Flushing Out the Vermin: Psyops Abound [videos] ~ July 18, 2018

Editor’s Note: LOVE it! This report by Starship Earth really brings home the absolute complexity of the issue for freeing humanity from the grips of several layers of slave masters. Oh…think you are free? Ever heard of “wage slavery”?

So… Please read this report, understand and appreciate the level of finesse required to trap the US cabal, and…



This is all fascinating, isn’t it? Watching this takedown… the strategy… the psyops…

Is it okay to pull a psyop on the American patriots? Of course it is! This is WAR!

And not a little skirmish in some obscure corner of creation; war to end the domination of an entire planet of victims.

First, the good guys entrap and expose; then they hammer in each nail on the coffin. We get to watch—although we may think we are seeing something entirely different—and that’s okay. The end justifies the means, in this case. We want to remember that what we see is not always what we get.

For example, we have President Trump’s latest actions igniting a fury in the lamestream media and the ranks of the deep state the likes of which we hadn’t yet seen. He put his life on the line—and does every day he is President—to achieve the objectives for America and the Light Forces.

We have John Brennan sneering that Trump committed treason—TREASON!—simply by having diplomatic discussions with the leader of the world’s foremost super power next to America. Brennan looks like a mad dog ready to tear someone’s throat out and it certainly appears the deep state is losing it.

Sean at the SGT Report has a knack for grabbing unforgettable images worth a million words and this discussion with Harley Schlanger covers developments very well in this “emergency” edition.


The plan? There’s an order of operations. First we expose and exterminate the freakazoid cabal in America to MAGA. Then we move on to the other countries and when all is said and done, Humanity is free and we made Earth great again. (MEGA)

We gave everyone on the psychopaths’ team ample opportunity to surrender years ago, to work with us, to strive to improve the Human condition with abundance and freedom for all and to clean up the planet.

Some came around to our way of thinking and flipped and we’ve seen some encouraging developments recently, particularly with Trump’s visit to the UK. Others vowed they would never surrender and they’d happily take us all with them when they went down.

For those who are so far gone and filled with such rage and hatred for Humanity they can do nothing but attempt to execute our demise, extreme but subtle tactics are required.

The unwary, hypnotized public are a tinder box and the flames of the match are licking the driest fringes of the shavings. Caution is required because the corrupt media has shown they are capable of inciting violence on a small scale. We don’t want a violent revolution. So far, everything is manageable.

As we know, on this side of the looking glass everything is topsy-turvy. What looks like one thing is usually the opposite.

Consider this: certain characters are role-playing to expose the psychopaths. In the end there can be no question as to who did what and it must all be documented and lawful.

What if…

What if Strzok were a player? What if they used him to expose Lisa Page?

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Watch the video below and see where it takes you. Is this Q tactic a red herring? Or do you buy it?

If you were Peter Strzok would you do what he did to aid the Resistance? Do you believe President Trump tweets coded messages, or are some folks reaching too far to stuff their theory into a neat little, Q-shaped box?

Have we just seen the most superlative acting ever on the screens of the world by the “good guys”, or is it all just tactical maneuvers by the dark? It’s your call.  ~ BP


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