Headlines and Updates for June 15, 2020: Trump-Anon Phenomenon a Blockbuster Hit at 1 Million+ Ticket Requests [videos] ~ June 15, 2020

The People are screaming their loyalty and support for the man saving America. Get your tickets to the Tulsa rally here. They’re free, but don’t guarantee you will get inside the venue. Regardless, there are Jumbotrons outside and it will be a magnificent party no matter where you are. You will definitely have to camp out for a night or two to get inside the facility. The weather should be partly cloudy on Saturday, high of 96F, low of 73F. Rain predicted for several days following, but that could change.

Almost One Million people request tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 15, 2020

Brad Parscale, the Trump Campaign Manager updated the figures.

Over 1M ticket requests for the @realDonaldTrump #MAGA Rally in Tulsa on Saturday.

Before entering each guest will get:

✅Temperature check
✅Hand sanitizer

There will be precautions for the heat and bottled water as well.

— Brad Parscale (@parscale) June 15, 2020

You had to know this first rally was gonna be gargantuan. We’re going to need a bigger venue.

Heads up in Tulsa next week, y’all.. maintain situational awareness… if you see something, say something.

Satan is busyyyyy🗣 https://t.co/fmGhzpjaEK

— James (@James78141017) June 15, 2020

The Far Left Fake News Media, which had no Covid problem with the Rioters & Looters destroying Democrat run cities, is trying to Covid Shame us on our big Rallies. Won’t work!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 15, 2020

Trump campaign says it will give temperature checks, masks to rally attendees

You can watch the rally here on RSBN at this link. It will be a real pick-me-up as the incredible energy transmits when they interview the fans outside and in and throughout the President’s address, including any speakers that may attend prior.

Here in Arizona we’re not sick; don’t know anyone who’s sick. Funny how the positive cases and deaths are increasing according to the media. Must be the new math. Obama’s math. It’s hot and sunny here every day—the virus’s worst nightmare; so how can those numbers be true? I call BS.

Sun_Q_Tzu ⭐⭐⭐ @Sun_Q_Tzu

Coronavirus…the strangest virus ever

View image on Twitter

888 Twitter Ads info and privacy

Why does the world love President Donald Trump? He began by telling the truth like no one ever had. His words were magnetic and attracted those who craved honesty and transparency, but most of all HOPE.

We finally had hope that someone would champion our liberation from slavery. He’s not a puppet, not a politician, but he IS a prophet. He told us what would happen, and it did—both good and bad.

Together we’re dealing with it, and we watch, transfixed, as the world transforms before our very eyes because he not only kept his promises, but went above and beyond our wildest expectations. As I said, Donald Trump is the kind of guy who would under-promise and over-deliver. He knows Humanity deserves that. He said he would never, ever, let us down, and he hasn’t.

After you’ve trudged through hell, you certainly recognize Heaven, and the President assures us “the best is yet to come”.

What’s coming? Thanks to President Trump, Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call last night revealed that sources are saying more “stimulus” money in the form of pre-paid debit cards may be imminent and range in value from $5K – $10K. Bids have also been sought from companies to print millions of federal cheques the government will be mailing out. It all sounds promising, but we won’t know for certain until it happens.

President Trump and his team are not only draining the swamp, they’re draining the cabal’s Federal Reserve of all their ill-gotten money and the redistribution of wealth to Humanity is a reality. GESARA will roll out globally at some point.

We were wary of Steve Mnuchin for awhile but he appears to be genuinely happy to do this wealth distribution. If he was a grey or black hat, it may have been his choice to switch teams and help the Trump team make the world a better place—in exchange for overlooking past transgressions in the bankster industry, if there were any. Either that or he’s a brilliant actor. I think the Trump team knew he was the man for the job and he delivered.

Scott also said he has news of an exciting health/healing technology made available to him. That news will have to wait until the Wednesday call as his update was over-full. More technologies will be released gradually in the coming months and years and some will be mind-blowing for those who are not aware of our reality.

And We Know has a fantastic update for us with footage you won’t see everywhere.

AWK News 6.15.20: They [DS] can no longer hide in the dark. Exposed on all levels.

Bride Ministries and Dan Duval brought us a fascinating discussion with an Illuminati defector; one with several alters, and knowledge of the hidden reality the control freaks never wanted to get out. It’s fascinating. Robert Vandriest Mitchell has a bit of an accent so you’ll need to listen closely but I’m willing to bet most will hear things they’ve never heard before.

It’s a big dose of reality, but sometimes we don’t know if what insiders tell us is real, or it’s implanted memories, which has also been done to victims, so decide for yourself. Robert brings us testimony from one of his alters named Lauren, and it sounds like they are relating the experiences of two other alters, as well. Dan works with victims to heal them, which involves dredging up the suppressed memories. Suggest you read the notes under the video on YouTube.

Illuminati Defector Discloses Off-Planet Sex Temples, Mermaids, and Spirit Children

I came across this article a few weeks ago and stashed it. Now is a good time to share since they discussed mermaids above. We’ve talked about merfolk before and my gut always told me they were real. Whether this image below is a true representation of one or not I don’t know, but it seems plausible. It seems small, however, as Robert told us of 10-foot merfolk. Other evidence has surfaced in the past and when the “authorities” swoop in, barricade a beach and whisk the remains away, it’s highly suspicious and points to a coverup.

A seal? It’s hardly a seal skull, is it? The eyes are on the front, not the side. Not even close. The article referenced in the UK journal is no longer there. See what I mean?

Video of dead mermaid on UK beach goes viral on social media

Video Of Dead ‘Mermaid’ On UK Beach Goes Viral

The control freaks have been trying to create a food shortage/meat shortage. How far would they go, exactly?

Big Recall On Ground Beef Sold at Walmart and Other Stores Over E. coli contamination

We know who runs the FDA, and anything the psychos can wangle to make mail-in ballots a reality will be employed. We’ll see what the Patriots have to respond to this.

FDA withdraws emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine

Folks are hard at work to end the scamdemic in California.

Activist Peggy Hall Scores a Victory in Her County Against Face Masks

You may have heard that the ANTIFA/BLM terrorists threatened to destroy the Alamo monument in San Antonio. How many times do we have to say it? “Don’t mess with Texas.” It’s a big state full of big patriots with big guns. Lots of guns.

This is how Texas handles the mob. #SaveTheAlamo pic.twitter.com/UDez68pZEH

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) June 14, 2020

In France the weaponized Muslim immigrants are doing their worst. Chaos reigns in so many places, but it will subside eventually. Hang in there, everyone.

Chechen and Moroccan Muslim immigrants spread havoc in the streets of Dijon (yes where the famous mustard canoes from) France. The locals are terrified and locked up in their homes. Listen carefully to what they shout! pic.twitter.com/m2vZdfCCD9

— Amir Tsarfati (@BeholdIsrael) June 15, 2020

This is interesting…

👇 https://t.co/LRRcSHlMN4

— Sun_Q_Tzu ⭐⭐⭐ (@Sun_Q_Tzu) June 15, 2020

I happened upon this update on the woman who was about to go public with some information she had last year and was executed. Justice is indeed coming.

Check out the current status of the sealed/unsealed indictments. Twenty thousand already unsealed. We heard Gitmo’s full. Could be a rumour.

🙏RIP Senator Linda Collins-Smith #JusticeIsComing pic.twitter.com/K3tOxCPzhb

— Nunya Biznass⭐⭐⭐ (@Do_Or_Do_Notty) June 14, 2020

3 E6 airborne commands up…. unusual. pic.twitter.com/e2JRDgbjiw

🐾MilSpecOpsMonkey🐾 (@mil_ops) June 14, 2020

I’m going to re-post this video that has almost 15 million views since April 10. People who don’t understand how we have been manipulated and programmed need to see this research from a Hollywood producer who figured it out for himself and wanted to alert the world. We can’t win a war if we don’t know who the enemy is.


Who believes socialism is a good way to go? Are you willing to share everything you have? Are you willing to work to support everyone else who may not do anything? “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine” is their motto.

An Antifa Tried Complaining Because His Laptop And $400 Was Stolen From His Tent. The Response Is Hilarious

This satire gets the points across very clearly. Good job.

This is great. pic.twitter.com/VcvqbyaYjL

— Doni 🕵🏽‍♀️ (@The_Don04) June 14, 2020

And finally, a light-hearted chat with Utsava the psychic and the two hosts of Flatten the Curve about what is going on—not only the COVID nonsense but other interesting things as well, like JFK Jr.

Utsava was kicked off YouTube a couple of months ago and it just might be because she has been so accurate. Perhaps they don’t want her spoiling the surprises. There are many pleasant surprises ahead; of that I’m sure.

Trump’s Clean Vaccine, Masks, Dr. Fauci, Censorship, HCQ & Pineal Gland Connection

President Trump himself has Tweeted that the remainder of 2020 will be good financially with very positive increases in Q3 & Q4 and that next year will be outstanding. I believe him; because he has always been correct. His track record is unblemished, to my knowledge.

Do you feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained this week?

You’re not alone patriots. This is due to the informational and psychological warfare being waged on you by the Deep State and Satan.

They want you feeling this way. Prayer is vital right now! We are winning!! 🇺🇸

— Sun_Q_Tzu ⭐⭐⭐ (@Sun_Q_Tzu) June 6, 2020

The video Q shared on Saturday was unique, and I believe is a message to say not to get worked up about what is going on. As I have said numerous times, be an observer. Just watch what is happening and try not to get emotionally dragged into the drama—and definitely no fear.

Q has said for some time now that, “You are watching a movie.” Get your popcorn and watch it. Or don’t. We have front row seats to the greatest show on Planet Earth/Terra. The Patriots ARE in control, despite how it appears. This unprecedented psychological operation will yield the desired results; the Great Awakening. People will not be able to stay asleep, other than 4 – 6%, Q estimated.

Click the link provided in the Q post below to listen to the music video with the buried message.  ~ BP4460

They Can No Longer Hide in the Dark

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 13 Jun 2020 – 11:35:27 AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPG_0m2RMxE
They can no longer hide in the dark.
It’s happening.
You are watching it.
The World is Watching.
Have faith in Humanity.

The Q Proof of All Q Proofs on the Stock Exchange: Trust QQQ [video] ~ August 8, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is how the dark intend to disrupt (not possible!) efforts of the Light (Trump/Q/Earth alliance) from removing their power base over humanity…by affecting communications of positive factions.

The shut-down of the 8-chan board on which Q posts…has happened. The emergency broadcast to cell phones from Trump did not happen…wonder why and there is no telling, but perhaps satellite/digital transmission was somehow interfered with? Some threat to the Light we know nothing of?

Despite apparent difficulties with standard media transmission, messages from the “Team of Light” are still been displayed on a subtle level as evidenced in the article below. Please read this report, keep your eyes open in this chaotic time of change, and be…



Dave included this amazing footage in his X22 Report. I’ve Q’d up the video at 26:38. Look at the ticker at the bottom of the frame.

I believe this was done in the absence of Q on 8Chan to reassure the patriots/anons. Beautiful.

There’s more good information from Sean Hannity, as well. Keep listening.

It sounds like “the fall” will be shocking.

If you would like to see Dave’s uncensored Report 1937C about the details of the recent false flag shootings, use this link to view at Bitchute.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for August 3, 2019: August Off to a Hot Start [videos] ~ August 3, 2019

Editor’s Note: W have all heard from many sources that August 2019 is going to be “hot” month, and we are summarizing this means more than high heat/humidity. This appears to be true from the flagrant activity by the Dark to make life as uncomfortable as possible for as many as possible.

Spiritual folk tell us our lives are about to be turned upside down and this is happening due to our 3D world ending. That calls for us to be “prepared” yet, it’s not about “stocking up”…it’s more about what I call “stocking in”. Take stock of your inner self and your heart, release fears of any sort you hold inside of yourself, know yourself to BE what you really are… a Divine creator, and then you will BE…



Looks like the FF event QAnon warned about has unfolded in El Paso at a Walmart this morning. More below.

I hope you like chaos. August is traditionally a hot month.  ~ BP

Baltimore is in the crosshairs and while I’ve never been, it’s sounding like a terribly neglected place. There are “crime scenes” everywhere; things that should never happen and never be seen in anyone’s neighbourhood. This is a public health risk. Condemned daycares? Yikes!

ALERT: Bad News Hits AOC, MAGGOT INFESTED District EXPOSED – While She’s Yapping About the Border!

If it’s as bad as all this, you almost feel sorry for the rats, never mind the people. We hope this attention from President Trump and others will force the negligent and greedy establishment to clean it up, give it a spit and polish and make it better than ever before.

If Baltimore Were a Country, It Would be The World’s Third Most Dangerous

The cabal is really stirring up trouble now. This is a different place than the Walmart a few days ago. We’re hearing 18 deaths at this point. In the video streaming below he is listening to a police scanner and reporting updates. There is a manifesto alleged, but not confirmed. Sickos.

BREAKING: Video from inside the Walmart in El Paso, Texas where a mass shooting has taken place — Multiple shots fired: pic.twitter.com/2KEHXf3a9m

— BNL NEWS (@BreakingNLive) August 3, 2019


It sounds like there was talk of ANTIFA attacks in El Paso, and we don’t know if the two are actually related. If the manifesto of the shooter is real, then they may be.

From 4 days ago…

Report: Far-Left Groups Plan ‘Siege’ On El Paso, Texas, To Push ‘Border Resistance’

I have not watched the video.

HORRIFIC VIDEO: Mass Shooting at Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas — Man in Black T-Shirt, Cargo Pants Arrested — VIDEO OF SHOOTING!

Weather strikes again in the plains. Last night we had this first headline, now replaced by the second. Floodwaters are receding.

Entire City of Custer, South Dakota is “Shut Down,” Authorities Say

Severe flooding shuts down Custer, back open for business Saturday

See more world weather and natural events at the Watchers.

A Republican rep. That’s worth noting. And former CIA. Not good, in my opinion.

Did he have any “encouragement”, I wonder?

Rep. Will Hurd, vulnerable Texas Republican, announces he won’t seek reelection

The Corbett Report has an interesting update based on the activity we’ve seen unfolding across the world. Prepping for something. Any ideas?

Dueling Drills: World Powers Are Prepping For SOMETHING

Simon Parkes is back after a wee break; just uploaded this moment as I was about to publish my post so I’ve not yet listened.

2019 08 02 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

The past seven years on Starship Earth have been quite a ride, and the truth keeps oozing out. Here we have some frank talk about the “Secret Space Program” and what they really do, as opposed to the exciting “video game” stories we hear about from their disinfo spokesmen sent to dazzle and distract the truther community. There are video testimonies at the link I have not yet listened to.

The Secret Space Program is a Criminal Enterprise! Kidnapping Kids, Slavery and Worse!

Josh Bernstein brings us fresh revelations from the one million pages of Epstein testimony.


I will leave it at that for now. Stay cool, everyone.  ~ BP

Late Headlines and Updates for July 25, 2018: Riding the Waves of Luna Sea [videos] ~ July 25, 2018

The whack-jobs are out in all their glory. I’ve never seen such a display of vindictive attacks of rancour. What must it be like to live in the minds of these people? Dark, dark, dark.

We must be nearing the climax of these energies. Some parties literally don’t appear to have a brain cell left functioning.

It sounds as though some very special energies will accompany the July 27th Lunar Eclipse in conjunction with the auspicious alignment of planets on one side of the sun and two other eclipses this summer.  ~ BP

HOLLYWOOD, CA – JULY 25: Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is vandalized on July 25, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

HOLLYWOOD, CA – JULY 25: Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is vandalized on July 25, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

This is the second time the Trump-star has suffered from vandals.

Vandal destroys Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

144k Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation – Fri 27th Planetary Clearing Report + More

July 23, 2018

The Unknown Lightwarrior

No, you’re not going crazy or feeling exhausted for nothing. ‘Last Stage’ planetary breakthroughs are occurring on the physical plane too …

I too woke up this morning feeling out-of-sorts, with a non-functional head, after feeling exhausted all weekend.

So what was going on??

After a comprehensive inquiry & testing process with The Teams, the short of it is:

  • possibly the last underground bases have been shut down during the operations of the Light Forces during the last Eclipse (the first in the series of 3 eclipses in July/August 2018).
  • Much of Cabal (stationary) physical-plane surface weapons technology has been shut down. Only small mobile units remain. This has been corroborated somewhat by Fulford reporting that the Cabal has “ … now fully lost control of the military and intelligence apparatus in the U.S”. 
  • Many layers of plasma toplet bombs on the plasma plane have been removed. The focus is now on a small number of toplet bombs remaining within dark physical beings.

Needless to say, all this has resulted in a huge surge in planetary frequency & influx of light … that’s inevitably pushed up what I’m noticing to be everyone’s ‘primary current incarnational issue’.

Meaning, whatever your primary struggle you had in the past 10-20 years … the darkness around it is actually from the external … has jumped into your field for a safe place to hide from the stinging influx of light into the planet … and it is pushing those buttons to get ‘loosh’ in order to survive.

So even if you healed from it, it may still be triggering your memory of this primary issue, and cycling its own negative thoughts about it to you, causing emotional upset & fear.

Don’t fall for it … it’s all a trick & a load of B.S.

It’s just darkness trying to survive.

The proverbial ‘last battle-royal’ has reached the physical plane … and this time WE’RE going to end it!

So transmute any negativity with all the Highest-Light backing you could possibly need …

Don’t put up with it, because you don’t have to!

We’ll be striking again … and striking HARD with our light … this Fri, 27th of July during the 144k Mass Meditation.

Mars – the God of war – will be at his closest point to Earth on the day of the lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be seen over the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.

Think the cabal may plan something to trigger WWIII during this eclipse?!?!?

Not if the 144K has anything to say about it!!!!

Let’s anchor Goddess light instead…as we reactivate the Samarra Hasuna Vortex and the 188 degree leyline, waking up lightworkers and humanity to the truth of their divinity as they step into their full sovereignty.

Step up to the plate & fulfill your soul-mission, before it’s too late. Be one of the ones who can say …

” I was there … when it all went down”!

Let’s make history, because whether you sense it or not – you’re in the middle of it –  Details right below.

Light Forces build-up for the Lion’s Gate on Aug the 8th

 Get the update on the 144k Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation starting at 3:30 pm EDT Friday, July 27

There are those who point out that QAnon used the term “sky event” twice, and they wonder if the Lunar Eclipse will bring a little extra spectacle we didn’t expect.

Read more here…

Secretary Mike Pompeo testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Russia July 25

And the witch hunt continues. This is outrageous. How can these people sit there and state lies about President Putin and what he has done, and what Trump has done, after what Hillary Clinton and her administration have done? Un-friggin’ believable.

And there will be a series of these inquiries??? Poor Mike. Why didn’t they do anything about all the corrupt activities these past 8 years when they sold out America and involved Canada and Russia in Uranium One? I’ve never heard such BS.

Does this committee even live on the same planet I do? They’ve completely lost touch with reality.

Scott Anthony – Streamed live
July 24, 2018 Following President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Secretary of State Pompeo briefs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on questions regarding the meeting in Helskini.

Legal Proof The Russians Really Did Not Hack Or Disrupt The U.S. Elections?

Thanks to Galactic Connection for the share.

Rachel Madcow has gone even further this time.

MSNBC’s Maddow CAUGHT In Lie About Trump

It must be catchy, that Madcow disease. We have more utter, literal lunacy from Mad Max…

MAXINE WATERS: I’ve been sent by God to get Trump!

Remember David Hogg from the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school in Florida? He lost.

The dark’s agendas are no longer functioning and they are out of order.  This latest ad campaign of the perverts is in very poor taste but of course they are out of touch and only they think it’s brilliant. It was pulled.

Fire your ad exec and their creative team. I know a good copy writer…

Planned Parenthood Erases All Vestiges of ‘Freedom to F**k’ Campaign

The judge said “lunacy”. Only a very brief clip this time, thank goodness. Whoopi has lost it, and like all the freakazoids do, accused the judge of being about hate, when it’s quite the opposite. There is no reasoning with these Trump haters.

Monsanto is again exposed for their crimes against Humanity, and still denying the research supports that glyphosate is carcinogenic; Wal-Mart wants to do MORE spying on their staff and customers, and Clare Bronfman of NXIVM sex cult fame has been arrested, and three others, as well.

Headlines and Updates for June 26, 2018; A New Reality Unfolds [videos]

Wow, how ’bout that financial update from Thomas and the Manna World Holding Trust on Sunday? The Universe is so NOT like what we’ve been programmed to believe and exciting stuff is on the horizon but more importantly—already unfolding! Those of us who are current with the Think Different group updates are climbing out of our boxes and seeing a whole new reality.

It’s quite an upset for the cabal team and they will never recover. They can’t even pay their little minions what they promised and that’s not going over well. We’re having a long, blue spell here in the Valley of the Sun with zero chemtrails and I wonder if that might be the reason because it’s rare to go so long without webs and white skies.

Max Igan presented a new video about not complying and he’s correct that when a significant number of people unite and refuse to go along, things will change. We are realizing that the El-ites no longer have the power they once did to control us and weaken by the day. Knowledge changes everything and they can’t regain their grip. Learning about the true history of Earth/Terra helps us understand who we really are and how we’ve been held back in so many ways and Max speaks of that, as well.

President Trump is involved in the massive reorganization of government, and if you listened to Thomas Williams June 22 show, you heard some of his ideas after he was asked to consider what might improve the situation. I wholeheartedly agree we need a full reset—right down to what names we apply to the groups. “Assemblies” sounds good.

Draining the swamp: White House proposes unprecedented reorganization of federal government

This news of another new volcano eruption in South America is particularly interesting in light of the fact that Florida Maquis predicted it after finding odd NASA logo tags on Google Earth. His predictions are now manifesting and it certainly seems the dark has such a penchant for bringing their pathetic prophesies to fruition that they actually bring them about manually. There are too many coincidences to assume the increasing seismic activity is all naturally occurring.

I hear folks are experiencing glitchy Internet and having all manner of technological challenges. Our historically reliable satellite TV keeps losing my music signal today. It’s unprecedented in 13 years and these disruptions could increase with the weird energies flying around our planet.

The war on Pedophilia is in full swing and generating an increasing number of casualties.

Human Trafficking Prosecutions Rose Through 2015: Report

Vatican ex-diplomat sentenced to five years on child pornography charges

Arrests continue… but in this case it’s not what you think. And this passes for logic? Unbelievable. The energies seem to be bringing out the very worst in people.

Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill GOP Rep’s Family Over Immigration

Oh-oh… Mars is in retrograde again today until late August. Just sayin’.  Mars, the Roman god of war…

Mars Retrograde 2018: Revising How We Take Action

We’re not finished with the immigration issue yet. I don’t trust those legacy government contractors until they show they’re legit and can be trusted. The establishment make a habit of presenting the opposite picture to what really happens within their organizations and I have to wonder if these NGOs are as wholesome and altruistic as their literature makes them sound. After reading the article below, I think this aspect of the immigration problem is bigger than it first appeared.

It was good of Melania Trump to go to Brownsville and get it from the horse’s mouth… but it was well scripted and of course they are going to do their best for the First Lady. I would feel more comfortable with a thorough and impromptu investigation conducted perhaps by an outfit such as Project Veritas. I just don’t know if we’re getting an accurate picture.

If everything’s peachy and on the up-and-up why did Southwest Key call the police and refuse a tour to a US Senator? Who are the other contractors in America dealing with immigration, and where are the women and girls? These people aren’t on a guest list when they come across the border and if they disappear would they even be missed?  ~ BP

The Billion-Dollar Business of Operating Shelters for Migrant Children

June 21, 2018, New York Times

The business of housing, transporting and watching over migrant children detained along the southwest border is not a multimillion-dollar business. It’s a billion-dollar one. Southwest Key Programs has won at least $955 million in federal contracts since 2015 to run shelters and provide other services to immigrant children in federal custody. Its shelter for migrant boys at a former Walmart Supercenter in South Texas has been the focus of nationwide scrutiny, but Southwest Key is but one player in the lucrative, secretive world of the migrant-shelter business. About a dozen contractors operate more than 30 facilities in Texas alone, with numerous others contracted for about 100 shelters in 16 other states. Trump’s order … calling for migrant families to be detained together likely means millions more in contracts. A small network of private prison companies already is operating family detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania, and those facilities are likely to expand. Defense contractors and security firms are also building a presence in the system, including General Dynamics … and MVM Inc.. In Harlingen, [Texas] one recent morning, the federal courthouse that hears immigration cases was packed. Teenagers who had been apprehended crossing the border sat in the courtrooms. In the lobby, a group of men and women … patiently waited for the hearings to end. They were there for the migrant youth. But they were neither relatives nor lawyers. They were contractors.

Note: What this article doesn’t include is the possibility that some of these children are being fed into secret mind control programs and possibly even clandestinely sold into sex trafficking. For more on this, read this essay . For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing government corruption news articles from reliable major media sources.