Twin Soul Ascension report… 10.10 gateway…. Venus retrograde… intense energies for all.. ~ October 9, 2018

Dearest beloveds,


Greetings of the most high. We come forward now on the eve of the powerful 10:10 Ascension portal. Many many of you are feeling the intensity of Venus in retrograde and the new moon in Libra. These current planetary Transits are stirring up many of your deepest shadow beliefs and programmes beloved’s, and many of you are experiencing a mini Dark Night of the soul.


Please know dearest ones that your spirit teams are vigilantly watching over you during this most heightened spiritual Gateway, and please know that many of you are being tested by your higher self currently to see if you are responding to Old trigger situations in the old way or in a new way.


Many many of you are revisiting old traumatic experiences and Memories as your higher self is testing you to see how you respond to these experiences. The question now is are you believing that this situation is proof that your “story” is valid or is this situation showing you that you can be the “Observer” of all of your thoughts regardless of how light or dark, Remembering that all thoughts are like clouds and have no power or ability to leave any scar or permanent mark on the sky otherwise known as your eternal consciousness.


May we remind you beloveds that you will never attain the clarity that you seek through perceptual analysis and indulgence in the rise and fall of the temporary thoughts. You will only ever align with the clarity of your true nature when you commit fully to the practice of stopping thinking for short moments whenever you naturally remember to do so.


This may sound like an extremely simple practice and indeed it is a simple practice yet you will discover that all of the enlightened beings on the planet practice this committedly every single day as they have realised that the true genius of the self can only be located in the gap between thoughts.


Dearest ones we reiterate….. in order to expertly navigate the challenges that you are currently facing, remember that prioritising resting as awareness for short moments is the single greatest action you can do to attain the vibration of living spiritual mastery that is your destiny.


For many many of you reading theses words nothing has happened, nothing has changed except A thought in your mind.  You are empowered to choose to focus on thoughts of criticism and lack or thoughts of gratitude and blessings.


Dearest ones those who are trailblazing this twin flame Yeshua and Magdalene divine union template, Please remember this is an extremely high level mission, but despite this, the full grounding of this into the earthly plane can all shift instantaneously because all of creation is based upon the law of resonant vibration, therefore infinite timelines are an actuality, that can  activate transformation extremely swiftly.


The energetics of this particular gateway are calling for surrender from the Divine feminine, surrender your hearts fully to Mother Father God now and every day focus on all the moments you feel God’s presence with you and count all the ways you are infinitely blessed.


Huge energies are incoming now as we bring through these powerful 10.10 divine union holy grail codes which are dropping into the collective grid as we speak.


The codes of the holy grail are stored in our DNA in the form of Infinity symbols. After the fall of Atlantis these infinity symbols were shut down manipulated, and made dormant… which activated a distortion between the masculine and feminine energies internally and externally.


Spirit is calling us to gather again on this auspicious 10.10 galactivation date, With our Pleiadian /lemurian galactic star family, to reactivate these dormant holy grail codes that are stored in humanities personal and collective DNA, that all may quickly awaken to the blissful experience of the hieros Gamos, –  one’s own sacred divine union with one’s wholly divine self……. As it is within so it is without. This is the primary axiom of creation, which points to the obvious fact that the outer must always inevitably mirror the inner .


May we all come together on auspicious portal dates such as this to reprogram our Almighty powerful subconscious mind, to keep choosing these higher ascension timelines.


See you all tomorrow for the 10.10 tranmsission


In love and eternal light Jenji ad the white wolf tribe ❤


10.10 ascension portal ceremony




About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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