Alleged Podesta Video Released (clips included), Elite Infighting As Tower Falls ~ Feb. 23, 2017


Now I really like this guy, Jason. He tells it like it is, not like anyone else WANTS it to be.

Yes, there is an incredibly evil organization of elite political and business leaders on our planet that have played the human population as economic slaves living under the guise of democracy. The “elite” are bloodline families stemming from ancient times, from Babylonia, or before, who understand how important the control of the vibrations of human emotion truly IS.

In order to keep humanity under control, various religious sects were created to emotionally convince mankind to act, and THINK, in a certain way. Our human thoughts prompt emotions, and what better way of preventing positive emotions than to (1) Involve mankind in constant wars over anything and everything, (2) Controlling and denigrating sexuality (pretty intense emotions there!), (3) Keeping human noses to the grindstone as productive slaves, and finally…(4) To have the slave pay for EVERYTHING relating to their lives (health and wellbeing)?

Let’s not forget about controlling mankind’s educational system (let’s only endorse and support what we want them to know), mankind’s medical system (let’s saddle them with false information and provide medical training which uses pharmacology to subtly destroy them) as additional systems of control and distortion.

Now that the Earth is being bombarded with energies from space in the form of gamma rays, cosmic rays, protons, and solar eclipses which are affecting mankind physically and mentally allowing us to begin to taste the true freedom! Not only is our DNA changing, but now mankind have the ability to “wake up” and think thoughts that “haven’t been allowed” before now. “Why do I have to work?”, “Why can’t I stay well?”, “Why is my life not what I want it to be?” “Why must I conform?”

Now the carefully manicured system(s) of the elite are beginning to show signs of disarray. Stay tuned and watch the show of mankind regaining personal sovereignty as more, and more of the populace start to become aware, ask questions, and ultimately rebel against the elite.

Join me in watching this video of Jason as he explains, and shows, the beginning of mankind exploring the evil perpetrated by the elite, start asking your own questions, and…



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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