Headlines and Updates for April 6, 2019: Creepy Uncle Joe: The Next POTUS? [videos] ~ April 6, 2019

The Man Who Would Be King?

In case you missed it, the President’s meme about Joe Biden went viral, which isn’t surprising after Trump’s comment that he didn’t believe Biden would be a threat in the race. You had to know something was coming. See it below.

Did I not say that by 2020 Biden would be destroyed and not a contender for the throne? It’s already happening. The El-ites cannot hide their lifestyle. It’s who they are, and they will not change.

Of secondary importance in this video is the point about memes. The power of memes shouldn’t be a surprise, either. Memes aren’t just entertainment. That is a minor role.

President Trump and the Q team understand Human psychology AND the fact that Big Tech’s censorship algorithms cannot as easily distinguish meme text and language.

Memes are like covert Ninjas that sneak through the fence even while making a lot of noise. Consciously, they reach many of us who “get it” already. Often humour is used, but not always. SUBconsciously, they reach others in a more subtle but powerful way.

While words, opinions and facts may turn off a lot of viewers rushing through a feed, memes are sneaky and slip through. They plant a seed and repetition is the water that ensures they germinate and grow into a solid concept that can open and change minds.

It takes a few seconds for the brain to read and comprehend a string of words, but a meme is “slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am”—instantaneous and the image leaves a lasting impression.

Folks who hang out on the Internet cannot help but be influenced by multiple exposures to memes. Even if all they look at is their Facebook account, there’s a good chance they’ll see the most viral memes over and over.

Uncle Joe made a joke of his perversion. So did Trump in the meme he Tweeted. But it’s very effective.

Beyond creepy; Presidential material? Not.

And did you notice, as I pointed out previously, that while the Democrats screamed that women must be respected and heard and insisted that Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh must be investigated…again…

NOW, when it’s one of their own who engaged in disgusting behaviour toward women, it’s a joke. It’s laughed off and Joe Biden is a harmless, affectionate, dirty old man—who wants to run the country, by the way. Who can fail to see the disconnect, the double standard, the hypocrisy? I was surprised Pelosi admonished him and said he needed to keep his hands to himself.

They’re focusing on the ‘women’ he groped, but we must point out that he has a penchant for children. They all do. The video of Jeff Sessions slapping Biden’s hand away from a child made the rounds on the Internet long ago.


These misfits don’t see anything wrong with their lifestyle because they’re predators. This is why they have attempted to lower the age of consent for minors—to make it legal to have sex with children; but the 2017 legislation in California to make liquifying corpses the green new deal in final resting states… they must have applauded that one. I digress, but the “new cremation” said it all. That article is an admirable sell job. Quite the legacy from Jerry Brown. Now they just have to work out how to dispose of the acid without collateral damage.

I have complained about the perceived challenge of having to get positive, truthful messages out to the masses without the use of the corporate-controlled fake media and in direct opposition to the lying, treasonous turds in the major networks, but it appears the ones in charge knew how to get around it and we see it every day.

President Trump takes control of the narrative via his Tweets, public appearances such as at the border, remarks to the press enroute to the airport, rallies, and interviews on Fox News. Q uses 8Chan to communicate to the already awakened patriots and it’s working like a charm.

The meme T-shirt in this video is great, too, BTW.

Trump Ends Creepy Uncle Joe’s Career With Viral HILARIOUS Meme

Can you believe the media is saying Trump released the above “doctored” video of Biden? It’s not doctored, but perhaps English isn’t their first language. They must feel the public needs to be told it’s not actually Joe Biden groping himself. These people are stupid.

I just happened upon this short video. (3 min) Some folks use humour to deal with horror. Video at the link.

Flashback: Creepy Joe Biden’s Grossest Moment EVER!

Truth be told, if we didn’t find humour in the horror on this planet, we’d be quivering, incoherent masses of flesh.

Q has been quiet for 7 days, but Potus has made up for it. We take it to mean a big op is underway. Those who make Q videos needed a break. They were exhausted after the non-stop avalanche of crumbs in the bake-a-thon over the previous several weeks.

In the mean time, the dimms are using nail guns on their own coffins. America is getting a true perspective on those who would destroy America and all things good.

We can see the process, and as the Praying Medic pointed out on a talk show I listened to, there are many “placeholders” on the 8Chan board just waiting to be filled in with the upcoming steps in this process.

There clearly is a “plan”, and QAnon showed it to us, minus the details. The order of operations is here, however, for those who wish to see it. Just enter “placeholder” in the search box and click the search button. DECLAS is coming. All in good time, my friends. All in good time.

The White Hats are tip-toeing into the mass consciousness with the dirt just as the globalists tip-toed into our lives with tyranny. If you do it slowly, you won’t startle the prey. Psychology 101.

If you deliver too much too fast, people will shut down and you will have to start all over again and lose the ground you gained. Easy does it.

Yes, it’s Humanity in the sights, but for their own good. They have to wake up for us to progress as a race, and if they won’t do it willingly, then they’ll be force-fed. We can’t wait forever. I’ve been waiting ten years for this and there are those in their third decade of waiting for the awakening.

Nunes Issuing up to TWO DOZEN Criminal Referrals

When new Q crumbs aren’t available, many go foraging for older ones and often find solid gold nuggets.

Here’s another deep-dive decode from TN Homesteader. When does a bird “Singh”? This is astonishing. Incredible coincidences surface in this analysis with TN Homesteader and Broken Spectre.

When Does A Bird Sing? – Another Brain Busting Q Decode by TN Homesteader

This just in: unfortunately, another explosion in Paris. Firefighters on the scene don’t know if there are people inside. Details from RT.

Massive BLAST rocks Paris building as firefighters struggle with monster blaze (VIDEO)

There’s more to life than politics, and some of the most interesting news is out of this world, like the Interstellar Space Station Agreement. It’s certainly not on mockingbird media TV, but why not? Why is the Secret Space Program kept a secret from the taxpayers who fund it? A multi-trillion dollar secret hangs over society while children live in poverty and war veterans live—and die—on the streets.

Read and listen at the link, bearing in mind that this is a controlled narrative, like anything else. There’s truth, but also disinformation, and lying by omission.

There is a very dark side to this outfit and we only know what they want us to know.

In fact, the SSP wanted a gag order on “full disclosure” for 50 years. We’re not waiting 50 years for the whole truth. They will have to live with their crimes against Humanity and will not escape justice.

Navy Insiders Confirm Multinational SSP with bases throughout Solar System & Beyond

Dave’s update last night was encouraging. I also found his interpretation of the Mar-A-Lago intruder incident very interesting.

America For Sale, Ukraine & China In The News, News Unlocks – Episode 1833b

The double standards abound, as H.A. Goodman elucidates in this video.

Dems Block Release of President Obama Emails to James Comey and John Brennan About Steele Dossier

Lou Dobbs and Tom Fitton, Pres. of Judicial Watch, had a great discussion. I don’t believe everyone in America understands that the nation is teetering on the edge of a precipice. It could go either way.

We all have to cooperate and work together. Will what’s coming unite the country as Q said it would? I think it just may, but the psychopaths will be fighting it every step of the way.

Tom Fitton: Our Republic on the Brink with the Border Crisis and the Effort to Overthrow Trump

Sean at the SGT Report talked with Wayne Jett again and since Wayne is a long-time political researcher and resonates with many of us, I’m sharing it here.

Whether you’re a Q fan or not, it’s very clear that Trump and Q have ignited a passionate patriotism again in Americans. Trump called it a “movement”—and it is.

It is waking people up to the fact that things have degraded to the point of no return; that they never should have been allowed to get this bad, and that America and the American way of life are worth fighting for.

They understand now that the power must be returned to The People and now they have a chance of pulling their society out of the swamp and making it great again. A lot of people are feelin’ it—and not only in America.


At this point I would have to venture that if one does not see the value in the QAnon/Trump movement, you’ve either not paid attention enough to the information provided, or you’re in such a state of mind that you will never recognize reality unless it is forced on you. Q said that would be 4 per cent of Humanity. A ‘special needs’ group. Luckily, Where We Go One, We Go All. No man left behind. We’ll haul you off kicking and screaming if we have to, but you’re going with us.  ~ BP

Late Headlines and Updates for December 20, 2018: It’s Getting Really Good Now [videos] ~ December 20, 208

Merry Christmas! President Trump Declares Christmas Eve a Holiday

Are you enjoying the “movie”? Lots of plot twists…

BREAKING: Trump Moves Towards Shutdown Over Wall Funding

Trump’s newest declaration to Ryan appears to show he is back where he began and that shutdown may be unavoidable.

Some suggest arrests may take place during the “10 days of darkness” when the government is shut down. Whatever happens, it was planned long, long ago.

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Someone on VOAT had an interesting remark about the behaviour of Mike Pence during the circuitous réparté between President Trump, Pelosi and Schumer concerning The Wall funding. I wondered why he sat there like a bump on a log but didn’t considered this angle. Possibility?

PENCE WAS IN A HYPNOTIC TRANCE at the White House Schumer /Pelosi Meeting (GreatAwakening)

submitted ago by RakerKey

Pence was obviously in a Trance-like condition -,the hand placement on knees are a dead giveaway acting as the Hypnotic Anchor Point

He definitely knew by that time that the jig was up and he had been busted and was in big trouble

This course of action has been implemented upon him ( probably without him even being aware its been done) to enable him to be seen in public without totally freaking out , for the last few days ,before the hammer eventually drops on him , his wife and all the other perps.

Hypnotism is much easier than drugging , and virtually untraceable , unprovable


Lynch may have been slightly more verbal in her answers than Comey, and may not have suffered the same degree of amnesia in the hearing, but she sounded suspiciously like Hillary Clinton as she talked around the questions, repeatedly edified the FBI and the investigative team, and washed her hands of responsibility and oversight for what the conspirators  reporting to her did. She kept saying she would have to defer to them for information so she wouldn’t have to answer. She claimed the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton took place because he just wanted to say “Hello!”. Why didn’t they have lunch in Washington if they’re so chummy? Lock her up!

Q New Drops- “The Clock Is Ticking … When Will the 1st Alarm Ring?”

LIVE: French police protest for better conditions after weeks of ‘yellow vest’ demos

Started streaming 105 minutes ago
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French police officers are gathering in Clemenceau, in front of the police station of the 8th district of Paris on the Champs-Elysees on Thursday, December 20, to protest against their working conditions after weeks of ‘yellow vest’ protests.

#Lesgyrosbleus, as they call themselves on social media, are protesting against unpaid overtime, and are calling for better equipment, as well as more psychological and social support.

The French government offered to give a €300 ($342) bonus to police officers deployed to control the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests that began last month.

The protests, named after the fluorescent safety vests the demonstrators wear, started in November over rising fuel prices but have since morphed into a mass show of dissatisfaction involving pensioners, the unemployed, those just getting by, and small business owners.

. . .

Meanwhile in London… protestors borrowed an effective strategy from the French and blocked the road. The kerfuffle begins just prior to the 9 minute mark when they tell the police constables they need to step back because they’re causing people “alarm and distress”. One bloke was decent, however, and said he heard about the Gilets Jaunes but was not permitted to comment on it. Good for the Britons! Vive la France!

Yellow vest shut down the road out side Westminster police get aggressive

‘’Q’’ Proven Right AGAIN ! #BillCosby filmed at #Playboy Mansion ! Who else ?

Dave’s updates in the X22 Reports may not seem to change a lot from day to day, particularly the financial ones, but there is a trend, and the Fed did exactly what he said they would. They raised the rates again.

He may present a different perspective of this movie script than most others, as he believes Chairman Jerome Powell is working with the President to manipulate the financial situation with the Fed—which would support what Wayne Jett said recently.

If you listened to that great discussion on the SGT Report with Wayne Jett, you heard him say he believes if they can time it just right before the Fed actually crashes the financial system completely, they can pull off the reset without plunging the nation into chaos. He said that “gold” will bring down the Fed, which is exactly what Dave said a week ago, so we’ll see how this goes.

The Strategy That Is Being Used To Dismantle The Fed Is Over 100 years Old – Episode 1746a

The Clock Is Ticking, First Alarm Bell Ready, Power Returned To The People – Episode 1746b