FIFTY8 / Seeds of Creation ~ may 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Once again, the magazine “Fifty8, The Seeds of Creation is presented for your viewing. Personally, I find this information resonates with me because it both explains the “reason” for many concepts while urging acceptance and love for ALL That Is. I would like to see the idea of vibration discussed a bit more… Continue reading FIFTY8 / Seeds of Creation ~ may 19, 2019

Situation Update ~ August 17, 2016

Keep it comin’ Cobra! This is Cobra’s promised mid-month report giving us the current “State of Planet Earth” (my title). Cobra provides a TON of information through links given throughout this article. I recommend that folks “study up” unless you want to be clueless and uninformed about what we may be seeing in the next… Continue reading Situation Update ~ August 17, 2016