my friends and this video brings up this point to our attention. Divine Balance (Quantum Balance for some) is that point of stillness reached when the mind stills releasing a flood of high vibration (Love).

This state is where we all need to be, listen up, learn a lot, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!