The Biggest Political Scam In American History ~ December 1, 2018

The Biggest Political Scam In American History. By Dan Bongino.

Here is how this whole thing starts against Donald Trump during the election.

The Obama Administration had done whatever its wants because the media’s complete… The media’s lost in this country folks, there’s no media forget it, they don’t do journalism anymore, it’s activism, nothing more.

The Obama administration had grown comfortable with the idea of weaponizing government against their political enemies, that had happened over and over again. We had the IRS scandal, we had the AP phone records scandal, the Jim Rose and Fox News scandal.

And now I ask you this, what happened to any of the people involved? The answer is nothing, these people are crazy, the Obama administration had gotten completely comfortable with the idea of abusing government for their political means.

In FBI when you arrest someone you have to do what’s called a memorandum report, paragraph one of that is always how the case started. In this case we have to understand how to put down on paper a semi-legitimate reason to start the most massive spying operation in a political campaign in US history.

MSM = There's No Media

MSM = There’s No Media

MSM = There's No Media

MSM = There’s No Media

Nobody to this day will tell you what that is, I know what it is; part of the first plan is hit the Trump team, learn to manipulate.

The NSA has a database of a whole boatload of information, metadata, texts, that kind of stuff, how it works is too complicated but what you can do is you can query that NSA system.

The Obama administration figures out that through unmasking people, in other words wiretapping, pretending they’re targeting foreigners and in querying information in this database they can get all the political operation opposition research in the world they need against the Trump team.

Yes We Scan

Yes We Scan

Ladies and gentlemen that is devastating, if you haven’t read it you were do read it. The NSA database was being queried by private contractors, not even government officials or people within the government, they were using private contractors to query information they had no no judicial or legal authority whatsoever to look at.

Rogers smells a rat, people panic in the government. Donald Trump got elected, he’s the president-elect. Ten days after the election Rogers, who knows this has been going on the whole time, goes up to visit Donald Trump in Trump Tower.

Ten days after the election is just enough time for them to set up a skiff where they can talk privately, a sensitive compartmentalized information facility, in other words a place where no one can listen, Rogers gives it about ten days.

It’s beautiful, no one’s gonna call it out, the media is on their side but there’s a good guy in this, there’s a White Hat, somebody in the government sniffs this thing out. That’s why I tell you this wasn’t Plan A this was The Plan.

The White Hat, the good guy in this story, it’s Mike Rogers of the NSA, he senses that there’s something wrong about these about queries, in other words who’s tapping into the database here and making political queries? Mike Rogers goes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, says Houston we got a problem…

These queries are supposed to follow very specific guidelines about terrorism, you can’t just spy on Americans in the database. The FISA Court looks into it, comes back with a report that was released in March of 2017.

Trump Sessions

Trump Sessions

He goes up there has this big meeting with Donald Trump and what happens the very next day? Donald Trump evacuates Trump Tower and goes to New Jersey to never return for another meeting.

So Rodgers has this meeting and Trump evacuates Trump Tower. The very next day the Obama administration comes out and calls for somebody to be fired, who’s that somebody? Mike Rogers, and they start blaming it on things like drone strikes and other stuff. Could it be any more obvious the Obama administration knows Rogers is the good guy?

All of a sudden people start resigning from the Federal Government. One who also resigns is Bob Hannigan, who’s Bob Hannigan? Bob Hannigan is the head of the GCHQ which is the British NSA. Why do you think the head of the British NSA would resign right after that Rogers meeting, right after Trump finds out about this massive spying operation?

I’m going to tell you why right now, I’m gonna read you a headline from CNN on April 14th 2017. Remember who Bob Hanigan is, he’s the head of the British NSA.

British Intelligence passed Trump associates’ communications with Russians on to US counterparts. That’s CNN, I didn’t write it, they wrote it.

Admiral Mike Rogers

Admiral Mike Rogers

So not only is the United States Government in plan of weaponizing its intelligence community to listen in and computer search the Trump team to hurt them during the campaign for political opposition, they’re working with the British and the Australians to pass information about the Trump team onto the Obama administration! Don’t take it from me, take it from CNN.

Now this thing breaks down. about halfway through they move on to Plan B… sorry there’s a lot more to Plan A but I want to get to this because the clean up operation is important.


They move on to Plan B, what’s plan B?

They realize Rogers is on to them, they’re like… hey folks we better ease up on the unmasking and the tapping into the database people are getting caught this is probably not good we’re leaving a massive paper trail and what if we lose?

They move on to Plan B, Plan B’s crossfire hurricane. They say, well, listen, if we can’t spy on them illegally let’s just spy on them legally! We have this beautiful thing called the FISA Court where we can walk in, we can get a warrant on somebody, and when you get a warrant on somebody in the Trump team they have this beautiful thing for the Obama administration called the to hop roll butts for everyone.

Meaning, if I spy on you and you’re a member of the Trump team I can hop to everybody you emailed and in everybody they email… so basically all I need to do is get a FISA warrant on the guy cleaning the floors in Trump Tower and I’ve got everyone because if he emailed his boss and his boss emailed Don Jr. I did everybody!

A judge in a FISA Court need evidence that the Trump team was working on behalf of a foreign power… they had nothing, they had zero, to this day have absolutely zero. So they say… well, we don’t really have any evidence, let’s just make it up. We’ve got this guy we worked with in the past, Christopher Steele.

I’m gonna read to you another headline, you need to write this down cuz this one’s gonna blow your mind. Any of you read the dossier? Not many people have, you should!

If you haven’t read the dossier don’t you worry because the dossier was already written back at April 17th of 2007, it’s written right here in the Wall Street Journal on April 17 2007 and who’s the author of this critical Wall Street Journal piece? Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacobi his wife, Glen Simpson the purveyor of fusion GPS.

The article is telling how lobbyists helped ex Soviets Union Washington folks. I dare you to take a moment and read that piece, put it next to the dossier…. it’s the same thing, it’s the same thing, it’s the same story, it was written 11 years ago!

Glenn Simpson clearly had this information about Russian influence in Washington he wrote 10 years ago, read the names in the article, who appears in this article? Paul Manafort.

What likely happened after Plan A collapses is… they say… listen, let’s go to the FISA Court and do this legally, but we need evidence, we don’t have evidence. Don’t worry, Hillary Clinton’s got a guy at fusion GPS, says he’s got a story to tell.

Ladies and gentlemen, Glenn Simpson took his Wall Street Journal piece, like it was a movie script, scratched out the names, put Donald Trump’s name in there and said… look, I got a story for you guys.

It’s all BS, the whole dossier is crap, read the article, it’s a recycled movie script.

They recycle it’s a it’s a fairy – it’s an Aesop’s fable it’s made up it’s a scam there is not a scintilla of evidence that it’s true now the big question on Plan B till I move to the mop-up operation Plan C.

Now they’re in trouble, they’re in a lot of trouble because they realize the dossier is crap and a lot of people at the Bureau know it.

They need to buttress it with some stuff to make it a little harder and now is where the Michael Cohen story comes in. Michael Cohen Trump’s lawyer went over to Prague to set up this whole information exchange with the Russians.

Prague - Czech Republic

Prague – Czech Republic

The problem is that Michael Cohen had never been to Prague and his passport proved it. Where do you think they got that name Michael Cohen? You’re darn right, probably were in that NSA database looking up a Michael Cohen and they got the wrong guy.

Plan B falls apart because something happens in November, Donald Trump wins. Nobody saw that coming, no one, everybody thought Hillary Clinton was going to get in, this was all going to go away, they were going to appoint their own Attorney General, probably John Brennan, and this story is never ever to see the light of day, not in their lifetimes.

But make no mistake, they know what they did, they all know what they did every single one of them so they have to move on to Plan C. Plan C I call it clean-up on aisle four, now they’re in trouble, they know they’ve got White Hats in the government.



Now does John Brennan’s meltdown after the election makes sense? He’s the head of the intelligence community. Who do you think John Brennan met with right before the election at “director level” as reported on by multiple media outlets? Bob Hannigan, the same guy from the British Intelligence Agency that quits right after Trump’s election, he quits ten days after and doesn’t tell anybody about it, he says… oh I’m leaving for family reasons.

One who also quits is John Carlin, he’s the head of the Department of Justice National Security Division. He quits right after the election. Who did John Carlin work for?

Now Cleanup On Aisle Four is gonna start to make sense. John Carlin, before he got there into the DOJ, is Bob Muller’s chief of staff, now does Bob Muller make sense?

Dark Forces

Dark Forces

Everybody realizes they’re all going down, they faked a FISA warrant, they have been involved in massive unmasking, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, they have been busted by the FISA Court tapping into the NSA database, they left a paper trail 65 miles long.

Bob Muller has to clean this whole mess up, Bob Muller’s job right now is one thing and one thing only, keep the heat on Donald Trump, relentlessly for anything, jaywalking, ripping off mattress tags, combing his hair the wrong way, keep the attention on Trump no matter what because the minute the Bob Muller thing is dissolved all of this is going to come out and it is hell hath no fury.

They left a paper trail, they can’t run from this. Muller is brought in to get Trump impeached because they don’t want any of this to see the light of day.

Now, why Muller, Muller knows every player involved in this and has intimate connections with all of them. The guy who signs off on the BS FISA warrant, John Carlin, is his own chief of staff. His chief bulldog in the case, Andy Weissman, worked with Bob Muller, was the chief prosecutor on the Enron case when Bob Muller was the FBI Director.

The Enron case, that they screwed up royally, is how they know each other. Andy Weissman hates Donald Trump, he’s on emails congratulating Sally Yates for telling Donald Trump to go pound sand.

Who else this Bob Muller knows? All goes back to Enron, that same Enron team headed by Andy Weissman had another lead lawyer on the case, Kathryn Ruemmler, Obama’s White House Counsel who was Obama’s lawyer while all of this was going on.

Military Criminal Justice

Military Criminal Justice

They know each other, now you may say… fine, so Bob Muller knows Obama’s lawyer why this whole Spygate thing was going on, what’s the big deal?

You search George Nader Daily Beast you can read an article on one of Bob Muller’s lead co-operators in this case, convicted pedophile connected to the United Arab Emirates, who’s been selling out members of the Trump team from day one.

George Nader lawyer is Katherine Ruemmler, Obama’s White House Counsel and Bob Muller’s buddy. The lawyer for the lead witness in this case feeding information to Muller is Obama’s White House Counsel, otherwise known as the fixer, she fixed everything.

She was involved in Benghazi, she was involved in the IRS, she was involved in the Secret Service scandal, just Google her name, put in any one of those things and who’s the person given the statement…. Katherine Ruemmler.

Who was also on that Enron task force was Lisa Monaco. Barack Obama’s Homeland Security And Counter Terrorism Advisor in the White House while all of this was going on.

Your final piece to the Clean-Up On Aisle Four operation, who else does Bob Muller know who now has control over this in the Department of Justice? Rod Rosenstein.

The Tenex Case around 2015 or so happens in Maryland. A cooperator for the United States Government was paid $50,000 by the FBI, comes to the FBI with some troubling information that the Russians are helping the Iranians build their nuclear program and that there’s a company helping Russians get a hold of our uranium.

Time For Change

Time For Change

Deep State

Deep State

It’s called the Tenex Case, it was the precursor to something you may have heard about, the Uranium One operation, the same players are involved.

The case gets thrown out on a on a BS press release on a Friday night so nobody pay attention. The Obama administration and FBI paid informant admitted that we were giving the Russians uranium while they were building the Iranian nuclear program and chanting death to America.

Who was the lead prosecutor on that Tenex Case, the precursor to Uranium One? Rod Rosenstein. And who’s the FBI Director? Bob Muller.

Folks, they all know each other, this is the biggest scam in American history. I beg of you, I really do, you cannot let your legislative people, your Congressman or anyone off the hook, whatever connections you have, you need to keep the heat on this because if these people don’t go down the right way, unlike the Obama administration tried to do it to us, this will happen again.

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