BreakBreaking News, Intel and Updates for July 20, 2018; Showdown Time—Miracles Required [videos] ~ July 20, 2018

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For those who don’t believe we’re in the middle of a war… think again. This is it. This is the “storm”, and this is what it takes to drain the swamp.

We have a serious problem, my friends. It’s ghastly. I’m hoping it’s just the media making it seem worse than it really is. I am hearing from polls that there are more Trump supporters than the propaganda machine is registering—not that polls are completely accurate.

I’m hearing that people really are waking up and “walking away” and realizing the abysmal state of politics and leadership in America; that they are realizing the Democratic party is not going to take them in the direction they wish to go, or see their children traveling in the future. Even the most entrenched and distracted regular folks recognize hate when they see it and hear it.

If you do an Internet search for a poll about Trump and democrats, however, the results are overwhelmingly the opposite.

The appalling images that have surfaced belie the true leanings of the public. I don’t even want to host the subject images on my blog, so please visit the links below to learn more. This isn’t some benign anti-Trump sentiment—the suggested action is MURDER. I don’t even know how to respond to this. I’m near verklempt.

How does the corporate media get away with this blatant sedition? It’s astounding. The unmitigated gall of these people will be their undoing. They are exposing themselves, as I said, until it cannot possibly remain unseen.

One Shocking Image Captures The Evil Essence Of The Radical Liberal #Resistance And The Trump Haters As Media-Incited Hate Spikes

Media Wants WAR: New Yorker KILLS Trump

And did you hear about this? Obviously some very high powers have the President’s back. So many have sacrificed to free Humanity from the dark ones.

Why, exactly, is the media going sideways over the Trump – Putin Summit? Several headlines may suggest why the deep state feared that fateful tête-à-tête.

Headlines like this one. (Thanks, J.)

Putin Gave Trump 160 TB of Deep State and NWO Intercepts! Are Military Tribunals Coming?

Or this one…

Putin Gave Doomsday Files on Swamp! Heneghan

As I said, Putin knows the score on this planet, and admittedly in some respects President Trump, being an outsider, may be a little green. With the inescapable, all-pervasive, global surveillance—well, there’s a lot to be said for having tea and a cozy little chat, and perhaps the exchange of a friendly thumb drive or two—or a souvenir futbol. Ask Seth Rich and Julian Assange.

And speaking of Julian Assange, he’s in the news again.

We’re ALL pouring it on, aren’t we? The dark, as well. They’ve sicced their dogs on the President with a ferocity previously unseen in North America. Canada is NOT immune. It’s disgusting.

Last night the goons shut down the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show only 78 minutes in. Thomas had some loaded messages for the cabal last night. I guess they didn’t like them. You can listen here or use the video below.  Another fascinating show, Thomas.

Also watch or learn more here.

I can’t say I embraced the message either—the one about joining forces with the remaining psychopaths and working together as equals to improve the situation on our planet and advance society.

Did I misunderstand? Call me Human but no, I do not want to share space with those who killed members of my family in slow and painful ways and sought to eliminate the Human race. Who in their right mind is going to trust these money-grubbing, loosh-loving predators ever again? Sorry, count me out.

“Source-directed”. Does “Source-directed” mean the message came from Source, or the assistance/harmonic results will come from Source? Or is this “directive” from the ‘Council’ or Universal Protection Unit (UPU), as discussed on previous THI shows? (see below)

My message for those who levied this “directive”: You first. You come down here and live with these creatures. You fix it, if you think it’s such a great plan. Take a few years and if all goes well and they don’t revert to their predatory ways, kill us all or decimate the planet again, perhaps I can then accept them.

Or perhaps I’ll be dead before that ever happens. Wake up and smell the coffee. They don’t deserve to be here after what they’ve done and what they continue to do TODAY, last week, last night. That’s my opinion on it. It would take a miracle for Humans to survive living with the likes of them. Got a pocket full of miracles? I thought not.

Thomas also told us why Presidents Trump and Putin were so deflated and dispirited when they conducted the press conference. (About 13 minutes in to the video above) I think this will resonate strongly with you, as it did me. Something was wrong and it was palpable. When Trump began his update I thought, My god, who died? I then assumed he was just worn out.

In truth, the two statesmen were to make a joint, global announcement at the press conference; but it was blocked—as ALWAYS! by the psychopaths who still think they run this planet. What did they do to “block it”, as Thomas reported? I don’t know. They probably threatened a mass event of some kind, as usual. Just take down another passenger jet, right?

How many years is this going to go on? And the Council (I’m assuming the “directive” came from them) want us to just ask the freakazoids to please be nice and cooperate with us? Give me oxygen. You must be mad, as well.

If you are not aware of the Council who made some key decisions about assisting us to rid ourselves of the evil ETs and their hybrid progeny preying on Humanity, you may wish to listen to this video about the Universal Protection Unit. I know, sounds hokey, but that’s ETs for you. Apparently they decided we’d been prey long enough and decided to help. A little—with some pushing from our on-planet representatives.

I imagined what the fellas were doing in Helsinki while the media was having their snit fit, but I wasn’t yet aware of the plan. I can now understand how excited Trump and Putin were at the prospect of delivering the most fabulous message to Humanity that has been blocked for freakin’ ever, and then to have that honour ripped from them at the last moment.

Knowing that they both “know” everything, and rarely have the opportunity to relax in the company of a kindred soul, I had visions of them having tea and cookies and Putin’s kefir, giggling and slapping each other on the back; exchanging thumb drives, but I didn’t realize they were chomping at the bit to bring us the incredible news and see the looks on the faces of the treasonous press who were only there to attack, vilify and accuse in their sly, thinly-veiled manner.

Unfortunately and once again, our leap forward came to a screeching halt and the two had to abide the snide trickery of the press as they attempted to trip them up with their strategic questions. Now they have to keep their secrets to themselves until who knows when.

So… now you know why the deep state had a conniption over Trump’s trip across the pond. The plan struck utter terror into the hearts of the dark.

The whole THI show was excellent and we learned some fascinating things. The details of the “system” or construct we’re in was riveting and makes sense. Be sure to listen to that. ‘Yellow Rose for Texas’ spoke of this in her videos including escaping through the East Gate, etc.

Thomas assures us we are winning the war for liberation in the most important areas, but this blocking was a disappointment, so keep pouring it on, me hearties.

I’m sick of seeing homeless people begging for money and living in their cars or a tent within two miles of my home in the middle of the 100F dessert because the sickos who hate us continue to terrorize Humanity and prevent us from making the break.

If they continue this outrageous mutiny, we may have to keelhaul the deep state—at warp 10!  ~ BP

Canadian content for this edition of the news… Somehow the news sounds better with a Nova Scotia accent.

Trump-Putin Private Meeting Revealed? 160 TB of TREASON/Sedition = Lock Them ALL up!

Love this guy! Thanks to Dan Dicks at Press for Truth for bringing us the spunky Bob Stanley and his marvelous information. I want that red pill! How wonderful it would feel to be able to access the Internet and know you weren’t spied on or targeted for advertising. Can’t wait!


Press For Truth
Published on Jul 16, 2018

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”.

The red pill from Freos is designed to unplug you from the matrix of internet control while giving you the ability to be both secure and anonymous at the same time. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Bob Stanley of Freos about how one can use the Freos Red Pill to enter a new decentralized internet which even has the ability to trade in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dash.


The breaking news…

UNHINGED Democrat Lawmakers Call For Trump’s Interpreter in Putin Meeting to Testify Before Congress

THIS… is New Age war.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Attacked On The View By Whoopi Goldberg!!!

The controllers have brainwashed a large portion of America to the point they hang on every word actors say. Why would we care what selected actors think or say? They’re actors. They act. They play roles. They don’t even know who they are because they are used to influence the masses. They facilitate the agenda. They don’t share their own thoughts—they are reciting a script or, at best, ad-libbing an outlined script. This is what Hollywood and the entertainment industry has been used for. Brainwashing.

The gloves are off. The evidence of the plot to unseat President Trump is everywhere and the information we will see coming out now will Trump all previous leaks. Pun intended. I’m not convinced all this is “leaks” or “errors”. I think they’ve been sandbagging and planned all along to release key information at “showdown” time. Which it is. “A Fludd approches.” Here’s a sampling.

OOPS!!! Obama’s Campaign Manager Slips Up, Publishes Documented Evidence Of Anti-Trump Strategy

Keep fighting the good fight, friends. We need to strongly and actively support Presidents Trump and Putin by exposing the psychopaths and shifting the energy on the planet.

We’re winning this war, and the doorknobs in the deep state are too blinded by fear and hatred to see they’ve already lost—and they will not escape Universal Justice.  ~ BP


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