How I Stopped Seeking Approval And Accepted Myself ~ October 8, 2019

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By Guest Writer William Rodgers,

I often see people looking for recognition and acceptance within a certain community. And as much as I understand their situation, I can’t fully agree with their actions because when I look back at my past, I see myself in them.

I used to seek approval too and was constantly on the lookout for attention. But then everything changed when I decided to think about everything seriously and decide what I really want from life. Here’s the story of how I stopped seeking approval and accepted myself.

Forgive & Forget

It was hard to forgive myself for the things I constantly blamed myself for. I would make myself feel guilty for something very small and unimportant. But if I wanted to change, I needed to get rid of this self-loathing.

I looked back at my past actions and told myself that everything was alright. I forgave myself and let myself forget about these things and stop clinging to the past. From now on, I would be looking into the bright future with no regret of my mistakes or what seemed to me like mistakes.

Love Yourself

I know that it’s a very broad term when I say it like that, but that’s just how it is. I knew that I had to start loving myself. Simply forgiving myself for my actions was not enough, because I had to start accepting who I was and what I did.

One important aspect of loving yourself is having the people around you love you too. Sometimes you will have toxic people around you and I made sure that I cut those out of my life. But the next challenge was to surround myself with people who did love me.

I adopted a puppy from the local shelter. I always wanted to have a pet and I thought that this was the perfect time for it. The dog still lives with me and is always happy to see me. He was one of the reasons for me starting to love myself more back in the day.

Own Your Mistakes

It is difficult enough to admit my mistakes and forgive myself for them, but it was probably even harder to own them. I taught myself not to make the same mistakes again and start looking for new solutions in different situations.

One thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to go back to being miserable and I desperately wanted something to happen. But if I didn’t do anything myself, nobody else would. After all, it was my life.

Be Open To Change

I told myself that it was time. It was time for a change. Even though deep down I wanted it to happen, my first instincts were to hide under my blanket and never face the problems in my life. My job, my friends, my family – it all went down to my fear of facing reality.

So, what I did was train my will to be stronger. I took baby steps rather than changing everything in a single moment. As time passed, I got brave enough to make serious decisions that would lead to big changes in my life.

Respect Yourself

I see many people struggling with this even without realizing it. Respecting myself didn’t come easy. I was used to making myself feel guilty and miserable and I just wasn’t sure that I could ever change that mindset. But there were people who helped.

These were my friends and family who supported me during this difficult period in my life. Some of them turned away from me because they thought I was acting weird, but they were actually angry that I wouldn’t fit the image of me that had developed in their minds. I could finally see who was not a real friend after all.

Boost Your Confidence

Just like learning to respect myself, boosting my confidence was objectively hard. I often felt like I was not good enough, so I would seek acceptance. And now I had to teach myself that I didn’t really need that. That was insane!

But having a positive image of yourself is necessary to change your life and your mindset. It’s tempting to believe that everything is fine even if it’s not. Your confidence is important, so you should definitely work on this aspect of yourself if you see that you are not confident enough.

Stop Making Excuses

One of the biggest problems I had was that I would often look for excuses. Oh, I didn’t do that because of this. I didn’t do that because of that. It was enough for me, I was sick of it. Once I started making the changes I mentioned above, making excuses became an unnecessary task.

I became more responsible and would face the consequences of my actions. Not going to lie, it was pretty difficult at first. It’s still difficult, but I am more used to it now. Time helps you get used to your new self-image and to the new mindset you will have after going through all the steps that I went through.

Become Mindful

After you work on yourself to become better, you will need to start paying attention to others too. Being mindful is about caring about the people around you and valuing them for who they are and what they do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relative or a stranger – you need to treat them well.

Once I started loving myself, I found it much easier to love others too. I allowed myself to get attached and to experience positive emotions when someone does something good to me. I used to feel as though I don’t deserve it or I am not good enough for them, but everything changed. I changed.

Start Taking Risks

This was probably the most difficult part as I am not a risk-taker at all. I like staying in my comfort zone even if I know that it’s doing me no good. But as I gained more confidence in myself, I discovered that I was more willing to take on challenges.

I owned my mistakes and started making more serious decisions. I welcomed change into my life and started working towards my dreams. Taking risks was a part of my life now as I was constantly looking for something better, something I would love.

Remember To Smile

Last but not least, remember to smile. There are not that many people who can genuinely be happy with what they have and be optimistic even when everything seems to be going downhill. I chose to be the kind of person who smiles even on the darkest of days.

I hope that you become such a person too. It really does make a difference when you love yourself and let others love you, but it’s worth even more when you fully disappear in positive thoughts. It is a feeling like nothing else.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think that what I learned from this journey of self-improvement, change, and discovery is that our happiness is in our own hands. All we need to do is start making the first steps towards it and not be afraid to allow ourselves to b happy.

About The Author:

William Rodgers is a content writer working for The Word Point, an international translation service. As he knows several foreign languages, William’s main focus is writing SEO articles for businesses that want to drive their brand in the international market. His goal is to continually help more marketers fill Google search results with content that really matters.

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Captain XIA from Sirius: Gaia Is Already In 5D ~ September 29, 2019

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Channeled By: Inger


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the ascent and awakening of the people has increased significantly. Everything is going according to plan. The Divine Plan that we are all part of. 

We on the ships are continuously working to help GAIA and the people with the ascent to higher frequencies. GAIA has already lifted to a higher frequency to the fifth dimension and she wants people to follow. Everyone should follow, but the work must be done by the people themselves. 

The galaxies located outside the atmosphere help to send light to the people on Earth, but the light workers also contribute their light to the people as well as to the galaxies in the atmosphere. 

The strong love light that constantly radiates over the Earth is constantly increasing in strength and even the radiation from the sun is very intense right now. They have been raised when the autumn equinox occurred and they are something that everyone can enjoy. 

The ascent symptoms can be various severe or mild. It depends on what frequency you are in. Try to just be in the present and accept these symptoms and be assured that they will get better the more the body becomes more attuned to the light of love. 

It gets brighter on Earth and everyone will feel a great joy as the frequency has become higher but before that it can become more turbulent in society and feel as if it is only getting darker instead. Some of the darkness must come up to the light to be cleared away and to allow the light to take the place it is intended. The light will prevail no matter how dark and difficult it is. 

We are very excited about this channel that is forwarding our messages on the ascension of people. 

Live in love with yourself and each other as the light carriers you are. 

Captain XIA with crew

Big thanks … In love I earn … I AM. 


Your Lighthouse Phase is Complete ~ March 19, 2019

By Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Hello, to those who feel refreshed and new. Of course, many of you will respond you feel no different. And such might be true even though most reading this message have undergone massive internal changes.

Your personal acknowledgment of such is that you see the good or the sunshine in your life despite indicators to the contrary from media and those with whom you interact.

Perhaps your interactions seem the same except you are uncomfortable when others relay negative thoughts or actions. Listening to them list how terrible life is or using negative terms has become similar to hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. Something you have not necessarily experienced before the past few weeks of energies and shifts.

It is not that you are unwilling to accept negativity, but instead that you no longer wish to be mired in those thoughts. Similar to what you felt when your teen-ager pouted for the thousandth time about what he or she could not do. Did you not wish to run from the house screaming or place tape on that teenager’s mouth even though you loved them?

So it is for you now. You are part of all that is of the earth and the Universes, but you no longer wish to hunker down in fear and compliance just because others do. You have become your own person. Someone who does not answer to anyone, yet someone cognizant of all.

A completely different stance than you have ever experienced while of the earth. For you were trained to think of yourself first and others as an afterthought. An indication of this is the ongoing 3D counter-training that classifies those who serve others before themselves as heroes or unique.

You are discovering that you cannot serve others unless you love yourself. Not in the “I’m better” or “Everyone is out to get me so I must protect myself” modes that have been the earth norms for eons. But instead, “Because I love myself as I am, I have the energy and need to experience we are one.”

Before this transition, your self-protection mode was that everyone is an enemy unless proven otherwise. Your new mode of operation is that everyone is part of you despite differences of opinion or action. Beliefs and emotions that are not possible until you love yourself.

Many of you are countering that you do not feel that acceptance of others. Do not worry, you will. You are now “testing the waters” by accepting those of your inner circle with differing opinions or actions.

Perhaps someone in your inner circle has a much different view than you of religion, politics, self-help, child-rearing, or money. Even though you do not agree with all their beliefs, you love them. Such is what we are speaking of.

You no longer view life as black and white, right or wrong. Instead, you view the larger picture of what others hold in their heart. A view expanding daily despite your disclaimers to the contrary.

For once you fully accept that you are in control of your life, you have no need to divide yourself from others. It is only when you are afraid others might taint your thoughts or control the masses, that you need to vilify those different from you.

Once you truly love yourself, you will have no need to separate yourself from anyone fearing that their strength or ideas will overtake yours. Such is what created the original 3D fear. You hid your true power to be of 3D earth. As you did so lifetime after lifetime, you forgot you were in control of your life instead of some puppetmaster somewhere.

Some of you will respond that even though you are in control of your life, most earthlings continue to dance to a puppetmaster who is neither loving nor honorable. Ah, those thoughts inform you that you do not yet truly love yourself. For if you did, such would not be a concern for you would know that all will transition in time. Just as you knew without a doubt that your son or daughter would outgrow childish toys.

Your current fear is that you are new you, but such is not true for most. Which means that the earth fears of today will continue forever. That even though you are wise and loving, there are not enough like you to shift the earth from fear to love. We remind you that every 3D generation felt the same about the generation following for after watching them play childish games they had difficulties imagining those youngsters growing beyond childishness. So it is now.

Your image of you is more loving daily. You know you are maturing into 5D and beyond in thoughts and actions. But you do not yet trust that those who follow are taking their transition seriously or even able to transition.

Do not fret. Think of this transition as a lighthouse coming to life – slowly in your thoughts – and rapidly in ours. You turned your lighthouse beacon on months or years ago which began lighting sections of the water UNTIL the action ramped up to include larger sections of water for greater lengths of time.

Once a section is fully lit, there is no need to have an outside beacon for it becomes a lighthouse of its own. So it is happening now on earth. Instead of one lighthouse, there are millions of lighthouses spreading more and more light.

So it is you are no longer responsible for lighting the earth. You completed that phase some time ago even though it has been difficult for you to accept such is true. As if you graduated from high school and refused to acknowledge you were no longer a high school student.

You are no longer responsible for lighting the world. That responsibility has been taken on by those who follow.

Your only responsibility is to love yourself – an action you accelerated the past few weeks. So it is that those different from you are becoming less threatening and more loveable – if not today, then tomorrow. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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New Moon in Scorpio ~ Dreams DO Come True ~ November 5, 2018

L’Aura Pleiadian

So here we are. Do things feel like they are at a stand still? Or are you gasping for air? As everything shifts within you, then around you? You know this is about your transformation ~ right? When all is said and done, it will be YOU ~ facing your inner joy or inner demons. Make peace with the inner demons now. Make peace with how you have been that does not live up to your own expectations.

In other words LOVE YOURSELF ~ so that you will KNOW yourself to be LOVE.

I know, for those of you that read my posts I am starting off differently in how I am writing.

There is a good reason for that. So many are still looking outside of their own inner consciousness, believing in a world that will repair itself.

The world is YOU. The world is but a reflection of your inner consciousness.

It is the mirror you are peering into even if you do not realize it is a mirror.

THIS New Moon ~ the FLOOD gates open wide, and what we will have and experience is a GREATER more profound reflection of this MIRROR of awareness.

We will be FACE to face with WHAT is within us, LIKE never before.

The FLOOD Gates open wide. The Dream or the nightmare…is within. Coming out of the nightmare…we bless, we love, we are thankful.

Freedom and a life beyond your wildest dreams where JOY is everywhere, where the Lights are brighter, where true Love fills all the voids…in a heart that is pounding in bliss.

This New Moon is in Scorpio, on November 7th, 2018 at 12:01 pm AST. That is right we will be back to Standard time. For those of us in Canada and The United States ~ our time change is November 4th. It will be darker earlier. The darkness helps us appreciate even more the LIGHT.

This New Moon will be trine Neptune. This will activate (depending on your life plan) your dreams and desires, your love and passion. Who doesn’t want that? Yet, be aware, any traces of memories connected to fear, guilt, will be up for clearing ~ that is ~ to be held in the LIGHT through the darkness, of LOVE.

New Moon trine Pluto ~ got to love that. I love Pluto, the master transformer. The dig deep and reveal ~ aspect of the subconscious mind. SO deep inner dreams awakening.

Dreams of love and true love. Use this activation by Pluto energies to allow you to peer into greater inner depths within you which will awaken you more profoundly to all that has seemed hidden within you.

IN THE landscape of you life, your inner world is the Garden you are tending to, even if unaware. 

Venus will be Trine Mars, relating, relationships, passion, all activated here and will be unique to you and your inner journey and freedom.

Jupiter Quincunx Uranus, and we have electrical charges and impulses! Fated events, apparent synchronicities (which are always occurring) bring the acknowledgement of the DIVINE force and orchestration that follows your own inner level of consciousness. The great omens….of inner JOY ~ awaken even the most deeply asleep from their slumber…

For those of you on your Ascension Path, we rise as we rise within.

So here it is, here you ARE. Here we Are and once again as in eternity, explore the inner landscape of your world. The reflection follows.

Always, in love.


August 2018 Ascension Energy Predictions Forecast ~ July 31, 2018

The War within heats up as does the energy from the Triple Retrograde! Mercury, Mars & Saturn call forward STRONG enrergy to RESOLVE! You can MASTER this month ..Sri & Kira share Phenomenal info…AMAZING! Thursdays 8pm, PT: Soul Mirror and Sundays NOON, PT,