How to Navigate The Old and New Dimensions ~ Reaping of The Harvest ~ September 2, 2016


By Anastacia

Blue Beyond – How to Navigate the old and New Dimensions/Reaping of the Harvest – 2nd September 2016
With the Lions gate energy that came in on the 8/8/9, we shifted into another dimension energetically…humanity and the planet. Yet, where one resides within this, is up to each unique individual soul

The eclipse energies of September are helping to burn off the ‘old dross’ – BB post 1/9/16 – whilst supporting the new dimension we are in – and much more.

Adjusting to a Dimensional frequency shift – BB post 30/8 – takes place within our soul and our spirit – both…not just one, as now we have the ‘other’ as well.

What does having both soul and spirit shift into a newer vibrational frequency entail?

Well, just as any old ‘program’ that is upgraded needs an adjustment from the old ‘system’ so too does our new ‘system/s’.

Remembering we recently re-connected to our spirit stronger than ever and like no ‘other’…and from this there has been a gradual blending, integrating and re-connecting that has been taking place – Bb posts, 11/8, 12/8, 15/8, 16/8.

Now this ‘threw’ a lot of souls in a very big way, good, it was meant to…it was to take us off our old ‘trajectory’ that we were on, on many layers and levels all at once…so of course this will ‘upset the apple cart’, why wouldn’t it, it just makes sense to.

As the apple cart was ‘upset’ people felt like the were ‘loosing their marbles’…as all was not as it used to be – Bb post 27/8.

This was a very needed and necessary conjunction point – cut off of the old, in the way that this happened for each and every soul.

Remember you chose this, we chose this…we in our infinite Ancient wisdom chose to experience what we each are, while we are here.

Yes we see injustices and much turmoil in the world, yet this needs to come up and out for things or energies to change, shift and alter.

Yes this can be very difficult and challenging at times to see so much ‘violence’ and injustice in many ways all around us, especially those who feel so very deeply…as for many of us to shut off from what we see/feel going on is essential…as it is very very painful.  Many of us have adapted in how to deal with this better with and for ourselves….it does not mean that we are shutting off from what is happening, it means we are dealing with it the best way we can, in who and all we are…and often supporting in the ‘background’.

September 1st energies were a totality of so much for ourselves and our families energetically as this has extended out beyond just ourselves now…it is our place and our part in/with our families (not necessarily blood only) as well now – the Trinity energy.

Again, those empaths and transmuters will be feeling this oh so very much…more so than others as that is our role that our souls play in humanities (and our) ascension.

So yes, we have shifted into another dimension energetically in the human as well as the spirit…own this…verbalise and feel this to oneself…as this is a very very important part to play in one’s ascension…tabling and sharing with others in the human…voicing and verbalising consciously

So now we are presented with shifting, changing and shining our facets in each situation, as it comes or happens….as in this we will feel two vibrational energies and feelings and ‘wanting’ to do something…one is of the old dimension and one is of the new – being presented to us.

Stop and feel and acknowledge this ‘conflict’ of two very strong feelings/thoughts/actions to do, or buy or go and do something….as there will be two that you will feel…go with the feeling in one’s ‘gut’ one will be ‘I’m not sure’ and the other will be either yes or no strongly.

Then go with the clarity of the stronger feeling that is new and different.

As we are being presented with new and different situations and solutions,  we can draw on the ‘old’ of one’s past life’s experiences to deal with this.

Now is the time to draw on all you have learnt and experienced and use that wisdom and knowledge for yourself!

This is the Reaping of the Harvest time.

Multi-Dimensional Ancient Earth Master

~Anymore further than shared in this post or any Blue Beyond post, for souls that resonate and feel they are ready, have an opportunity to contact me for a one-on-one personal Divine healing. Which is in a space of unconditional love and personalised for where your soul is at of the Divine~

Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge in linking our Soul to our Spirit of 6D and 8D -through our Emotions of the Divine – sharing from experiencing energies herself and feeling the energies through her two souls (human and spirit) as they come to our planet. From 20years of personal experience in linking her soul to her spirit, through her emotions this lifetime and past lives – back to Source in service to Humanity and Gaia Guiding/Teaching Humanity. From the Ancient Ones, Shaman, Blue Ray Elder, Pleadean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Arcturian, Lyran.

Email if you feel you would like a one-on-one personal healing of the Divine (and what the exchange for this is).

Please feel free to share this post and others in their entirety

All Rights Reserved – 2016 Anastacia Kompos



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