Energy Update ~ Eclipse and Intense Geomagnetic Storm Energy in Progress ~ September 2, 2016

energy upgrade

By Diane Canfield, 09/02/2016

We are dealing with the energy of the Solar Eclipse today which ALWAYS brings in NEW energy. This can last days after the eclipse has taken place. Many people have already been asking me why they feel so dragged out, fatigued and angry among other symptoms.

Eclipses are known for bringing hidden things to the surface to deal with, a cleansing that takes place. Dark or negative energies that have accumulated will need to be cleansed and replaced with positive frameworks for the LIGHT BODY design.

I went through a similar process in August, as the energies have been high and ongoing since August 1st. I was recreated into a NEW person, I call my original SELF. This will happen NOW for everyone through September, through the Eclipses and through the energy of the Equinox.

I will write more about this in an upcoming separate article detailing what I experienced as I transitioned into my NEW upgraded 5D to 12 D Consciousness.

We are also dealing with a Geomagnetic storm these past few days which brings on symptoms of fatigue, breathing issues, lack of sleep and possible paranormal events. Dizziness and a feeling of falling over has been occurring off and on. Loud ear ringing and hunger issues, either not hungry or overly hungry. Some of these things have gone on through August. Also mood changes taking place. This is also when timeline shifts, missing time and time lapses can take place. Be on the look out during this time for any occurrences out of the ordinary. Do not go into fear mode if you see anything from beyond this world. This will stop all future experiences.

Remember to ground and drink plenty of clean water. Many are feeling dehydrated and intense body heat. This is the LIGHT BODY expanding to delete the old programming and bring in the NEW Crystal Body that has been expanding with every upgrade and every WAVE.

It is very important to ground at least once a day to keep symptoms at bay and more often for more severe symptoms.

A good swim in salt water at the beach( if there is access) is also very helpful and will help with sleeping issues. Epson salt baths are said to also work well.

What also works well for me during these times of troubled sleep is to eat more calcium and magnesium rich food before sleeping. If you eat dairy products these are packed with both. If not there are many alternatives to these. This is because our hormones are being disputed through the LIGHT body process and this can affect the way our whole body functions.

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I love you all ! In service and Love
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert


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