Mother’s Day Headlines 2018 [videos] ~ May 13, 2018

This is another superb reporting job by Molly over at Starship Earth! hope those septic woes end for you quickly! Please read this sntire article ,view the numerous videos, know the truth is NOT what it seems (!), and…



Happy Mother’s Day, no matter what sort of mother you are. I always get cards, flowers and gift cards from the dog. Works for me! I’m ruminating on what to share today over a fragrant cup of lapsang souchong and imagining I’m camping.

It smelled a little like an outhouse here this week as the septic tank suddenly backed up and after waking to gurgling noises at 3:30 a.m. we rose to the worst case scenario in the morning. After dragging out sopping rugs and mopping up the puddles with every scrap in the rag bag and a trip to town to take care of business, we heartily celebrated the arrival of the sewer and drain specialist. You don’t fully appreciate your plumbing until you can’t use it.

Unfortunately, my procrastination bit me in the butt when the brackish water in the guest bathroom flowed into the bedroom and beneath the pillows I’d left on the floor instead of making up the bed… weeks ago. Thank goodness for the “sanitary cycle” on the washing machine. Now I just have to rehang the shower curtains as they had water lines, too. Yuck. I am so ready for the city life. In the mean time I’ll have to work on the procrastination. That’s the end of the drama. For now.

Thank you to all the crew members who share links to information and videos to keep us all apprised. Much of the information we get is controversial now, and requires discretion to pull out the valid bits and leave the rest. So much has a spin on it and is based on limited information.

For example, Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal had some in an uproar, pointing fingers and shouting, “shame, shame”. Thomas Williams informed us on May 10 that according to his intel, which is in large part financial-related, that the Iran deal was less about nuclear capabilities and more about a “slush fund” for the Rothschilds, who are beyond broke and continue to come up with creative ways to generate income from the People. He shared an interesting one on Thursday night from Britain. I don’t think it will last long. The Brits have had enough.

We don’t know everything that is unfolding in the background so we really aren’t in a place to label many current activities as good or bad for the People. It’s complicated. President Trump and Co. may seem to make some very bad calls and we need to keep a close eye on what is unfolding, but we have to trust to a point that the White Hats are going to do the best they can to castrate the dark and shut them down as quickly as possible.

We would be stupid to fail to question many of the appointments we’ve seen in the past 18 months. Like this one.

It’s certainly not out of line to ask why very little seems to be happening with respect to the criminals in Washington that have been exposed for massive crimes. I keep asking, “Trust Sessions”??? Why? “Trust the plan”??? Let’s see some big action. Promised arrests and trials? When? The whole Mueller saga is something I can’t even tolerate any more.

We have to ask if we’re being smart or simply lapsing back into the apathy we mastered so long ago. What part of us is in control—our head, or our emotions? Look at the QAnon scenario. We’ve been told multiple times by multiple parties who were part of the initial Cicada 3301/QAnon posts that they were compromised and no longer posting, yet how many cling to those imposter QAnon breadcrumbs even today?

There is no longer any true “prophecy” provided as a result of the remote viewing that the Cicada members did. It’s a weak rendition of current event analyses—no matter how benevolent the intent. Will it wake people up like the stunning revelations from Cicada 3301? Perhaps. It will definitely go down in Earth history as one of the biggest deceptions on the patriots and there is substantial bullying of those who question its validity. AIM4Truth has said they will have related information upcoming shortly.

It is entirely possible that the plan is unfolding mainly behind the scenes. We know some of it is. We’re watching, and if things look like they’re going south to the point of no return, there is a huge contingent of people ready to jump in and put the brakes on.

The President is between a rock and a hard place and we have to hope he can stay the course with the support of the positive military and other White Hats. It’s a critical time. We understand we can’t win control of a planet in a few months—especially when the enemy forces are psychopaths. That’s the planetary stuff. I will be sharing some more “off-world related” information in another post.  ~ BP

To lend perspective to the current situation in several arenas, we have this discussion with former CIA officer Robert David Steele and Sheila Zilinsky. Steele gets into a lot of important issues including pedophilia and Donald Trump’s situation. The interview is from December 2017, but still stands today for the most part and the information may be new for some. You may want to begin about 7 minutes in.

HUGE!! Former U.S. Spy Drops a BOMBSHELL That’ll Make Your Hair Stand On End!

There couldn’t possibly be pedophilia in the Church, you say? Research shows that since 1950…

The Vatican Has Paid Nearly $4 Billion To Settle For Children Harmed By Sexual Abuse

And that’s the tip of the iceberg. The bigger picture is still emerging and understandably folks are having a difficult time wrapping their heads around the massively lucrative Human Trafficking trade—on planet and off.

Unfortunately, this young man, Nikolas Cruz, is a victim of the Deep State, like so many others before him. Collateral damage.

Parkland Shooting Bombshell: Alleged Shooter Assigned To ‘Obama-Era Program’

David Zublick gets into the agenda behind the changing of the name of the Boy Scouts of America. As you can imagine, the globalists will stop at nothing and no ground is sacred. The most revered institutions in America are under attack as the lines between male and female are intentionally blurred and children are red-hot commodities. I am surprised this is allowed to go forward. Americans on the whole are definitely asleep and don’t see what’s happening. When they wake up, they may have an axe to grind. Or an AK47. Why do you think these control freaks want gun control?

Scouting For Victims: The REAL Reason The BSA Is Changing Its Name

It appears that the tyrannical rampage the El-ites are conducting in South America is yielding fruit. There’s no telling what the bullies threatened in Ecuador if they did not comply. Assange is still a captive target, whereas we had hoped he was freed with assistance to escape the embassy.

Ecuadorian Embassy Adds New Rules For Julian Assange — No Visitors, Phone Calls Or Internet

These obscenely rich cabalists are something else, and don’t even try to hide their disdain for America and her people—and Humanity in general. Waters plays the “black” card, the “woman” card, and comes out smelling like the jack of clubs. The club we’re not in.

What is it—57 senators, etc. not seeking reelection? Let’s hope that number increases. We need a fresh deck. There is no room for traitors in our future.

Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great again’!

Jake Morphonios provides his research on the Syrian connections to the Rothschilds. No surprise there. Like he says, “follow the money” and you’ll understand the situation clearly.

Untold billions go into promoting war, and they will do whatever they can to increase conflict, ultimately to foment World War III. They just don’t get that their plan will NOT unfold.

The Rothschild Syria Connection – Major Revelations

This is your government, America! Or at least it was, under Obama. The last vestiges will eventually be removed. I can’t even imagine what it would be like with Hitlary Clinton at the helm. Thank goodness for planet-changing events. It’s a start.

White House Official Guilty of Voyeurism Got Many Rapid Promotions, Pay Hikes

To finish off, very interesting phenomenon from MrMBB—not earthquakes. Almost 24 hours ago, clear across the US from east to west. A strange energy wave, he calls it.

Something strange traveled through the ground across the country on seismographs!

And, an update on Hawaii…  Be safe, everyone. It’s not looking good there on the Big Island with so many green leaves falling from the trees.


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