FIFTY8 / Seeds of Creation ~ may 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Once again, the magazine “Fifty8, The Seeds of Creation is presented for your viewing. Personally, I find this information resonates with me because it both explains the “reason” for many concepts while urging acceptance and love for ALL That Is.

I would like to see the idea of vibration discussed a bit more and perhaps vibratory rates are merely the beginning for these ideas. Being human, I Am excited by the idea that Earth serves as a “healer” for our entire galaxy because it holds diversity through our DNA which is from many galactic societies!

Please read on and let the ideas presented work into your psyche, develop your own thoughts, and most of all, be…



Earth is a grand experiment, complete with genetic material from thousands of worlds.  Along with that genetic material comes all the emotional experiences of all those species.
Earth is a planet of emotion.

Earth is also the zero point of the milky way galaxy. Here on Earth, we created contracts and blueprints that allowed us to replay galactic issues
on a somewhat smaller scale with the hope of being able to release
judgment. Humans also hold a full spectrum/range of emotions, from the
extreme high and low. Our emotions are also called frequencies. We are
teaching the entire galaxy compassion.

But where did these emotions & diversity come from?
For the past 7 months I’ve been researching this idea of our connection to ET’s and the ascension process of our consciousness.  

  I’ve discovered that our bodies and ET bodies are prototypes of integration of polarity (+/-) energy.  

But the energy and consciousness behind every being is all the same, we
are all from Source.  Some species (prototypes) can only hold certain
frequencies/emotions.  This limited band of frequency/emotions has
created wars and destruction of 2 other Earth’s, one being Mars.
So the human prototype was created.

  Our bodies hold a full spectrum of frequencies/emotions in order to
experience integration of positive/negative energies.  As we have all been a form of ET’s in this Grand Experiment, they are all now here to remind
us of ourselves.  They are in a sense our children and will play and
manipulate us only if there is ego and personality.  They force us to face
our fears and shadows in order to evolve and integrate those energies.
So here on Earth, we are playing out a Cosmic drama on a smaller
scale.   Those emotions are what relate to those races and are what we have to transcend.
Earth is a mirror and a micro experience of all your past lives on Earth
and the Universe that are happening NOW.  We have ALL been a Reptilian, Pleiadian, Zeta Reticuli, Dow, Lyran, Avian, Andromedan and so
on…those frequencies/emotions that those specific beings carry exist in
our DNA. 

Some of us connect to a certain star system because we can relate to the
energy and emotions behind them.  But on Earth we have to integrate
those energies.
We have been seeded by many forms of races in our history.  
They have
seeded the human race with DNA with every form of
So this article I created is that story.  

  The story of our consciousness becoming separated and individualized to experience matter and how it all comes together from healing other lives we’ve had in the Universe.  I created this article to help others connect to
their energy, discover their traits that relate to certain races DNA and
create more unconditional love to others who are unaware of their energy.  
We all have played a part of the light and the dark.
Now is the time to unite that separation consciousness by integrating ourselves back
together through unconditional love.  This is how we heal the entire
The beginning of our story is about dispersing light & energy or
Dimensional Infusion” and the end is about the organization of the c
onstituent elements of ourselves into a coordinated, harmonious whole,
Integration of Energy.
We are all from Source.

This existence is about our evolution.
Source separated itself into fractals so it could learn how to
LOVE itself and bring all of itself back HOME.
I passing a beam of light through a PRISM, one gets a spectrum of light…
Fragmented into 7 Visible Color Frequencies. They are:

Point Zero, Infinite Unknown, Gamma Ray, X-Ray,
Ultraviolet Blue, Visible Light, Infrared, & Hertzian.
When a portion of the Whole passed through the PRISM OF LYRA, Consciousness was fragmented into 7 Vibratory Frequencies that represent the mass consciousness of Earth’s galactic family.
Thousands of years ago, Higher Dimensional Non-Physical Beings, wanted to create an experience/game in density to forget who they were and then try to get out of it.  They wanted to know, “Who AM I?” But it wouldn’t be easy.  There would be distractions in all aspects of their experience/life.
READ MORE / Seeds of Creation
Your Auric Field, is called your Spirit, the God of your Being.
It is a
direct connector to the flow of that which is termed the river of thought into memory, the soul of your being, which is called the lord of your being.
The soul’s sole purpose is to record thought felt and exchanged through
the kingdom, the body of the God that inhabits it. The soul records
memory, not in vision but in feelings. Hence from feelings, a word is formulated to describe it. Without the soul, you cannot occupy thought, you cannot have memory, you cannot create, for you cannot make a thought
stand still to contemplate it.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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  1. sibyltowers says:

    The content and the written word is very beautiful, and I agree with so much of it I’d prefer not to comment further.
    Lots of love Sibyl X


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