Situation Update ~ Dec. 8, 2017

Ah! Cobra comes to us with another important message about where humanity is at, in his opinion, in our quest for FREEDOM! I Am really quite tired, but wanted to make this important message public. please read, hold on as our FREEDOM is almost in out grasp (think of the wonder and JOY we will… Continue reading Situation Update ~ Dec. 8, 2017

Situation Update ~ August 17, 2016

Keep it comin’ Cobra! This is Cobra’s promised mid-month report giving us the current “State of Planet Earth” (my title). Cobra provides a TON of information through links given throughout this article. I recommend that folks “study up” unless you want to be clueless and uninformed about what we may be seeing in the next… Continue reading Situation Update ~ August 17, 2016