Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2018 ~ Oracle Revelations ~ April 29, 2018

By Star Sister (aka Marcia)

Hello, Beautiful,

Within and around you, Luna is ripening in the most transformative frequencies of the zodiac — Scorpio. This is where you shed your life’s dead skin. This is where the great mystery of metamorphosis unfolds. This is where the reality of three short words can change your life: “let it go.”

Not your normal Buddha Moon

A Scorpio Full Moon carries so much power that the Buddha himself was said not only to have been born under one, but to have reached enlightenment under one as well. When he left his body, Luna was in Scorpio. Those three events were so reality-changing that 2400 years later, more than 500 million Buddhists still celebrate them every year, in the full moon festival known as Wesak.  

In the normal order of things, the Scorpio Full Moon follows the Taurus New Moon.  

This isn’t a normal year. This year, the Scorpio Moon comes before the Taurus New Moon, not after. The cosmic power that transforms reality is unfolding a month ahead of Wesak. 

This year’s Buddha Moon is an oracle and a prophet.

Luna’s been whispering to you for months that you were entering an extraordinary time.

At last August’s total eclipse of the heart, her messages took on a new rhythm. Each  of the eight new moons that followed connected into the reality-bending potency of the Great Mystery at our galaxy’s center from a different point in your energy field. Each brought its transformative message with more urgency than the one before.

The Aries New Moon two weeks ago was the last of those nine new moons. Today’s Full Moon is the ripening of the seed energy it created.

Luna reaches fullness in a degree that releases the cosmic serpent energy known and revered by ancient cultures from the Australian aboriginals to the Maya, as well as the brilliant astrologers of ancient Persia and Greece. She’s squaring her own North Node, the cosmic point of fate and destiny. 

The frequencies of the Moon’s Nodes are those of the dragon who points the way toward the New that is your deepest purpose. As she squares the North Node, this Scorpio Moon is telling you that it’s time to take a leap. Whatever is coming up for you now contains the precise amount of leverage that you need to do it. 

That leverage is probably coming as a crisis. Squares are cosmic tools that move us forward — and crisis is their methodology. When a square is in play, the way forward isn’t away from the criss — it’s straight through. 

That means the dilemma you’re facing isn’t asking you to choose one side or the other. The way forward is the one that embraces both sides.This month’s sky pattern spells it out: the conflict between what you want and what you need can only be resolved in the heart. The dwarf planet Ceres — the Mother Goddess who came to Earth — is conjoined with the Dragon’s Head in the sign of the Heart. 

Ceres’ conjunction to the North Node tells us that right now, her Divine Feminine radiance — within and around you — is the way to the good future. She’s helping you see what to let go of so that you can move towards a future that’s rooted in the multi-dimensional, life-creating power of the heart. 

The cosmic tantra of now 10-day Aries breakthrough portal is wide open

Throughout the two weeks since the New Moon, the waves of shift have been accelerating. Almost as soon as that new seed of breakthrough was created, the greatest of the solar system’s centaur planets, the healer and magician we call Chiron, reached the degree where everything begins anew — the Aries Point — for the first time in 50 years. 

He’s still there, energizing the most dynamic and creative degree in the sky with his multidimensional medicine.  

Yesterday, Chiron was joined by the asteroid Juno (once known as Hera). More than any of her sister goddesses, Juno embodies the contradictions and compromises that patriarchy has meant for women. She’s the power of Great Goddess condensed into a single role — wife.  

Yet, despite the slings and arrows of centuries upon centuries of devaluation by the culture of domination, the resplendent and radiant Hera lives within us still. Now, she’ s come to the Aries Point, just in time for the Buddha Moon — to begin anew, with Chiron, the greatest healer of the Deep Time. 

That’s not all that’s happening in the sign where it all begins. Three days ago, the other planet associated with breakthrough — Uranus, the Quantum Awakener — entered the last degree of Aries.  For ten days these two are supercharging the sign where everything begins anew.  Chiron is at the Beginning Point, and Uranus at the last, critical degree, whose urgency births the future. 

From April 27 until May 7, you’re in a portal of deep, healing magic. The way in is Chiron’s way — leaning through the wound to deeper levels of the magic. The way out is Uranus’ way — a breakthrough into a freer reality.

This tantra of the Now is guided by the Aries Whisperer, the Cosmic Warrior. To say he’s ready is an understatement. Still tightly conjunct Pluto two days after beginning a new cycle in the relationship between power and drive, the Warrior is steeped not only in realism, wisdom, and rock-solid determination to reach his goal that are the hallmarks of the sign where he’s been since March 17— Capricorn. 

Make it real: the message saturating the Buddha Moon sky

Capricorn — the sign of the wisdom that comes only from experience and age — is where Mars is exalted. Like every planet who comes through this part of the zodiac, the Warrior is now taking his cues from the Gatekeeper of our reality, the Ringed One we call Saturn. 

The Ringed One turned retrograde on April 17. that electric day after the Aries New Moon when Chiron reached the Aries Point. Only then was it time to begin what Saturn does best when he’s retrograde — restructure your reality. This year, for the first time since 1989, he’s doing it in Capricorn. 

This is Saturn’s home sign, and it’s the very essence of structure. When something is built — whether a molecule, a galaxy, a painting, a habit — Capricorn medicine is at play. Saturn is at work.  That’s the medicine behind almost every planet in this Buddha Moon sky. The guidance for every classical planet but Neptune comes back to Saturn.

What is it that’s being restructured in your wisdom and your capacity to make it more real than ever? What boundaries are ready to be redrawn so that you can begin anew with your own healing magic?

Today, Saturn reaches the first milestone in his four-month journey of restructuring your life so you can bring more of your own wisdom to the table. As he trines the Sun today, he’s bringing you information about the purpose of this retrograde. 

What is he telling you? Listen carefully, remembering that challenge is his language. The gap between what is and what could be is where his medicine unfolds — one persistent, patient, determined step at a time. 

Revelations at Beltane

The revelations of this Full Moon — about the deep transformations now happening within the Earth and within you — come just before one of the year’s great energetic shifts.  On Tuesday, the Earth reaches the cross quarter, or halfway point, between the Aries Equinox and the Cancer Solstice that the Celts called Beltane. 

The word Beltane means “bright fire,” and at this sacred day the ancient Celts built sacred fires to welcome the Warrior into the world as the Green Man, the Lover of the Goddess and the world that embodies her.  Each year at the dawning of the May, the fertile, life-giving abundance of the May Queen changes places with the life-creating crone magic of the Winter Queen. 

Within and around you, what’s being celebrated is the wholeness of life. 

This ancient and sacred cosmic magic is mirrored by the Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon. They’re dancing in something no one alive has ever experienced. At the Taurus New Moon two weeks after Beltane, Uranus brings his quantum magic to Taurus, for the first time in nearly a century. As the Centaur begins anew with the life force, the Awakener begins anew with the Earth.

May is a portal of world-creating power. Long ago, in the time before the Deep Time, it was the love of Ouranos the sky god for the irresistible blue beauty called Gaia that brought the World into being. Now, at the great turning of the cosmic age to Uranus’ own sign of Aquarius, it’s happening again — through you and through me.  We’re waking up — one cell and one intuitive flash at a time — to who we really are. Who the Earth really is. What’s really possible here. The miracle of metamorphosis is underway. 

Today’s Buddha Moon is the oracle telling us it’s time to let go of what’s in the way of our destiny — to become the re-making of the world. Our path leads right into the deepest magic of the Cosmos, paradox. Here in this moment, with all its polarity, conflict, and paradox, the magic is waiting for you.

May you be blessed in every way, as you begin to re-create the world, one breath, and one moment, at a time.

With love and blessings,

Star Sister (aka Marcia)

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