The Future is Still Forming ~ September 16, 2020

So many think that life will go back to ‘normal’ again.

It will not.

Such deep and profound shifts have taken place in the last few months, and indeed immense paradigm shifts in all directions, that life just never will be the same again.

We cannot go back.

The old has gone.

The only place we can go now in any direction is in the here and now and being fully present, in the now.

The future is still in the forming.When I was meditating this morning, having a quiet spot by the beach, all to myself, with just the singing birds and the thundering surf as company, the mountains, and sea, my heart and soul was overflowing with gratitude.

It came from the deepest recesses in me.

With it the deepest understanding, that this moment was perfect.

This moment was a Divine Gift. This moment, brought Oneness in its most expressive form.No-thing was missing.

All was perfect in its cosmic, loving unfolding.Nothing I could do or say or act upon could add to that perfection.

I just needed to be held within it, and dissolve within it, and BECOME it!

There truly is a blessing, hidden within every seeming crisis.

There is a world hidden within a grain of sand.Most walk unconsciously in and on the sands of immortality and recognize it not!

Yet immortality lives within us, right here and right now.

What if that immortality, that perfection is now being created within ourselves and outside of ourselves, without our even being consciously aware of its unfolding?

What if we are looking of for a kind of world, which in truth has lived it course and has dissolved, and the New is unlike anything we ever have known before?

Look into your heart and allow the inner seeing to lead you, and not the outer you, the mind.

The heart-soul will show you visions, show you and guide you into a much higher and more profound, version of your own Source-Soul-Self!I was given such a vision again, just the other day. I had tears.

The vision moved me so much! And I realized that the old me, the old me, even before the Lock-Down does not exist anymore.

I have evolved beyond recognition.

I needed that vision, to remind me, that I now need to operate at in a much higher dimensional octave and thus need to expand in all directions, and not shrink or try to shrink back in what I once thought I was!

Read that again!W

hat I was given, applies to you too.

You are expanding in all directions now, and you cannot shrink or try to shrink back into what you were before!

What a gift!Embrace it!

Your playing small does not serve you, nor the greater whole anymore.It is all hands on deck and not on a sailing ship anymore – but on a huge Inter-dimensional, inter-Universal Mothership and entering infinite space!

What a journey of discovery!What an opportunity!Wow!Stepping into our highest truth amplified by the Power of Love and the Source-Self within.

Judith Kusel ********

Ascension Energies ~ February 6, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yippee! We’ve got this! Somehow, someway, now that the impeachment issue has been favorably resolved for President Trump (the #1 cheerleader of the Light for Planet Earth), it’s far easier for humanity to relax a bit, breathe, and realize the Dark are frantic with panic. We all know panic is/chaos a prelude to organizational change at a higher level of order. Ya think…? 🙂

Our Galactic cousins are in agreement with this idea of positive change ultimately leading to personal resolutions to change within…a change of consciousness (let’s call it expansion) which is…Ascension! The only way expansion can take place is to further your harboring of Love in your life, your thoughts, and your ideas,which culminate in your Being…



~Ananja Michell and the Pleiadians xx

Firstly – THIS IS the Ascension. This is it. If, by any chance, 2019 wasn’t intense enough for you (haha!) then 2020 will most definitely be making up for it. I feel that day by day right now, we are living and breathing our ascension. There’s no escaping it any more. There’s no trying to pace it or take it slowly. This is happening, and it’s happening now.

The levels of light hitting the planet right now are incredibly intense. We’re being blasted by high-frequency, multidimensional light and light codes. This is truly flushing out all that is not in alignment with Source. While we may have been prepared for witnessing this play out on the global stage (in various forms of warfare, political and global upheaval, ‘natural’ disasters etc.), what we may not have been quite so prepared for is the inner purging that is taking place.

What’s happening now is that we’ve drawn close enough to the Event for the power of this light to be working multidimensionally. Our relationship with reality is adjusting, distorting, accelerating; it’s like time and space as we know it are being contorted and twisted into new dimensions of reality. This is becoming so intense, so powerful and visceral that there’s only one thing left to do; let go and enjoy the ride.

We’re on the home run. I kind of feel like anything goes now! Who knows what the next days, weeks and months will have in store?! It might get tough, but there is nothing that you can’t handle. You were built for this. You’ve travelled eons and light years to reach this point in space and time; the Grand Finale. You’ve been gradually closed down and compacted into a perspective of reality that is false and limited. You’re now going through that process of expanding, blossoming and in many ways exploding into that impactful palette of rainbow colours and light that you know, deep down in your soul, is your true essence. The time has come. Let go of expectations of how it will look; get out of your own way and allow it to be what it needs to be. You have SO got this!

All our love,
~Ananja Michell and the Pleiadians xx

Light Expands Us With Energy ~ February 4, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes indeedy, energetic expansion DOES stem from holding a higher energetic frequency (high vibes, anyone?) inside! Now that humanity has entered a day, a new NOW moment from the opening of energetic portals (Jan. 11-12, jan. 24-25, Feb. 2), I like to think of Quantum Love stemming from the Quantum Energies now pouring over the Earth (see here).

Don’t worry, Becoming a Quantum Being will be coming soon to you as frequencies rise both in yourself, and in our environment which will happen naturally for each, as it should. relax, breathe a bit, and BE…



By A Gift From Gaia

Happiest of Moonday to All and what a moon day it’s set to be, as she comes into a plethora of harmonious aspects to the streams of energy being sent from the bodies further out, Saturn, Lilith, Ceres and Chiron, powerful sharing of their celestial songs.

Ringing our receiver, the moon like the bell that she is for all to feel the reverberations.

Unconscious programming and splitting will show up with a power surge of emotions, this incredible lightness available will feel heavy, with weighted emotions, a good sign to let those lost know they are stood behind the looking glass, and we have to stand in front, to see the reflection before we even get to see through the looking glass….

Positioning is essential

A highly feminine day for us to soften everything down, breathe, smile and love deeply everything that enters the field, as the gift it is.
Even if it means saying no thank you….
The choice to make things personal, is exactly that, a choice…truth is everything is simply a frequency and it either can unify in harmony or it can’t, resolution and resolving is showing to those “hell bent” on fixing out there through the old Piscean sticky plaster technique, Unhealed Healer ways to be highly draining, and is rapidly realising the lack of life force, to continue highlights the ignorance and avoidance held in these unconscious beliefs and ways.

It sounds tough, it will look tough as many who you have loved as guides spin into exhaustion.

Light expands us with energy, it’s constant, there is no overwhelm, sickness, exhaustion because all is aligned.
When we are being starved of our light force then we have a huge block, within the mind…..this can be rectified so simply, once the attachment to the old is allowed to leave.

Then the force begins to flow….for the first time, real time, not make believe anymore and the ability to rejuvenate and hold constant “states” all states becomes simple.

It is not a belief, we are LIVING and without one shred of avoidance, an impossible distortion when you exist in complete acceptance.

The Moon does make a square, which will feed these lower frequencies with the aggravation required to push many through the outer limits, which in turn immediately will open the channel to take each within.
The moon is making square to Mercury who is on the final degree of Aquarius, done talking, done trying, it’s completed, frequ1ncy will dictate the spectrum of abrupt to smooth, all is dependent on the ability to see the bigger picture.

Mars sextiles Juno, which to those who play out in the reality and are reactive will no doubt be having something or someone catch their eye, but for those who are within, moving and adjusting the reality through frequ1ncy will no doubt find more depth inside and the love and connection powers up for those who choose to exist within their hearts.

It is most likely to feel your masculine energy want to push, to order, to state, to do, but today the energy dictates something different.

It’s a day to listen to the guidance within, the moon and mercury are trying to highlight where there is completion, where more needs to be noticed, pay attention and follow the guidance. Mars and Juno want to open up, not out there, but within, to give more, to love more, to spark those fires of passion to create something of significance, of course it goes without saying that relationships are formed with this energy but we also know they are formed on our core frequency, and let me tell you, one thing I am so in love with is continuing to raise my own frequency, because the relationships I now attract are so Divinely perfect, so supportive, so loving and so incredibly authentic.

If we are to play in a mirrored world then let’s a become responsible and create the most magical reflections.

This process becomes SOULy about the individual until the unification begins within, again, a reflection and a frequency match, we unify in light when align to light.

The moon passing Saturn, sets the karmic tone after we passed Jupiter, Pluto and opened the unified code of 02022020 the matriarchal frequency, not to be mistaken for feminine rule, it is balance and harmony, it is the unification of the masculine and feminine, fully in partnership, listening and acting accordingly.

Just miles away from my home the field was shook or set with a tone of destruction, fear is currently rising to be distinguished, we hold all those in love.
The UK breaks it’s karmic chains and the reaction or perceived chaos must rise to neutralise, hold space angels and fully experience the Divine Order of how energy works, liking it or not is just part of the attachment, allow it to pass freely as the storms within your own reality have.

It is just a pattern

And as the walkers of light that we are, we hold that most highest, expanded awareness, we hold our field, the tone, we paint the colours of our picture and we hold the future vision, we have the eye to see, the heart to feel and we fully accept the distortions must be seen, felt to be dealt with, aligned in order for us to heal.

Expand your hearts and meet me on the inside

With all my love always

Andrea 💙💙💙

February 2020 report

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Shifts in Vibrational Frequencies ~ Now ~ December 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: NOW is the moment…the moment of expanding your BEing into a new level of consciousness, of looking within yourself for ALL that you are, all the many layers of WHO YOU ARE.

Enter the Portal of Mirrors, KNOW your eternal self, and BE…



by  L’Aura Pleiadian

Timelines have shifted.

Many have stepped into the New Levels of Being. Becoming more consciously aware.

Being aware of the changes WITHIN YOU ~ is observing your conscious transformation through the mirror of consciousness. Everything then changes.

Consciousness as data and records are continuing to go through the Portal of Mirrors.

YOU are going through the Portal of Mirrors and you ARE being anointed, now.

As levels of consciousness continue to expand here with conscious beings ~ being present ~  all levels and dimensions are simultaneously impacted.

The expansion of consciousness and its momentum, is exponentially impacting all consciousness everywhere, throughout the Universe.

YOU are a signalling device of your frequency and you are transmitting  your frequency to all everywhere.

There is nothing missing.

The eternal you, is highly aware of all levels and is fully conscious throughout.

Your form ~ through your DNA is in the process of fully linking consciously to all the dimensions you exist.

Your form and DNA have changed and you are adapting to the change.

Your thoughts have changed.

Everything is new in every moment for you, from this moment on.

This was always so, now you are awakening to the YOU that lives as the awakened you.

Everything is playing out perfectly. Your Presence is in the present moment and is the Divine Force, that knows all is perfect as is now.

We are riding the waves of this Transfiguration process with you.

WE are at the gate and the Portals are open for ALL ~ as Planned, before the Earth began.

There are no mistakes.

In love, we journey with You. Throughout eternity, all Now.


Eruption: Limitation in 5D ~ Dec. 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: (Thanks E!) Ready for a change in your environment, and…perhaps even in yourself? As the individual and human collective consciousness expands from 3D to 5D, the message below indicates we WILL see positive changes and still can/will need to experience further expansion.

Ready for a wonderful ride? Ready…set…get started expanding your heart, and BE…



Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj! The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

Why am I not satisfied with 5D Earth?

There are many reasons of course. But I will discuss here a few major ones.

Contrary to the beliefs of the spiritual community, you do not “become a God” in the 5th dimension. What do I mean by this?

There is still great limitation even in the 5th dimension.

The things we are interested about the most in the spiritual community seems to be DNA and our divine or “godly powers”. And this is where some may be somewhat disappointed.

For one, DNA will not be 100% activated in the 5th dimension.

Your brain will not function at 100% even in the 5th dimension.

Your SOUL POWER/s will not be automatically “fully” turned on in the 5th dimension.

I’d like to see a higher source state otherwise.

The channeled messages we receive from higher sources are never specific on any of these things. In fact most channeled messages are vague at best.

5D will however “beat” 3D most certainly, in all aspects.

Part 3