Twin Soul Ascension Report ~ Galactics Working with Divine Masculines to Collectively Awaken ~ March 11, 2019

By matahariji

Namaste brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with news from the dimensional veil that has now virtually diminished in its entirety. We come forth heralding the Eternal song of gratitude to all of you brothers and sisters who came forward on the 333 portal, in your Ascension/soul groups with the intention to fully activate within the collective consciousness field – the releasing of the Christ-oil which has always been a fundamental aspect of our evolutionary potential as angelic humans.

The most extraordinarily important work took place on this date with regards to the reinstatement of Nikola Tesla and his template of free energy being anchored into the crystalline core of Gaia – overwriting all lower timelines and lower-frequency agendas.

We from the higher realms have no words in your human language to possibly convey the significance of what took place on that portal  date – suffice to say, the vibration of earth exponentially Transformed On that date. Empowering and revealing with pristine clarity, humanity’s direct connection with the blue avian beings.

Blue avian beings hold an extremely important role in Earth’s Ascension and the fact that they have presented themselves or come online so to speak is so huge and so significant with regards to humanity aligning swiftly with the solar flash event and the anchoring in of the Golden Age.

There is currently over 1 billion blue avian beings amongst you dearest ones, most of these beings have been here for a very long time, but humanities consciousness was not at the vibratory level to be able to tune into their frequency. But due to the monumental shifts within the collective Consciousness that have recently taken place, this has orchestrated a significant shift in the collective frequency of Gaia, thus enabling a very clear form of contact with these important galactic beings.

The blue avians are very much connected to humanity in an extraordinarily benevolent way, and can be seen as our big brothers and sisters who loves us deeply and unconditionally. These beings are working on behalf of Source – Mother/ Father God and have come forth on a mission to assist in gaias full and complete Ascension into 5th dimensional consciousness.

You are invited to contact the blue avian beings in your meditation or in your dream time or just before you fall asleep at night. The Blue avians have particular light codes for starseeds pertaining to your galactic origins and reinstatement of your original blueprint that has been 100% entirely freed of all lower programming from the artificial intelligence third dimensional Matrix.

Many many Frontline way showers are reporting about the significance of the March Ascension energies and this channel would like to reiterate the significance of March 2019 in regards to this planets shift in density.

The reason why the energies of March are so Potent is because you starseeds have done the work. On the whole, you have faced your shadow, you have stopped running from yourself, you have dropped the masks, left toxic relationships, and remembered that self love is the key to the higher dimensions. You are now setting Forth clear boundaries that are in Direct alignment with your Remembrance of your divinity, and the fact that it is your duty to set forth those boundaries as a king or queen – high sovereign being.

Due to the work that all you starseeds have done, please know it is this, which is creating the monumental shift in energy that all Awakened ones are exponentially tuning into currently.

Keep going starseeds, keep committing to the practice of becoming the observer of the egoic consciousness – The Rise and Fall of all temporary thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Prioritise finding a spiritual practice that will empower the Observer – the Witness consciousness that is your true, abiding and eternal self.  Also beloveds commit to a practice of gratitude as many times a day as possible. Go on rampages of gratitude whenever you remember to do so. This one single action will shift your frequency, so rapidly and so efficiently, and enable you to stabilize at 5th Dimensional consciousness, quicker than any other practice.

We would like to now take a moment to speak about the current energetics that are playing out between the Divine masculine and divine feminine currently, with regards specifically to the 144000 star seed twin Souls who have incarnated as original source beings to bring forth and reactivate the original Christ and Sophia yeshua / Magdalen divine holy Union template.

As we spoke about in our last written transmission, Huge monumental shifts have taken place within the Divine feminine collective consciousness, and the Divine feminine has completely freed herself of all illusory shackles that were imposed on her by the patriarchy, who sort, via any way shape or means to control the wildness in the Divine feminines nature.

The agenda of this has now been fully exposed enabling the Divine feminine to cut all cords that were attaching her to being a “good girl” a “good wife” and a “tame” citizen, through the false idea that, in order for her to have a socially acceptable life she had to be bound eternally to a man. The insidiousness and depth of this programming is utterly unfathomable to the human mind, hence why many extremely awakened divine feminines were not even aware that these programs were still binding them.

Please know dearest ones, that this time line has now completed and the Divine feminine has 100% completely and utterly liberated herself. She has risen and is rising, as the truth that she is a free wild woman that God created, and is perpetually unbound by any dark 3D programming. She has entirely freed herself of all manipulation and control. She is a sovereign being, a high queen, and she remembers completely that there is no higher authority than herself.

In this rising of the Divine feminine, this has activated an atomic shift within the Divine masculine, whose 3d false reality, previously was being fed via her attention, and her unconscious fears of being alone. Now the masculines 3D energy source has dried up, and he is noticing this, which is forcing him to turn inwards to his heart and face the shouting and screaming of his heart, which remembers fully that he is in fact a divine masculine who has incarnated to unite in eternal Bliss with his divine consort, his eternal divine feminine queen.

The Ascension energies are now exponentially increasing as we approach the spring equinox Gateway (in the northern hemisphere) This year equinox is On the 20th of March at 5:58 EDT.

On this date we are being called to gather together to do extremely important work for the collective with regards to clearing the dark energetic grid which has held the template of human trafficking and child sex abuse….Dearest ones,  it is imperative for the ascension trajectory that this particular area is entirely cleared through us focusing on overwriting these templates with the new grids that hold the “Divine child’s” Innocence as the most guarded over force on this earthly realm.

Please know dearest ones, that we are being called together to not focus on the Old Darkness, instead we are being called to birth the true template – which holds Gods children’s  Innocence as the most important energy, that must be guarded over on this earthly realm.

Dearest ones, it is so important that as many of you come forward as possible to be part of this extremely important Earth ceremony. Indeed please know it is absolutely imperative that if you are reading these words you find yourself in a  soul group or soul gathering on this extremely important equinox date.

On this date we are also being called to work with our galactic team to establish a blessing of vibrational equilibrium for the Divine masculine and feminines. We are being called to work in the inner Earth chambers of Mount shasta with the blue avian beings who have specific codes for US pertaining to us as a collective species stabilizing in the frequency of vibrational equilibrium with our own inner masculine and feminine energies.

Please know that this is an extremely high vibrational ceremony for you personally to be involved in with regards to your own personal evolution. The transmissions have been created to fast-track your evolution, and all those who show up diligently for this work unanimously experience a profound alignment with their true Christ nature, through showing up for this level of spiritual service. Please see below for full details to book on to the transmission.

On a closing note,many of you are observing huge shifts taking place with your relationship to food. We would just like to take a moment to speak about this. Everything about you is dismantling from the old 3D matrix. You were all trained and conditioned to have three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as evolving sovereign crystalline beings your true forms were created to eat only when you are hungry, and for many this dismantling and transition is exactly what is taking place right now. Dearest ones, we encourage you to drink lots of water stay hydrated and as much as possible eat foods that are filled with water and light, ideally fruit and vegetables. These are building blocks for your body and will nourish your cells and replenish your blood.

Please know dearest ones, that it is our greatest honour to gather with you all..

See you on the equinox transmission

many blessings Jenji and the white wolf tribe




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