Technology is a Bitch; and So Is Pelosi [video] ~ January 20, 2019

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Nancy Pelosi is having a difficult time navigating the energies but I’m pretty sure this is what she meant by a “technological wall”.

Hey, Catherine Zeta Jones did it. It’s not easy, so it might work to slow them down. At least they won’t be swarming through like a herd o’ turtles.

Apparently, Pelosi favours technology.

NOT a Joke: Pelosi Proposes “Electronic Dogs” to Protect the Border… WTH is She On? (VIDEO)

And a warning… “Fake news” could take on a whole, new dimension.

Washington fears new threat from ‘deepfake’ videos

Lawmakers and experts are sounding the alarm about “deepfakes,” forged videos that look remarkably real, warning they will be the next phase in disinformation campaigns.

The manipulated videos make it difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction, producing fake content that looks strikingly real, aided by developments in artificial intelligence technology.

The issue has the attention of lawmakers from both parties on Capitol Hill.

Read the full story here

As always, Jason Chaffetz gives us the other side of the story.

‘You Liar!’: Chaffetz Slams Nancy Pelosi’s Call for State of the Union Delay

For the latest intel, or a refresher on many aspects of the current war on Planet Earth, listen to the special update show Thomas Williams did last night. I didn’t know about it, and was just going to check to see if he was doing a show this weekend and it had started seconds before so I couldn’t give a heads up. I was glad I listened because there were important things I hadn’t heard or had forgotten.

The BIG meditation is tonight. Last night I was splitting wood for my fire to the light of that silvery moon and she’s a biggie. Keep your very best intentions in mind for manifestation and we’ll see what we can create. We need a breakthrough.

There’s a countdown feature on Cobra’s blog to tell you there are (now) 13 hours left—and counting—to the beginning of the meditation. Victory of the Light! ~ BP