Solstice – Solar Eclipse Activations ~ June 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…NOW is the time for humanity to relish the LOVE we ALL are as a new age is ushered in for us to Know. Stay in that place of ultimate Quantum balance where all just IS. Notice the Magnificence of your Hearts in this moment, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The Gateway is open! This Saturday, June 20th the sacred Solstice ushers in a new season on the first day of Cancer, the sign of Universal Mother, feminine nurturing, leading with the heart. As our hearts heal, the planet heals. Just hours later is a Solar Eclipse at 0° Cancer, calling for global compassion for all life on the planet.

Today we commemorate the end of slavery in the United States on 6/19/1865…as we take a stand against systemic racism and affirm that Black Lives Matter. We have the power to spread LOVE all around the world.

During these Gateway openings, the galactic photon Light propels humanity into a higher frequency, into a breakthrough point. It can feel like being pushed to the next level, bursting into a new orientation. The Solstice portal is active and alert, humming and vibrating with galactic light frequencies…opening a sacred space for personal transformation. We are floating in infinite quantum limitlessness!

The June Solstice in the northern hemisphere is the longest day of Light – the one day of the year that fully illuminates ‘Heaven on Earth’. We will see the Sun rise on the Eastern horizon as far North as it will ever appear all year. The diamond light consciousness is revealing the truth of who you are, why you are here, and what you came to do! Never before have human Souls transfigured their body from density to luminosity. The light infusion during the Solstice Gateway awakens higher consciousness…a cosmic remembering of your divine destiny.

What no longer harmonizes with universal Oneness and unity consciousness is dissolving. We are approaching a tipping point in the human collective, as we spiral higher and higher. When we join together and stand in the zero point field of creation, our presence ignites the quantum possibilities to materialize our visions and intentions for a New Earth. We are the alchemists initiating new consciousness codes and templates for a higher dimensional world reality. This is our gift to Gaia and humanity. This is how we fulfill our soul mission.

In the Solstice-Solar Eclipse Activations we will pray, visualize and proclaim our intentions to provide nurturing safety for all life on the planet, including our neighbors and children in crisis. We are one family, one race, one people…children of god/goddess. We come together in a heart-centered field of love and compassion, as we reset the collective with a harmonic community.

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather together on June 20th to seed our personal and global intentions to birth our New 5D Earth. We will perform healing activations during our Solstice – Solar Eclipse Gateway gathering. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:


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Celia Fenn ~ June 20, 2020

As we approach the Solstice/Eclipse on the 20th and 21st June, the energy is intensifying on all levels.

The activation and rewiring of the Pineal Gland. continues, but is also opening up connections to the High Heart and Throat chakras.

This is being felt in the Collective as a release of anger and frustration and a desire to be heard.

On the individual level, you may feel “burning” sensations in the chest and throat area, as well as headaches and sinus congestion or pain.

The best way to deal with these energies is through working with the Heart/High Heart and Throat Chakras with the beautiful Gold and Green frequencies that are coming through very strongly right now.

The Green opens and soothes the Heart, and the Gold raises consciousness and brings us into alignment with the Christ Consciousness and the Unity Consciousness of the Higher Dimensions.

You can visualise your body/light body aligning with these frequencies and being lifted into higher consciousness as you are filled with Divine Love and Power. ~ Celia Fenn

Centering In The Light – More On The Coming Solar Eclipse! ~ June 15, 2020

Centering In The Light. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

The Solar Eclipse occurring on June 21st at 0 degrees and 21 minutes of Cancer in the Tropical Zodiac requires that collective humanity recognizes its “one-ness” with SOURCE and with each other.

As has been verified by scientific and spiritual teachings, and as I have, therefore, often stated, we are comprised of the same substances as the stars in the cosmos!

Stars and planets also have vibrational sounds, and thus, we are “notes” within a “Divine Symphony”.

However, we are being “tuned-up” thru the reception of increased doses of SOURCE LIGHT. Many suggestions have already been given in previous articles relative to being “grounded” during high-powered cosmic energetic currents of energy (foods to eat, gemstones to wear and to carry, essential oils to apply, mantras to recite, etc.).

However, there is yet another wonderful way in which we can connect and remain connected to SOURCE and “grounded” in SOURCE as the shifts to Earth/Gaia occur in the next several months and beyond.

Centering In The Light - Divine Symphony

Divine Symphony

Centering In The Light

As can be realized by studying the constant shifts in Earth/Gaia’s Vibrational Frequency and amplitude, our planet is being affected by events occurring on and off of it.

Here, we can think of the ancient teaching: “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

The following is a way in which to open any spiritual ritual so that we are immediately accompanied and assisted by the ethereal realm and begin to instantaneously receive calming, healing, protective, centering, and empowering strengthening of our Auric Fields.

Remember, the human body has 12 auric fields surrounding the physical vessel, and the average first one stretches out approximately three feet all around, and the others come steadily closer to the vessel such that the last auric field is only about a few inches away.

Highly elevated persons such as Tibetan Monks or Vedic Priests or Highly-Vibrating Spiritual Scientists or Elevated Spiritual Practitioners have auric fields which stretch out far beyond average.

If ever the first auric field of anyone is penetrated somehow with disharmony and not quickly healed and sealed, the other auric fields soon are also penetrated.

Centering In The Light - 12 Auric Fields

12 Auric Fields

Centering In The Light

Eventually, physical, mental, or emotional energy imbalances can occur due to the disharmony moving into the meridians, chakras, and cells.

Even when such imbalances have already occurred, they can be healed with the following spiritual declaration recited prior to prayer and meditation.

Before beginning any ritual, state the following declaration aloud.

It is is often pronounced prior to prayer and meditation by many who follow the Vedic path which is known as “Sanatana Dharma” (“Eternal Path”) and which has been mistakenly been called “Hinduism”.

Centering In The Light - Auric Fields

Auric Fields

Centering In The Light

The word “Hindu” is not found anywhere in the numerous ancient Vedic scriptures which are in the Sanskrit language.

“Hindu” is a word that is from the Greek language and was applied by ancient Greeks when they came upon the people residing in what became known as the “Indus-Kush Valley” many thousands of years ago.

Thus, the people became known as “Hindus”, and their spiritual path became known as “Hinduism”.

The original name of the Vedic path and the original Sanskrit word for it is “Sanatana Dharma”, and it is indeed found within the Sanskrit scriptures.

The following “Ethereal Connection Declaration” can be pronounced by any person on any spiritual path, however, because it is universal and even multi-versal (known throughout the cosmos).

As you pronounce the declaration (which is given in English), envision SOURCE LIGHT pouring down around and thru you.

With Mercury retrograding in a few days to join the other planets that are already retrograde, and ]with us being within the “Eclipse Portal” (reminder: another Lunar Eclipse is happening in early July following the Lunar Eclipse that we had on June 5th and the Solar Eclipse coming this week).

These eclipses will play-out for many months and even years to come. It is rare to have three in a row.

They are creating powerful frequencies.

I invite those who read this article to please also read the previous article about the Solar Eclipse.

The declaration is as follows:


Centering In The Light – More from Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Powerful Solar Eclipse Of A New Galactic Era

The Powerful Solar Eclipse Of A New Galactic Era

Setting Intentions In Eclipse Season

Setting Intentions In Eclipse Season

Powerful Solar Shift

Powerful Solar Shift

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Solar Portals And Keys To Obtain!

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Intuitive Astrology: December Solar Eclipse 2019 ~ December 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: I had written out a great “Editor’s Comment”…and then lost it on this new iPad. Ah well…please read and understand the astrological astrology upshot of this article, understand why the Eclipse energy stream will change your life, and BE…


On December 25-26th we welcome the start of Eclipse Season with a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn.

Solar Eclipses are like potent New Moons and open an accelerated portal to higher levels of consciousness.

On a Solar Eclipse, a new doorway is opened that helps to push and advance us further on our soul path.

Under the energy of the December Solar Eclipse, we are going to be shown a new path. A new way is going to unfold. This new way may appear subtle at first. Perhaps it will begin as a new thought or a new feeling, and then slowly it will shift into taking a new action.

It’s almost like this Eclipse opens a new stream of energy which we can take and download into our lives.

How we download it is up to us and where we are on our journey, but all of us are going to be changed, all of us are going to be awakened in some way.

The energy surrounding this Solar Eclipse is abundant and expansive.

There are opportunities here to really plant seeds that will turn into the tallest, most luscious trees.

The days following this Solar Eclipse are perfect for setting intentions and thinking about what goals and ambitions we want to take on in the new year.

While we can set intentions at this time, we may also have to be patient and see what this Eclipse brings in.

We may find that this new doorway changes what we desire or makes way for new intentions we wouldn’t have considered earlier.

There is also strong energy around this Eclipse that is calling on us to transcend childhood patterns or unleash our inner child.

We may experience a healing on an inner-child level, or we may discover that we no longer need to hold onto patterns or traumas that we have collected through our upbringing.

Alternatively, we may discover that we need to stop taking everything so seriously, to lighten up, and to bring the energy of child-like play back into our lives.

There is a strong sense around this Eclipse of being able to transcend any family drama or family karma and shift it in a harmonious way.

Because this Eclipse falls around the holidays and many of us will be with family or thinking about family, we can really use this as an opportunity to rise above any unhealthy dynamics or patterns that no longer serve us or bring out the best in us.

We can also use this harmonious Eclipse energy to forgive, heal, set boundaries, and to practice loving kindness and compassion.

Sometimes accepting our family for who they are, flaws and all, can be incredibly healing and can allow us look past how they may not have fulfilled the roles they were supposed to.

Capricorn energy is not the most expressive or emotional. It is practical and likes to keep things logical. However, this energy may come to help us around this time.

Family dynamics can often get emotional and heated very quickly, but how can we look at things from a more practical, black and white mindset? How can we look beyond our emotions and just focus on the facts?

We may find that by doing so, we feel a little more at ease about whatever comes up or whatever family dynamics we are being called to work through.

If any tensions do rise at this time, try to focus on the facts. Try to see things from a logical point of view, rather than getting swept up in emotion.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but if you feel triggered, especially around family, see if you can lean in deeper to release whatever the trigger point is.

Sometimes you need a little time and space to figure this all out, but know the Eclipse energies will be supporting you.

As the vibrations around this time are extremely harmonious, any issues are likely to be ironed out quickly and result in more love and more understanding.

Overall, the December Solar Eclipse carries abundant energies and will open a new doorway into a new stream of consciousness.

Its energy is expansive, protective, and harmonious and will feel like a gift from the Universe.

This is something we have been working hard all year to receive, so be sure to open yourself and welcome in the shifting, awakening energies this Eclipse brings.

2020 promises something different than the years before, and the doorway to this new wave of energy starts under this December Solar Eclipse.

No matter what unfolds on this day, the energies will lift us up and prepare us for the incredible cosmic waves that are set to begin come the new year.

We are all being called to level up, to rise up, and to step into a new power and this Eclipse will be lighting the way.

Your Capricorn Solar Eclipse Ritual is coming soon!

» Source » By Tanaaz

2019: January Solar Eclipse ~ January 6, 2019

By: Dana Mrkich


SOLAR ECLIPSE: We have our first New Moon of the year which happens to also be a Solar Eclipse (15 deg Capricorn). On top of that Uranus is stationed direct, which means after some months going retrograde he’s about to start going forward again. This will mean that for the next 2 months ALL planets are direct.

If you’ve spent the past week still in holiday mode, this Solar Eclipse might feel like the ‘real’ New Year, kickstarting your momentum and forward drive for the year ahead. Many people will choose Jan 7 (which is also the Orthodox Christmas in the old calendar) to set their intentions for the year ahead, start new health and fitness routines, feel an urge to change jobs or geographical locations or change something around the home. Because Uranus is involved, some of these changes will be totally unexpected and have a real “what the!” feel about them.

Capricorn is all about tradition while Uranus is all about stirring things up, dye-ing your hair pink and doing things other people might think are unconventional. This Solar Eclipse will trigger a year of claiming and creating YOUR own unique version of tradition and solid foundations. Maybe for you that means selling up and travelling the world. Maybe it’s leaving a safe job for a more fulfilling one. The element of emotional wellbeing is important here: what is my emotional foundation like? Is it strong? How can I make it stronger? What do I need to do to feel more stable and secure within myself?

Pluto and Saturn are also in Capricorn, so this year has a huge focus on overhauling and strengthening all your foundations: emotional, psychological, spiritual, material and financial.

Solar Eclipses bring fated events. They accelerate your evolution. They speed things up. You may be saying “I didn’t ask for this! I’m not ready” meanwhile your Soul is saying “Yes, but I’m ready. This is what we need.” Alternatively you might be shouting “Woohoo I can’t believe this has finally happened!! Yes!!!!!”

This eclipse is only a couple of degrees away from the Jan 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse which was 13 degrees Capricorn. Where are those degrees in your natal chart? (You can find out for free on Astro.Com)

If not much is happening in that part of your chart then you might not have anything to report about this eclipse. However if you have a natal planet around there or an axis point (ascendant/descendant/mc/ic) or your north or south node you might be in for some big life changes.

Look back to Jan 2011. Did you experience any significant life changes that year? That eclipse was pretty much on my north node and ascendant (as is tomorrow’s) so a shift in the expression of my identity connected to what my Soul really wants me to experience/learn was on the cards. Sure enough we conceived Jax that Feb and I became a mum that November. Which obviously set me onto a whole new life chapter! What this eclipse will bring who knows….it’s almost always a surprise.

Eclipses often have a powerful effect over a 12 month period with the 3 month, 6 month and 9 month marks triggering related happenings. Events can also be triggered by the planets moving over the eclipse degree throughout the year. For example: In 2011 the Solar Eclipse happened in January. In February when Venus went over the eclipse degree we conceived. In March when Mars went over the eclipse degree we found out I was pregnant. The timing of things from an astrological perspective is incredible and exact.

Eclipses always have a destiny feel about them: sometimes things happen that you’ve been wanting for a long time but the timing has to be just right. Sometimes they are very challenging, but they always are designed to accelerate your soul’s evolution.

Happy New Year! (again!)