Jesus – Pleiadian Collective ~ June 15, 2018

Jesus – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.



Beloved Ones!

I Speak To You In The Essence Of Sacred Love, For This Is What We Are.

This Is Who You Are And Where You Had Your Origin Of The Journey Of Your Soul.

I Speak As One And We Speak As One.


We Will Teach You Of Christ Consciousness And The All Inclusive Divinity That Is Life.

We Love Jesus As The Oneness That He Taught.

We Do Not Wish To Offend Any Following Religious Doctrine.

We Are Of Truth. Jesus Is Pleiadian.


You Were Taught That He Was Killed.

He Was Always Safe. He Was Never In Fear. He Knew That Rulers Feared Him And His Teaching Of Love.

In Truth He Ascended In Light To Friends Above Who Gathered Him Into A Craft.


This Will Sound Strange To Most. But Not As Strange As The Doctrine Some Believe To Be True.

He Was Known On This Planet To Teach This And Yet You Were Never Allowed To Know.

He Never Said He Was Here To Die For You.


He Taught Of Love And Unity.

He Taught Of Compassion For All.

We Wish To Share What He Taught Concerning “Christ Consciousness”.


* In My Father’s House (Original Text Of Father Is Birther)

* Are Many Mansions (Dimensions Or Densities)

* I Go To Prepare A Place For You (In The Collective Or Christ Consciousness)

* There Where “I AM”, (Prime Creator), There You May Be Also.


Do You Believe A Doctrine That Teaches Of God Saying “Thou Shall Not Kill” Would Be The Worst Murderer Of All, To Demand Blood Sacrifice Of Innocent Baby Lambs, Because People Created Were Too Horrible?


Or That He Would Send Himself As A Human To Be Slaughtered, Again Because People Were So Horrible.

Does This Make Sense To You?


The Force Of Sacred Love Does Not Cause You Pain.

And Does Not Have An Ego To Kill.

This Force That Gives You Life Has Created The Galaxies That You Are Yet To Know.


Such Love That We Are Given Free Will And A Higher Self To Guide Us.

To Create Multiple Life Stories And Then Return To The Whole Soul Of Our Origin.


My Origin Is Taygeta. All Souls Have An Origin.

We Invite You To Join The Collective Consciousness.

As You Awaken, You Are There. You Will Know.

You Are So Loved!

We Love You So!

Jesus – AYA

We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

Pleiadian Collective

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I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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2 Responses to Jesus – Pleiadian Collective ~ June 15, 2018

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Jesus or Yeshua ben Joshua was an incarnation of Sananda Kumara who is the son of Sanat Kumara, Logos of Venus. Born on Venus, Sananda through his father has a lineage directly from Lord Krishna of Sirius A. He is NOT a Pleiadian. This channeled source is really “off”.

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    • Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians said that “Jesus” of the New Testament is a “composite character”, meaning that the stories are of several people and just lumped under the title of “Jesus”. Like picking stories from modern-day lightworkers and lumping them together under one name / title. Yeshua may have been Sananda incarnate, but there were others also.

      It’s silly to think of ANY soul as “Pleiadian” or “Venusian” or whatever. And I find it interesting that no one ever says any of these souls, their own included, are / were HUMAN. What the hell is so very wrong with BEING HUMAN. Nothing.

      “Born on Venus”? “Jesus” was also “born on Earth.” So someone has had Pleiadian EXPERIENCES or Venusian EXPERIENCES or Sirius EXPERIENCES Earthling EXPERIENCES.

      Souls are NOT FROM planets or star systems, they are FROM God / All That Is / Divine Realms / Infinite Light, whatever you want to call it. Other “residences” were just ex-periences.

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