Headlines for June 13, 2018; Desperation Evident [videos] ~ June 13, 2018

Thanks to Starship Earth for her usual exemplary reporting style…keep it up Molly! Please read, watch the video’s and KNOW the cabal IS being defeated, it’s only a matter of time, and…



As we alluded yesterday, it appears there was an attempt with a hijacked missile to take out President Trump and Airforce1. As usual, their plot failed. They use decoy planes and cars when the President travels and this update from SpaceShot confirms. At this point, they are going to take every precaution to protect the President and his family from the psychotic, desperate deeds of the dark. The Qanon intel seems to be of better quality these days. Perhaps there was another switch?

This is an encouraging update from VOP in Tuscon. When he speaks of “losing a scout”, he means they were watching a cartel/coyote scout and lost track of them. He also says they have a three year plan to continue this operation. Oooops! Bad news for the pedos. Oathkeepers and hundreds of volunteers have made this operation very successful so far, and after a week, they’re still there because there is still a lot they want to accomplish. Texans should take note.

In addition to the forest fire in Colorado, there was a big fire in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles that started the other day.

Evacuations Ordered, Homes Threatened as Portola Fire Blazes in Los Angeles

Gaia seems to be a reflection of the extreme activity and emotions of her people. There is a lot more seismic and volcanic activity and increasing. Two have died so far in another quake in Colombia at the Galeras volcano.

Dutchsinse expands on the activity, saying expect more this week.

Sinkholes, whirlpools, and when I’m driving around the valley I see dust devils most days in the open areas of the desert.

They continue to mess with the weather to prevent moisture in California. Here, Hurricane Bud is disrupted before it can get to Los Angeles and steered northwest. We had a 20% chance of moisture here in Arizona for Thursday night, but now there is none in the forecast.

To wrap up the Bilderberger Meeting in Turin… Dan Dicks brings us the airport farewell. When Dan mentioned there is a lot going on in Montreal (G7), I did’t like the way his target agreed, “There is!” Maybe I’m just paranoid.

These guys have way too much fun harassing the globalists every year. That’s our alternative news people.

These are the corporate news people. Remember the CNN actors staging a false missile attack on a blue screen in the studio, trying to trick viewers into thinking they were in danger on location in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War—and then laughing hysterically about it? This one might be a good video to pass on to CNN fans.

Ban Google. Ban all things Google-related. Ban Goo-Tube. Ban Gmail. Ban Google Home. Ban the Gooberment. Let’s be G-Free, and thrive.

For America to survive, Google must be defeated

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