Rick Jewers ~ March 25, 2020

Minor Solar Flashes have been Created in the Etheric which will begin to be equated into this timeline shortly. These Flashes are being Created as a result of the Mother Creator aspects being enhanced through the Highest Divine Unions during a preparation process. The HIGHEST DIVINE WORK is done in the Etheric State and then translated/integrated into the lower timelines such as the current primary Ascending Timeline. Divine Mother and Father aspects/representatives are incarnated here in the physical at this most auspicious time to serve and fulfill the transcending of the Human experience in conjunction with the overall Ascension. This specialized group of Divine Unions are the prominent Creators assigned for this reality and the transition thereof, under strict Guidance of the overall Divine Plan of Mother/Father Prime Creator.

Your attention is required in activating the Easter Island Stargate and reversing the lesser timelines and memories from Ancient Experiences upon Gaia. As with Atlantis, Lemuria must rise as well, so the energetic history can be accommodated to the NEW with the old premise that something went wrong, erased. There is to be no negative emotional baggage to be carried forward from these times, the script was written for those times as perfect and this is to be fully realized and accepted as You rise into the Higher Divine Knowledge and memory of Your Point of Origin. You are to Create Yourself out of the game, out of the lower densities, the absence of fear does this for You. Continue with Your Activations, for present happenings upon the surface Divinely assured, important playing areas are cleared for furthering the process at a more rapid speed.

Love and Light
Rick ❤️

The Art of Hyper Dimensional War ~ July 27, 2018

Editor’s note; yes…these attacks are for real! How do I know?…because I have suffered emotional, mental, and spiritual  abuse as a result of attacks by the dark team. You’ll just never know exactly how these attacks will occur, but the result is the inability to think cognitively with spiritual difficulty thereby effectively dimming your light!. IF you are a Lightworker, please red this article and learn how to actively protect yourself…it’s SO worth it, and…



Source: montalk.net | by Tom Montalk

This is a summary of what I have learned from my encounters with inner and outer demons. Let this text be food for thought and don’t take my word for anything… but do customize what you read here to fit your own experience.
First, understand that you only experience what you need or choose to experience, and what you need to experience was chosen by you at some other time or level of being. Therefore, you are in some way responsible for all that happens to you, whether you created it or allowed it.

The attacks you receive ultimately serve to teach you lessons, and how successfully you defend against these attacks determines how easily you learn your lesson. Learning a lesson before the experience often voids the necessity of having to experience it.
Second, in the absolute sense the Matrix Control System serves to accelerate your spiritual growth, and although its agents see you as the enemy, know that you can utilize them as teachers. You do not need to seek them out, for they will find you as you progress in your learning path. Most importantly, know that you will never be given anything you cannot choose to handle successfully.

Now, the likelihood of an attack depends upon two factors:

a) their desire to attack – the attention you garner

b) their ability to attack – the weakness of your defense

Having strong defenses and lowering your profile as a target reduce the probability of being attacked.

Strong defenses consist of the following:

1) being aware of your internal weaknesses and countering or watching them closely — emotional buttons, ego flaws, lack of knowledge and false assumptions, resentment and envy, bias and prejudice against the bitter truth, emotional dependency upon sources of authority, blindspots in your awareness, etc…

2) being aware of your external weaknesses and countering or watching them closely — people you depend upon or who depend upon you, who can become unwitting tools of attack via their weaknesses being exploited; aspects of your finances and business which can be sabotaged and thus lead to a cascading series of problems; potential health weaknesses you may have which can be flared up in an attack to wear you down; physical and mechanical problems like car accidents and malfunction, slipping and falling on something to hurt yourself, missing appointments due to various odd mishaps delaying you; and if all that doesn’t work, then the people you care for are attacked in these same areas which necessarily gets you involved.

3) being resolute and wise in your decisions — they attack mainly to bias the decisions you haven’t yet made, and to reinforce the wrong decisions you make. This has to do with the Law of Freewill and the STS (negative path) preference to win by their target’s own will to submit. So prior to making the right choice, you may be attacked to keep you from making it. But once you make it, since any further attacks may only confirm for you that you’ve made the right choice, so they tend to stop immediately once that learning plateau has been reached. If you make the wrong choice, they then attack you even harder to make you think you’ve made the right one.

If you are wishy washy, agnostic, and conservative in your decision making, perhaps because you’re afraid of making mistakes or being definitive, you will receive constant attacks because you’re straddling the fence and that is where you’re most easily tipped over to either side by the least amount of force. STSattacks the weakest link at its weakest moment, and being irresolute about your decisions creates just such an opportunity for them. It is better to make a firm decision and be wrong (as then the results show that you have been wrong and you can easily reverse the mistake) than to fear ever being wrong and thus become wishy washy (which makes you uncertain of everything and totally undisciplined in your progress).

Lowering your profile as a target consists of these:

1) stopping whatever you’re doing that makes you a threat — not a good option, as that defeats the very purpose of your existence. Any step forward toward independence for yourself and others will naturally shine the spotlight upon you. To reduce attack, don’t cower in the spotlight and return to your former self, but rather move forward with ever increasing strength of your defenses. Gaining knowledge and applying it naturally ups your defenses – so the very knowledge that makes you a target can protect you against succumbing to attacks. Those who hoard knowledge without taking it seriously enough to apply in life get all the targeting that comes with great knowledge, but possess only half the protection, so they get eliminated pretty quickly.

2) seeking to learn from all you experience — if you are open to learning from your experiences, then the more they try to attack you, the more knowledgeable you become. They take a gamble every time they attack – either they win and you become weak, or they lose and you become stronger. It’s your choice. Being egotistical psychopaths prone to wishful thinking about their skill and prowess, they always attack and usually end up shooting themselves in the foot when they attack a strong target.

3) keeping up a positive emotional frequency — if you are spazzy, frightful, and fearful, you become a reaction machine, one with buttons so sensitive it takes a simple “boo” to get you to splurge all your emotional energy into your etheric environment which STS forces lap up with delight and then use to hack into your reality more easily next time. You become a puppet they can easily control, and they will do their best to use your reactive condition to their advantage.

Additionally, although 4D STS forces can see beyond linear time and analyze our probable futures and pasts, their perception range is limited due to the narrow spectrum of their soul frequencies. Thus they can only see and predict that which resides within their choice to perceive. If you are in a negative mindset or mood, your probable future is within that narrow spectrum, or alternately, you resonate with the sector of hyperdimensional reality that is their territory. In that case, they can more easily screw with you, predict what you’re going to do next, and thus control you. The solution is to stay out of their probability-detection-range by having composure, being active rather than reactive, and generally keeping up a positive emotional state.

So keeping up your emotional frequency isn’t about shielding yourself from the truth (because you can gain knowledge and stay positive if you choose), but rather it’s a necessary tactical method when involved in a hyperdimensional ambush. Consider it donning your metaphysical body armor and camouflage.

4) having foresight, awareness, and knowledge — this makes you less predictable. The more knowledge you have, the more freewill you have, the more choices you can make because you’re aware of those choices, and the harder it is for them to calculate what you will do next. Being unpredictable makes them less efficient in their attack because they must spread their resources to account for a wider range of probable weaknesses.
Some general tips about attacks:

1) attacks ALWAYS have more than one way of succeeding — countering one route of attack doesn’t mean you have countered all, and you can be your own worst enemy. For example, when using an agent to sabotage or harass you, they can win through directly sabotaging your efforts, or by getting you to sabotage yourself via overreaction and paranoia. Often, when they cannot harm you directly, they try to scare you so that by your own overreaction you accomplish their goal. In such encounters, you have two adversaries: them and yourself. Know yourself, and know them, and you will never succumb – that’s common sense and also the key advice of Sun Tzu in “The Art of War”.

Another example is this: if their goal is to prevent you from accomplishing yours, then they can win either by sabotaging your goal directly, or getting you to become so distracted with this whole business of “defending against attack” that you forget to continue your original goal. The best defense is a balanced defense. Sabotage and distraction are thus the two key things you must watch for.

Another method of self-sabotage is to become frightful and reactive, which lowers your frequency as mentioned and puts you deeper into their game, which means they have more power over you and your reality. So although defense is necessary, never forget about what you’re defending, and never forget about your own weaknesses and potential for self-sabotage. Add to this the possibility of being abducted and mind programmed with self-destructive thought loops and posthypnotic suggestions, and you can see the importance of watching not only your adversary, but also yourself.

2) you have more power than they want you to believe — they have created numerous falsehoods in religion, philosophy, spirituality, politics, and culture designed to disempower you by inducing within you a lack of faith in what you can accomplish. It’s the whole “Oh well, what’s the use” mentality that allows predators to run rampant, not because they are strong, but because people make themselves weak by not standing up for themselves or others. It’s worth at least trying, as that tests your limits rather than falsely assumes them.

3) you can rarely succeed in fighting them in the dark — as that is their territory and there are a million directions from which an attack can come invisibly from the dark. But if you drag them into the light by making their tactics visible to everyone, they whither, flee, or in rare cases go bonkers and thus reveal themselves fully. They play dirty, exploiting loopholes and cheating to win, as the ends justify the means for them. For example, winning a debate usually consists of successfully arguing the logic of one’s case. But there is another way of winning: wear down and overwhelm your opponent. This they do by leveling loaded questions and accusations against you faster than you can respond. If you don’t respond, they claim a win. If you do respond, the ignore what you say and immediately throw you another accusation or question, and thus they eventually win when you slip up or give up. The best you can do in that case is see if the fight is really worth fighting, and extracting yourself if it isn’t…often the truth speaks for itself, and you have no obligation to explain yourself to the ignorant who purposely avert their eyes away from the truth.

4) watch your emotional energy output — emotions are energy that open doors into other realms. Normally, emotions help you expand your range of action and thus enter new states of being and levels of experience and learning, but your negative emotion and misdirected thoughts can equally be used by STS forces to open doors into your realm. Or to look at it another way, if they cannot directly reach you, they can still taunt you into exposing yourself where they can reach, then hit hard what you reveal. Although negative emotions are helpful sometimes in alarming you to present danger, be wary of indulging in them beyond their initial use as alarms.

Also, watch out for interacting with clearly harmful individuals who seem preoccupied with demanding your time and energy – some are decoys sent to milk you of energy, which can then be used to breach your realm (hack your reality) as stated, leading to more severe attacks than was possible before. Also beware of implanted paranoia that cuts you off from potentially fruitful networking opportunities. As you can see, balance is the key – there’s no substitute for discernment.

5) know that attacks happen on multiple fronts, meaning inside you and outside you simultaneously — your mood can be artificially depressed by malevolent forces using technology or pure psychic attack, and these can be coupled with external attacks exploiting the external weaknesses mentioned earlier. Your judgment may be detrimentally affected while external conditions are set up to test your judgment and lure you into making unwise decisions. Therefore, when in a negative state of mind, refrain from making important decisions and instead have faith in your sober self, waiting until you sober up before making a decision. But if the situation is urgent, you can center yourself mentally, concentrate upon a happy thought or feeling, and through sheer willpower sober yourself up – then you have the clarity of mind and heart to carry on wisely. Whatever your negative emotion is, just meditate upon its diametric opposite – this establishes an internal feedback cycle that over the span of a couple minutes brings you to it.

6) employ your intuition and nonphysical guidance — pay attention that little intuitive voice that has always warned you in the past of danger or unwise moves on your part, it is your Higher Self attempting to communicate with you through your subconscious. If what it conveys matches all the evidence you see, or if nothing you see contradicts what it advises, then you better take it seriously. Your intuition and logic are the most trustworthy aides you have.

Also, pay attention to symbols in your dreams and external waking environment which may convey the presence and nature of an attack. Dreams will generally warn of an upcoming attack or one that is underway. As for symbols in your external waking environment, these are known as omens or synchronicities. Pay attention to them – they often give you a heads up as well. Waking reality is no different from a dream except that it is shared. Just as nightly dreams contain meaningful symbols, so can waking reality contain them. If you pay attention, you will see signs in your environment correlating with hyperdimensional attacks, either as a warning by your subconscious or as a simple byproduct of the attack itself.

An odd but significant form of guidance is the phenomenon of intermittent ear ringing – not tinnitus, which is constant and due to nerve damage, but rather the sporadic type. Ear ringing is generated by your nervous system as an internal audible signal either warning you of psychic intrusion or alerting you to an important thought. The pitch, duration, volume, and apparent location (left, right, both ears, above, below, etc…) communicate different things, and only by observing and correlating them with concurrent events and thoughts can you figure out what each type means. In my case, generally speaking, left ear ringings indicate monitoring by hyperdimensional sources prior to an attack or abduction – while right ear ringings confirm the importance of some thought I was just having. Either way, they signal “Be alert, pay attention.”

7) call upon help from divine sources — such as your Higher Self or God or Jesus or whomever you understand to be representative of the divine will. The help you receive will be in the form of knowledge and strength, and occasionally in the form of direct squelching of the attackers if the fight is otherwise terribly unbalanced against you. They can’t always help you directly, but they can help you help yourself in ways you may not be aware of at the time. In your 3D form, you are very limited in what you can do yourself. You are like the pinky of a hand, barely able to flick a fly — but you can flick on the powerful bug zapper; likewise, you can choose to align with and receive assistance from higher divine laws and principles who command far greater power than you could muster via strategy and personal willpower. Have gratitude for their assistance.

8) you cannot win by taking the choices your adversaries give you — always look for the third option, the way of skipping, skirting, or circumventing the rules they try to foist upon you. This is known as the ‘third man’ theme. The best way to win a game is to stop playing by its rules. Their games are customized to fit what they know about how you react, so stop reacting and alter your methods as fits the situation on the basis of what seems like the smartest thing to do. By gauging your method upon their approach, you are always one step ahead. But generally, it’s wise to not even play their games, so watch out for falling into their ambush: stay centered in your territory where the light shines.
Lastly, here is a summary of guidelines to keep in mind when slandered or challenged:

a) Acknowledge any truth in the criticism — this ensures that you don’t become delusional by becoming ignorant of potentially constructive criticism.

b) Remain non-judgmental, observant, impeccable, and calm — this keeps your emotional frequency elevated and stable, ensures that you don’t overreact, and helps you focus on resolving the situation with finesse.

c) If necessary, reveal only the universal truth in the situation — this helps you avoid becoming distracted by trivial facts, such as he-said/she-said drama that is plentiful but worthless for you and others to invest time and energy. The universal truth consists of that which can be applied again elsewhere to help you or another make better choices. Arguing over petty facts and issues is a trap, quicksand that can quickly suck you in while making you believe you’re defending the truth – instead, you’re defending your ego and personality.

d) Disarm an attack by revealing its underlying mechanism for all to see — this brings the manipulations into the light, where the manipulator then loses all power except over the most gullible and ignorant of people. People rarely give into manipulations when they know they’re being manipulated, so show them why they are being manipulated and they will refuse to give it power.

e) Never attack or defend ego, for that puts you dangerously upon their turf — this is a big one. Anything done out of ego, for the benefit of ego, or in defense of the ego will always come back to bite you. So always act for the highest good and noblest of reasons, unless you want to learn the lesson of their necessity the hard way. Anytime you’re dealing with an attack and applaud yourself for being so fiendish, look again as you may be unwittingly setting up your own booby trap to trip in the future.

f) The battle is waged for the undecided who deserve an informed choice, not the permanently ignorant — in other words, when involved in an argument or defending against a slanderous attack, you can’t convince those who have chosen to ignore, and you have no need to fight for those who already see the situation for what it is. Thus, all your arguing, defending, etc… are only for the benefit of those who have yet to choose, who are open to the truth, and who may benefit from learning. If there are none of these (as time goes on, there will be less and less of them as the facts become more than obvious), then there is no point wasting your energy defending yourself. Therefore, know what you’re fighting for, and it’s nothing worth fighting for, then don’t fight.

g) You cannot and should not override freewill, but you can help people use it — you cannot reverse people’s choices, but you can help them make more informed ones. This means your energy isn’t spent preaching, but rather sharing what you see and know so that those who have yet to choose can use it for their betterment.

h) To avoid defeat by distraction or avoidance, never abandon your principles or give up progress for the sake of defense — as explained before, the counterpart to sabotage is distraction, and you are the only one responsible for succumbing to distraction. Deal with attacks as quickly and efficiently as possible, then get on with your life and don’t dwell on the past. Don’t hold regrets or grudges or dig up the dead, and don’t succumb to those individuals who try to open your wounds.

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.

Always use love: kind love for the kind, tough love for the tough.

Follow the compass but watch where you step.

About the Author
Tom (Montalk) is a fellow truth seeker on a quest to expose the dark and empower the light. His primary goal is to help others arm themselves with knowledge to better fulfill their evolutionary potential.
After studying physics and electrical engineering for four years, he left college to pursue more independent research. His interests include spirituality, quantum and scalar physics, alienology, alchemy, gnosticism and hermeticism, forbidden history, and composing music (symphonic and epic doom metal).

Gifts from the Stars ~ March 17, 2018

Speaking of “hidden” new technologies, let’s be aware of this article from Starship Earth that brings to us new healing information that IS here now, but not readily accessible for most. Yes, things ARE going to change in our lifetimes, but…for the better, my friends!

Please stay aware of what is happening in our world, read this article of advanced healing, focus on your heart right now, and…


As a race, we have a lot to learn, and a lot to forget. The brainwashing and limiting beliefs will fall by the wayside as we absorb new ideas in science, mathematics, history, philosophy, religion, spirituality, medicine, and every topic under the sun.

We have obtained much from off-planet races, and most of it has probably not reached the public but we have been allowed a few morsels of new technology when it has served the controllers.

Over the years there were transistors, microchips, fiber optics, Lexan (bullet-proof “glass”), Kevlar and other products. Microwaves, touch-screens, lasers and high-tech weapons have found their way into our lives; some for good, some for ill. It seems most things that can be a gift can also be weaponized.

A technology that is still in its infancy by most Earthly standards is having remarkable results for healing Humans. It may have a way to go to be fully understood, but if it works, why not implement it? There is much healing to be done on this planet.

I know people who have had sessions in Tachyon Chambers and their experience was quite remarkable according to them; perhaps otherworldly and an inner journey of sorts. It’s probable that each of us may experience it uniquely since it works on our energy body which then affects us in the physical, if I understand the concept.

Imminently we will forget that we had to undergo surgeries, drug therapy, and other horrific and invasive treatments to heal our physical or etheric bodies and minds. We’ll get energetic tuneups from time to time and be fully harmonized and humming along  nicely.

Prepare for Change shared this article about Tachyon Chambers on March 16, 2018 for our enjoyment and education. You’ll also find a list of all the installed Tachyon Chambers across the planet in the article, should you wish to embark on a healing journey of your own.  ~ CB

Source of the rainbow irridescent cloud image above: 2012 Portal

PleiadesConstellationTachyon Chambers: A New Way to Heal

The Pleiadians and other cosmic civilizations of Light use subatomic particles called tachyons as a basic source of energy: as hyperdrive energy source for their spaceships by creating hyperspace wormholes, for healing, information transmission and for other purposes. And now there are tachyon chambers in North America, Europe and Asia that will help us heal body, mind and spirit.

Tachyons Are From Higher Dimensions

A “tachyon belt” represents the border between the entropic and syntropic universe and it now surrounds our planet. High energy cosmic rays enter our Solar system from interstellar space and carry tachyons with them. Some of these tachyons reach the surface of our planet through a hyper-dimensional wormhole that the researchers in Europe have created with a quartz oscillator crystal aboard Genesis II spacecraft. The tachyons that have arrived through the wormhole can be utilized in the Tachyon Healing Chamber. The Phoenix Group in Europe developed the tachyon chamber with help from the Pleiadians. The tachyon chamber assists in bringing tachyons from the higher dimensions into physical matter.

What These Tiny Things Do

Sacred geometry: we’re just finding out how important sacred geometry is to how our universe is structured.

Tachyons have an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect. Tachyons can completely harmonize all energy fields that are result of gravity, electromagnetism and weak nuclear force. Tachyon energy harmonizes and enlivens the energy matrix which shapes all matter and also our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. All this greatly affects our physical health and well-being. Tachyons protect against all forms of electrosmog. A healing session inside the Tachyon chamber takes about 20 minutes and has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of our being.  The people who developed the chamber recommend five 20-minute sessions in the chamber.

Read the rest of the article…

Galactic Soul Clarion Call ~ Collective Unity & Support, Soul Fire and Doing It YourSelf ~ Feb. 5, 2017


By Lisa Brown, 02/04/2017

Galactic Soul Clarion Call: Collective Unity & Support, Soul Fire and Doing It YourSelf Until You Hit The Vibrational Timelines Where Others Are Already On-Board Too

Aloha beautiful LOVE family,

We are going through strong cellular work on a regular basis right now, that is only going to increase as we go. All of us who are embracing this process and in “high-service” (which is all of us, lol), doing our best to “manage the physical” and get the work-work done while honoring our own upgrades/re-encodements/embedding process. I will write briefly and then come back later, as I’ve got a pile of work to do as I can push through this here too.

We are becoming more etheric (more on this soon): Over the years of our soul embodiment, we all did much work within. Our bodies purged, cleansed and cleared infinite everything that kept us held in denser realities. Transcending all of that took everything we had, in addition to fulfilling our own Soul Purposes and Galactic Missions here.

As Crystalline Grid/Gatekeepers, Star BEings, Divine Souls (and infinitely so much more), there are processes that we all have to go through to accomplish “all of this for ourselves”. This is a journey of sacrifice (yet it is not, yet it is, so I will try to explain)….

Each one of us chose to come here, partake in the human experience (soul’s word)/experiment (galactic word), both are true here. Each one of us came here to live deeply embedded in an unconscious human matrix of distorted illusions that we called REALity, because at that time it was. Then it was time to awaken and move on.

We either chose to pull away or were “forced”, because of our own fight/resistance/refusal inside. Didn’t matter, we all had to go inward, do the “dirty work” and work through all of the programs in our own cellular memory and physical body structure and then “deal” with our exterior human reality all along the way to re-align it to our own highest frequency/vibration/consciousness that continually expands as we do here. Many of us chose harsh, deep separation, deep inner pain, deep loss… doesn’t matter anymore, but then it surely did. Every bit of it to get our hearts/minds open and bring us on-board to the 5th Dimension and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy above here.

As Galactics/StarSeeds/Star Light BEings, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Sacred Everything BEings, Angels, Elementals, Gods/Christed BEings, we had a whole lot of clearing to do in order to RETURN TO A PURE EXISTENCE AGAIN. All of this we had to do from within. Meanwhile, the earthly world (humans) didn’t get it yet, WE had to do all of this by our self. We had to get into service and do it without any linear physical world support. This served many purposes, as there is never one reason for anything here. One, as Gods/Creators/Guardians, we were not to rely on others for anything, for it “weakens” our ability to stand in our FULL POWER here. It showed us how much humans didn’t yet understand (heart/mind closed) or value any of this (Earth’s Ascension) yet (including us and what we did selflessly and continually for all of us on this earthly plane and galactically/other existences simultaneously too) and it’s this “lack of direct support” that causes us to all step-it up, push ourselves beyond human limits and stop believing we are less, don’t have enough, are not supported in absolutely every way, just because it’s not physically visible here. We came to bring this immense POWER from inside (Pure Source/Creator/Love) and we focused every particle of our own, we utilized everything at our disposal to achieve and we made it happen, in a way “all by ourselves” as a Universal/Galactic here. Now, we are never all by ourselves, that’s human separation, yet in the physical it often feels like it, which is why we must connect up to all of our other aspects/versions in every dimension and merge these aspects within (embodiment), for with each one of these mergings/integrations/embodiments, more support comes forth in the most amazing ways as we drop the dense programming from our physical body structures/mentalities and vibrate into the reality where all that we desire already exists.

Now, we are never alone, without, don’t have enough, are not enough, yet there is this fire inside of each one of us that has to be ignited/lit. It’s the fire our our Soul that drive us (light) and burns through (obliterates) those old programs of unconsciousness that each one of us came here to transcend.

Each one of us have to go through these challenges, because they are illusions too. They are meant to create such a driving force inside that we won’t sit complacently and wait for someone else do to anything for us. We anchor higher/highest dimensional timelines by making them happen from the deep sacred connected space inside in unison with our highest consciousness here. Not having support drives us to overcome the separation that others still have. Everything is the opposite for awhile…. for others don’t appreciate what we do, until “Ascension” (just using this word for now) touches/affects their own physical body/reality world for them to “get it” and make our Evolution of HUmanity a priority here.

I say these things, not for me, because I have not relied on humans to support me for years. I learned long ago that human’s don’t step up unless they want something in return or are forced. Souls do. Light BEings do. Those who actually truly care, hold honor within and integrity too, these Love BEings do. Those who get it and are here to be an integral part of our Galactic Soul Evolution do….Yet there is always a “flip-side” to this too. Higher Selves won’t step in to save/bail or feed lack energy of being dis-empowered within ourselves. There is something “that being” isn’t getting yet, embracing yet, doing yet and we have to honor the experience of them building their own inner power from within. Most of these beings are not ready to truly hear what it takes to do/accomplish what is necessary here. I say these things because humans actually have to hear the words, to realize what WE all go through to accomplish what we came here to physically do, in-service for us all. I say this for those who don’t get it yet, who wonder how they can help/contribute/support, or why they don’t have enough, who wonder why they suffer/lose physical world things, don’t have support, are not appreciated, respected and more, or why they have this “nudge” inside to step-forth and do more.

More than enough, support, resources, opportUNITY, easy, appreciation, respect….all of these things come (in return) to us all as we assume those roles ourself. As we accomplish these things within us, as we become the supporters (God Energy), the inspirers (Creator Energy), as we become the what we want to experience from others…. as we become the DO’ers instead of sitting around and waiting for everyone else, instead of waiting until we have to or it’s comfortable for us…. and we get over our own self-serving behavior…. as the only way for all to receive is to become UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, LIVE UNITY and as a UNIFIED BEING as love and from a place of such vast power inside that the outside reality no longer matters…..

When the outside dictates, you are human. Plain and simple. No other way to say it here. When your inner love, inner guidance, inner power, inner knowledge, inner drive has more power than the outside does then you shift the physical dimension you exist in. WE work. Literally & physically, with everything that WE ARE. Many “think” we are playing. No, while our realities are beyond magnificent, blissful and magical, we work… this is the JOB that we agreed to do. Otherwise we’d be kicked up on a beach with our feet up, getting sun and playing 24/7 without a care or concern for others. That’s not how any of this works for all of us (yet), because enough have not unified within themselves to step forth in ways that truly matter. Yet not even this is true, because we are constantly vibrating into new timelines where others have/are…. I say this to those who are on the fence/cusp. Get up, step up and support us all in ways that truly matter, not just what’s comfortable for you. That’s human lack. Until you overcome this, full support won’t be there for you. This is how it works for us all.

There are two ways to do this. Wait until you have to (human/loss) or do it because you know inside, because your inner/highest guidance shows you and you get over your own human’ness (separation) yourself.

We are in vibrations of everyone coming together now, and where you hold back, you “hurt” yourself. Where you don’t support, step up and BE THE ONE, this comes back to you, because WE have left those realities. WE no longer struggle or live in lack. WE no longer do without. WE’ve had Galactic/Universal/Highest support for years. WE overcame everyone else’s human’ness and lack of support. We did it “in spite” of all who were not ready yet.

These vibrations are going to push all human aspects to get up and stop playing the old games. These highest vibrations are taking us all to a new playing field, vaster than ever imagined (yet it was seen).

The physical body/reality upgrades are going to continue to increase and the information that will assist collectives is just one of the ways we assist. If you “think” it’s going to get easier… well, that depends… on the physical vibrational timeline/dimension/universe/galaxy that you currently function from/exist in.

The more human, the harder/more challenging/more “forceful” all shall be. The more Light BEing, the easier, because we have Mastered the Physical Reality fully, energetically and we’ve collapsed our old realities, completely re-building them from “ground zero”, from absolutely nothing other than our inner soul connection and higher/highest self guidance and sheer determination, commitment and dedication to why we all are even in a physical incarnation/body here.

This threshold/precipice we are in, this makes the difference for everyone here. Your physical reality now aligns faster in response to the energy/vibrations/programs AND AMOUNT OF QUANTUM/SUPER QUANTUM PHOTONIC LIGHT that you hold…. INSIDE OF YOU….

Everyone is being prepared… for a WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE HERE. Realities are no where near what you/we thought them to be (as a human).

We are all becoming “more etheric”, some more than others, because of the deep inner vibrational embodiment work that we have done (that continues even more). Our physical bodies are enduring much, our physical realities physically reflect back to us our achievements as our Highest Consciousness here.

Humans are constantly asking for something, want more, take. We left these long ago. We went on to fulfill our own purposes/missions/roles here, we provide/d what assisted everyone ready to embrace (we continue to do this), with mostly only “thanks you’s and appreciation”, because this is how human’s function here. WE had to go BEYOND HUMAN to override the lack in others, once we could see it and no longer choose to entertain this in our own physical reality world. We stopped allowing those who didn’t respect, truly appreciate, give back/support…. because everyone in our field transmits a frequency and we are astutely aware of this. We choose to vibrate higher and out of those realities and into ones where others like us exist, those truly on-board, ready, committed, supporting and contributing in ways that actually benefit us/matter to us, assist us in fulfilling our own vast missions here. Some are bridgers, bring forth opportunity to reach/guide/awaken/re-educate entire collectives. Humans “think” we do this for ourselves, which is separation consciousness within itself. We do this, all of this, for all of us, as ONE…..

Each are now receiving another CLARION CALL to step-up HUGE, come together, support, unite and utilize what you have in the physical to make a difference here, to support ALL OF US who do this, because it’s what we incarnated here to do. The cool part is we don’t need you, we are fully supported in every way. We don’t live ‘without’ anymore, because we don’t rely on you…. we just wait… until each get it and chooses to step into a higher vibration and DO. We get it… we’ve already done it. Now, it’s all on you. ♥

DO you truly CARE…. with everything that you are? Do you have a vested interest in what happens to our physical world? Your energy/actions speak for you. WE read/see this and we open the portals/gateways for those ready to join us on the other side. Your energy/actions/heart/physical body vibration… this is what brings you through to your whole new beyond exquisite existence here. ♥

With the deepest soul love there is. We’ve got lots of “work” to do loves. There is so very much available to all who are doing the work. Inside and out. It takes both. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Embodied Galactic Guardian & WE Consciousness of ONE

Exquisite Arty by Jean Luc @www.eyewithin.com (my returned obsession. Order prints/the new DVDs to activate huge!!!!!!) I did. ♥