News and Updates for July 28, 2018: The News Stinks [videos] ~ July 28, 2018

Another one bites the dust.

I can’t wait to smell like Stormy Daniels. We’re getting closer and closer to resembling androgynous entities instead of men and women. If it were to continue, eventually we might suffer the fate of the Greys; unable to reproduce. Extinction.
Stormy Daniels is launching a ‘gender-neutral’ perfume called ‘Truth’ in clear defiance of legal battle with Trump

Home of the missing Ben Szemkus, whistleblower – Image source:
Is there another lump in the Clinton collective body bag? “What difference, at this point, does it make?” The cat’s out of the bag, the Trumpster’s storm has the dirt on everyone and everything and the Bush/Clinton cabal will be exposed and removed—at the perfect time.
So why continue to eliminate potential witnesses against HRC? Because the ‘deep state’ comprises psychopaths who are planning to have the decrepit Hitlary Clinton run for President in 2020!!!! They really think they’re going to get away with it all and continue with their genocidal agenda. They really do. They just. Don’t. Get it.
We hope Ben is safe, but if he left this dimension, he’s in a far better place and able to watch the whole, sordid tale unravel—partially due to his brave efforts—from the best seat in the house.

James Munder
Published on Jul 27, 2018
Yikes, listen to his testimony here:

There are just no words for this. These people are looney tunes.
CNN’s Philip Mudd Calls For ‘Shadow Government’ To Take Out President Trump

As the original Qanon (Cicada 3301) predicted in early 2017, California is burning. And again, cars and homes melted, and vegetation apparently untouched in some of these photos.
It’s odd how so many fires start, apparently from spontaneous combustion. Whether there has been drought or not, and conditions are dry, no storms, no lightning, an arsonist or two… and all these fires… curious, isn’t it?
This is HUGE – Winds compounding situation – MORE fires breaking out

A week ago, July 17, there were reported wildfires catching vehicles on fire on Interstate 15 in California.

How does a brush fire “near a freeway” but not next to it, ignite vehicles, exactly, when the wind is blowing in the opposite direction? That’s some fire.
They said the fire spread from car to car. Why do they leave cars right next to a burning vehicle? Why don’t they move them away as far as possible? Surely they could move them a little, even in a traffic jam.
Again, it seems more like “spontaneous combustion”, but I could be a total physics idiot. I’m sure someone smarter than I am will explain it.
Brush Fire Jumps Southern California Freeway, Burning Cars

What are the chances?
Intense rainstorm hits Athens after deadly wildfires, causing major flooding, Greece

This news will be incendiary for the madcap media and deep state:
President Trump Receives Invitation from Vladimir Putin to Visit Moscow

Dave brings us another excellent update from July 27.

Thomas Williams will be hosting his Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on Sunday.
Thomas Williams shared a link.
Admin · 6 mins
Hi all, here is the link for this Sunday’s July 29th show with Thomas Williams at 4.30 PM EST. If you would like to submit a question for the show, please do so in this thread. Place a Q or ? in front of your question to distinguish it from the rest of the comments. When one of the admins have “liked” your question, then it has been submitted for the show. Please understand that Thomas does not have time to view videos or read articles during the show.
Email for the show is :
Link for the show is :
Articles website is:
FB social media alternative:
The Peoples Club donations website link is:
Donations to The Peoples Club alternative, go to and enter address :, if you don’t have a paypal account private message Holly Hakes Petersen for more details.

I wish Gaia and Humanity love and equanimity in tumultuous times. Hang in there. ~ BP



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