Headlines and Updates for January 7, 2020: The Build-Up to… What? [videos] ~ January 7 2020

Earth is a busy place today. Keeping in mind that nothing is what it seems, can we sit back and take a rational look? Yes, we’re a planet in crisis, for so many reasons—but we’ve got this.

There was another, larger quake at Puerto Rico in the small hours of the night with aftershocks still occurring this morning after the 6.6. The power is out, no fatalities reported and not a lot of damage as far as we know other than a home that slipped down on top of a car parked underneath it. Authorities say no danger of a tsunami from this one at a 10 km. depth.

The fake/orchestrated funeral for war hawk terrorist Soleimani led to a “stampede” that killed almost 40 people with around 120 reported injured. We are getting word the deep state bribed people to act as mourners with free meals. Why doesn’t that surprise us? Thanks, J.

That certainly makes more sense considering the flood of thank you’s to President Trump for eliminating a tyrant. And two with one blow. Extraordinary. This is a very revealing article with interesting comments. Perhaps the people who sold out Humanity for a little grub got their just desserts.

Ignored by Liberal Mainstream Media: Iranian Regime Bribed Funeral Attendees with Free Meals

Jan 5 – Nasiriyah, southern #Iraq#Iran-backed militias open fire on civilians refusing to attend a ceremony for the now dead IRGC Quds Force chief Qasem Soleimani.

All the while, @nytimes will describe him as a “popular general.”pic.twitter.com/cgBLnxzf6Z

— Heshmat Alavi (@HeshmatAlavi) January 6, 2020

And this is how the deep state psychos provoke even more tension.

Iran: Suleimani funeral crush death toll rises to more than 50 – latest updates

Who listens to the fake news any more?

Nikki Haley claims Democrats the ‘only ones mourning loss’ of Suleimani

This is real news. Coincidence?

Did you know there has been 3 terror attacks in Europe in just 3 days?

– Knifeman shouting “Allah Akbar” killed 1 man in Paris.

– Man shouting “Allah Akbar” threatened police in France.

– A man shouting “Allah Akbar” attacked police in Germany.


Why isn’t this bigger news?

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) January 6, 2020

The deep state globalists have destroyed the country of Sweden. This is what President Trump has prevented from happening in America.



Watch as gangs attack people with fireworks on the streets of Uppsala in Sweden.

This resembles a war zone.


INSANE – What happened to my country? pic.twitter.com/zQyIk6Q18q

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) January 7, 2020

The fake news can pretend that the monologue gifted to us by Ricky Gervais at the 2020 Golden Globe awards was humour, but it wasn’t as funny when you know the truth, was it? You could tell by the looks of shock on many faces.

Did he go off script? He said it the way it is. Yes, Jeffrey Epstein was their friend and many of them spent time in orgies and satanic rituals at his island and elsewhere.

Humour was the shroud, just as at the 2019 Golden Globes when the good guys had their army go out into the audience to “vaccinate” them, placing white hankies on them—which is part of an Illuminati ritual.

It’s good to let them know they’re not getting away with anything. There’s lots more excitement to come with hundreds of sealed indictments for California residents yet to be unveiled.

It appears the deep state actors have deeply infiltrated absolutely everything. The latest news on Field McConnell and the pedophile problem written by Timothy Holmseth is here, with several new articles.

This one is particularly surprising. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who got the impression Kirk Pendergrass/E-Clause were representing Field McConnell.

Field McConnell Update: Responding to questions about E-Clause LLC regarding Field McConnell

This January 6 update sheds more light. Holmseth reiterates that the deep state fakes used a bogus case number in the arrest of Field, just as they did when CPS abducted Cyndie Abcug’s son, placed him in foster care, and took him to Disney World. They have a system and a business plan as James White of Northwest Liberty News pointed out.

Florida Governor DeSantis contacted regarding phantom case against Field McConnell – E-Clause LLC faces increased scrutiny

Unbelievable, but typical, I suppose for someone acquainted with the treasonous crimes of Field’s sister Kristine Marcy of the SES, her part in 9/11, the Boeing uninterruptible autopilot, Judge Rosemary Collyer, who recently resigned, and the rampant child trafficking—not to mention the plan for running the McConnell Veterans Ranch and rehabilitation for vets and trafficked children. We sincerely hope that Field will be released and reunited with his wife Denise very soon. This is outrageous, as the other articles reveal. It’s like something out of a B movie. You simply can’t make this up, folks.

Steve Lookner sourced updates from San Juan and other locations on the Island of Puerto Rico for the details on the latest quake.

6.5 Earthquake off Puerto Rico Coast – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

It appears the deep state doesn’t have much left besides the money they stole from the People, which they appear to be using to pay traitors in Australia to start fires, and to be Soleimani mourners for a funeral most of the world is celebrating. Pathetic.

52 Stealth Fighter Jets Elephant Walk In Show of Force Amid Threats of War

As Dave elucidated in his X22 Report last night, there’s a lot of posturing and manipulating of events trying to make it appear President Trump is a madman, but the Patriots are in control. I’m not concerned about war. If there were going to be war, it would have started long ago. Putin won’t be provoked by the deep state, and no one wants war BUT the deep state—and they’re outnumbered.

[DS] Payoffs Threatened, They Never Expected Trump To Expose The Entire Scam – Episode 2063b

This situation needs to be remedied fast. Voter fraud and election fraud are supposed to carry heavy penalties but the deep state executes it with impunity.

Judicial Watch Finds Millions of ‘Extra’ Registrants on Voting Rolls – Warns California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Virginia to Clean Up Voting Rolls or Face a Federal Lawsuit

Did you hear about this? It sounds like it’s a cover for other things going on in the skies.

You know how the military always provides camouflage for their operations such as the one in LA at the Long Beach pier to distract from the one in which special forces dropped choppers on Wilshire Blvd. to remove what we believe was a bio-terror target. More recently they were conducting exercises in the desert near Twenty-Nine Palms as cover for the China Lake base raid.

When LEOs come up empty-handed, it’s probably a secret mission they don’t want us (or the enemy) to know about.

Armies Of Unidentified Drones Are Appearing Over The Western U.S. At Night, And It Is Really Freaking People Out

We haven’t shared any Pattie Brassard/Karen Macdonald info lately, but truth seekers may be interested in this update that goes into the creation of Earth and the seeding of Humanity by the creator gods.

We need this in book form, chronologically ordered so we understand what has happened; the experiment, who dunnit, the destruction and interference by the Pleiadians who broke our containment in the Petri dish which enabled advanced, predatory races to enter and manipulate us, the multiple wipe-outs of our civilizations to begin anew, how we got to today, and where we’re going.

Pattie is difficult to rein in and goes full steam ahead, cramming as much into the allotted time as possible so it’s a fast-moving interview with diagrams and charts. You never know what you’ll hear next.

As always, use your own discernment. Because this information is so far removed from most of the other reports out there, it may sound like fiction but much of it appears to be true. Thanks, J.

Report # 76: Pattie Brassard & Karen Ann Lucyk Macdonald–World Reality Update 1

Citizen journalists are capturing very unusual phenomena occurring across the planet, like this one. No drone.

Look at this glowing orb crossing railway tracks… What the heck is that?

Signing off for now.  ~ BP

An Experiment Gone Wrong and the Tragic Consequences ~ July 2, 2016


Well…this article proposes an interesting idea; that life on Earth has been an experiment that has “gone wrong”. Found this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture,and want to share this with you!

I don’t know how I feel about this idea yet (some things take time to work through sub-consciously!) and I bring this to you for your consideration. Why? Because we all feel like we know our individual truths and this is another layer of thought to absorb.

So…don’t shoot the messenger, be aware of how this idea sits with you, and…


You know how it is… you leave a bowl of leftovers in the fridge and you know that if you don’t use it soon it will go bad, but it just doesn’t fit the menus and time flies. Before you know it, that niggling feeling that it’s probably too late burbles up and you admit it’s time to be brave and open the lid to see this science experiment your negligence has yielded.

Oh, yah. There it is; the white fuzzy stuff, and some other colours, too. Not appetizing in the least, and it may even have a funky smell. Turning your head, you scoop it into the trash or down the disposal in the sink. Yuck! Thank goodness THAT’s over with. You rinse the dish and forget it ever happened.

Well, if you’ve been hanging around the Truther community for long, you can’t have avoided hearing that Humanity was an experiment. You may have also heard that it didn’t go well. The buck has been passed to many “creator gods”, nasty aliens, etc., and you probably developed your own version of what you believe happened to have locked us into this Petri dish with a tight lid. Or maybe, like me, you’re still open about the whole story.

We’ve explored some interesting theories over the years, and even more so lately. In case you’re interested, here’s another version; this one from the off-world “data collectors” Bill at American Kabuki accesses, going by the name StanX.

I think the most distressing part to many of us is the moment the realization hits that Humans are not the superior, intelligent, top-of-the-food-chain race we believed we were. We are akin to the fruit flies scientists use to measure a number of things in the lab, or rabbits, monkeys or rats. We are food. Canon fodder. Test subjects. Mind-controlled slaves—and worse.

The good news is, rather than toss us down the disposal or just leave us to cannibalize each other in the Petri dish, superior Beings stepped in to rescue us. And you can argue all day and night that no one is coming to “save us” and that we have to do this ourselves, but the fact is, were it not for the Star Nations, we would not be here today to learn of our sordid history.

So if you’re bummed out—get over it. There’s work to be done. We have to show the others we’re worth coming back for.

From my experiences, it won’t be easy. Here in the USA, I am not encouraged by what I see on a daily basis. I see en-tranced people who don’t appear to have a thought in their head. They can’t figure out how the metered ramps for the freeway work and either sit there waiting for their green light when it’s not even rush hour and the lights aren’t turned on, or they rush through all willy-nilly as though they can’t tell red from green.

I also watch them drive past two signs that say, “NO TURN ON RED”, and when one does it, they all do it until someone actually reads the signs and waits for a green. Four-way stops—they go two at a time without letting me take my turn.

It’s not pretty folks. America is dumbed down and in it for themselves. The rude awakening is going to be just that, so we will need a miracle to do this without utter chaos. They will not take the news of anything that disrupts their comfy little world well at all. It may take six months to even sink in!

Life on Starship Earth is a dog’s breakfast. It’s everything and everyONE all mixed in together. We had a very promising start on this planet, but it went to hell in a handbasket.

Enough complaining. Take it way, Bill/Terran. Interesting stuff, to be sure.  ~ BP



July 1, 2016

By American Kabuki

This started as an addendum note to the Sphere Alliance Message #37 in the archive.  Jack Sturgeon asked some very pertinent difficult questions about how all this came to be. Much information about the origins of the WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT came to learned in the last year which I did not have when this question of Jack’s was first posted, I have summarized below.

This data will be modified as more data becomes available. At the Reunion all will be known in complete context. 

Terran Note 7/1/2016: I have more data now after a year of experiences and interaction with the SA Data Collectors and crews that I did not have when this question was asked.  I will summarize below what I do know about this “WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT” on Earth.  This data is subject to revision as more data becomes available.  But enough was known to finish it in March 2016.

    1. 11 Beings were created by 2 Pure Frequency beings.  One of these 2 pure frequency beings later came into form as the one Jesus/Yeshua of Galilee, and later returned in the late 1940s and died in 2013.  That being is currently not in form until the Reunion of ALL beings in all realms. She was only recognized by the dark hooded beings upon her birth and some close to her. Dark Hooded beings sought to kill her upon birth. She was not recognized by the religious systems and that was by design. Those storylines have been canceled.


    1. DEATH IS AN ILLUSION. All beings live forever.  This does not mean there is not a very real feeling of loss and grief when a much loved form transitions state of being. Forms do die and feel pain and suffer. Until just prior to the Christ time line, memories were preserved across lives. It was very much like a World of Warcraft Game on a galactic scale. Draco’s introduced technology that scrubbed memories from being accessed from the Essence line by the reincarnated essence. This was a pre-emptive move to prevent beings from waking up to the original WHAT IF EXPERIMENT WAGER. Time synchronizing and Time loop technologies were also introduced to expand the allotted time artificially. When beings reentered the Earth Sphere, they had an artificially induced amnesia.  One major control and energy harvesting mechanism was the TIME VALUE OF MONEY, being able to loop a time line doubled the profit.Forms are vehicles and transmitting utilities of Essence energy.  Essences can expand and create new forms and non-forms.  Individuated beings of an essence line can combine into one form/non-form entity, if they mutually chose to do so, its rare, but it does happen.


    1. FEELING WAS LOST.  Over EONS, the various realms isolated themselves from the consequences of their actions on other planets/realms, summarized, categorized away data and  insulated themselves from the RAW FEELING of the CONSEQUENCES of what they inflicted on what they perceived to be “OTHER THAN THEM”.  AA Michael re-establised the “FEELING” links to all REALMS, and sealed it with the energetic Seal of AA Michael so it could not be broken again in the spring of 2014, which is partly why the Sphere Alliance came to to cluster here. They began to FEEEEELLLLLL what is happening here, and they did not like it. But agendas remained even after our contact began last summer.  Most of those agendas are related to the Galactic Commerce and “Money” systems.

    1. The WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT Began in the Original Garden Realm (not to be confused with the Garden of Eden which is an allusion to it). The Garden came before the Earth and was incorporated into Earth. It still exists as a parallel adjunct realm to Earth whose in numerable portals to Earth are guarded by Yeti, they take their job very seriously and seem to be able to transition realms in a way not even the ETs can. Earth was a creation of Three beings. Only the Bloodline King remembered the Earth was the original Paradise/Heaven, but both the Draco King and the Bloodline King fought for control of Earth over the Eons.


    1. We learned in 2013 from MIK-KI-ILU of Gibralter (he’s a combination of two strings Bloodline King essence and one string of Draco King essence and an intuitive) that there was a WAGER playing out on Earth and the Multi-verse.We did not know the terms or how that got started until early 2016.   The Bloodline King attempted force the female protagonist in this saga (there is truth no enemy its all ONE) into a signed contract to put her back under his Earth systems to factualize his claims on her and the Multi-verse via a new contract,  She refused to comply, which led to much drama.   The terms of the WHAT-IF WAGER were revealed by the SA and others upon inquiry. The SA simply read First Essence’s DNA, and they have had permission to do so, at least with the 3 principal first essence beings who created the Earth.


    1. The 11 First Wave of Creation beings knew ONENESS, but NOT I AM.  They knew it was all ONE, but they did not understand THEY WERE ALSO SOURCE, INDIVIDUATED into specific foundational frequencies for what would grow and be created from and by them. The fact they were of different frequencies began a mindset of “ownership” and separation about what they created. Perhaps it is the origin of “property rights” and battles over “property”. We see it has been applied not only over real estate and other wealth, but in the former Galactic trade in DNA and Data from DNA. DNA is an information repository. Information is power.11 is a prime number and there’s likely mathematical reasons for the number 11. They did not see themselves as Source consciousness or I AM.


    1. The 100 Second Wave of Creation were created by the 11 First wave. Some by love union, some by direct creation.  It is likely that most of the 100 did not know or perhaps forgot about the original 11 when they hide themselves during the WHAT-IF phase.  Many of the 100 became knowns as the “gods of legend” on Earth (most notably Egypt) and many acted like they were and expected that kind of treatment from those they considered “lower”.  As in the Earth political systems today, the true power was always hidden behind the front man.  This was also by design so that it could be taken down when it came time to end it.


    1. The WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT was an outgrowth of jealousy of the part of the Draco King and the Bloodline King towards two other First Wave of Creation essence beings who had a love bond union and created through that union, usually creating beings from themselves by union – the forerunner of gender in form.  Of the 11, the “partnered pair” was exponentially more creative and productive than the others because MORE SOURCE ENERGY FLOWED, WHERE LOVE WAS PRESENT. Some of the others did create by union, but many only created by direct creation.  Creation by union enabled the multiverse to team with an unending succession of life. The Bloodline King and Draco King tried to replicate the success of creation of that couple through CONTROL and DOMINATION and FORCE. And ravaged entire galaxies as a result.  The current family structure, marriage, divorce, women and children as property of the man, and expectations of “loyalty” instead of love in present day “families” is likely a product of the Bloodline King’s systems.This love bonded pair is the archetype of a love couple from every story from the Kabbala to Romeo and Juliet and beyond.  The love that endures all adversities for each other.   Love was the “secret recipe” of creation, that the others tried to “discover” ad infinitum with alternate methods and any thing but love, which always lead to entropic systems and habitats. ONLY LOVE THRIVES.


    1. The Draco King and Bloodline King made a proposal for a period of creation by separation from the ONE.  Since Source cannot be divided, a highly elaborate ILLUSION was constructed, to make it look and more importantly FEEL REAL, which is the emotion Jack expresses above.


    1. The WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT ILLUSIONwas contractual, which is why it REQUIRED a lawyer to unravel it. To specific, the root contract was in the form of a wager.  The stakes for all was total control of over the created multiverse, even if some of it was not created by the 2 antagonists (for lack of a better term – I realize the inherent bias of perception in even using this word antagonist) making the proposal.The 2 antagonists believed they had a better way, a meritorious way of creation through competition and “survival of the fittest”. It was (with the data available to me at the moment and best I understand it) a 5 way wager, with additional side wagers by some of the other 6.In separation mindset terms of sports teams, you could say that the principals were 2 PLAYERS TEAM DARK, 2 PLAYERS TEAM LIGHT and one systems architect to configure playing field lights for both sides. The other 6 chose one side or the other and some dabbled in both to one degree or another with their later inbodyments.The “system architect’s” attachment to the game was the fact he was proud of his systems work (his skills used on both sides and much sought after) considered himself the smartest person in the room, but even he did not enjoy what became of it in his own inbodyments, but would use either side to protect his personal interests, as it fit the moment.

      There was One additional stake for the 2 antagonists, the 1 system architect, and the 1 protagonist (again a word with inherent bias) creator who’s partner was at stake, was possession of the affection of the female energy in the successful love bond partner union with the protagonist creator being.  The fact there was even an antagonist and protagonist also expresses this root of separation consciousness. The fact that they thought love of another being could be owned or “belong” to them, expresses the already extant separation in the Original Garden.

      Love simple IS, its not owned, nor controlled. LOVE FLOWS, and it flows best in complete FREEDOM TO BE.  SOURCE IS LOVE, SOURCE FLOWS WHEN LOVE FLOWS AND JOY IS THE RESULT. SO IS CREATION AND MANIFESTATION.


    1. Several side bets on the WHAT-IF unraveled in the summer of 2014, with much drama. It is unlikely those involved were conscious of why they got so angry.  They are however fond of asking “WHAT IF” questions.


    1. The Draco King’s Wage unraveled last summer when he went “ALL IN” with force, and lost.


    1. The Bloodline King’s wager unraveled in March 2016.


    1. The so called “Protagonist” (lacking a better easily referenced term) abandoned his prior wager claim (he had no memory of it) as owning the Multiverse on its face is ludicrous. Its all SOURCE/I AM, you can’t own SOURCE.  End of story.  Owning his former partner’s affection was also ludicrous from the start of the WHAT-IF Experiment.  That he always knew. Love Flows. It is not owned or controlled.


    1. The ONLY WAY FOR ALL OF I AM TO WIN, WAS FOR NONE OF THE PRINCIPALS TO WIN.  IT IS HIGHLY LIKELY ONLY 4 OF THE 11 KNEW/REMEMBERED ABOUT THE WAGER AT THE TIME IT WAS TERMINATED. This was the last Universal contract to become NULL and no longer in effect.   THEY ALL assisted in bringing it to an end.


    1. When the WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT began, there was a stipulation added that ANY ONE of the 11 could end it, if they remembered.  There also seems to be a requirement that the prime inbodyment of each original 1st Essence being had to be inbedded in the WHAT-IF Experiment and feel it directly – thus preserving the desire TO END IT.   


    1. Numerous safeguards were created to prevent the experiment from lasting forever, including built-in flaws to the various systems.There was also a deeply covert Intelligence Agency on the part of the protagonists (I use that term in the story sense – EVERY ONE is ultimately the best of friends – but at times its hard to remember that while within the WHAT IF) to which all agencies sent data, this intelligence agency had its own world class intuitives it pulled data from without electro-magnetic interference in Antarctica, and then fed data it chose to send to the Dragon/Draco complex on earth. Its true role was unknown by them until the Antarctic operations center was shut down in early 2016.   This base was on the Russian Federation section of Antarctica.The controller systems always thought everyone else was the controlled opposition, until suddenly they realized they had also been played into concentrating all banking and industrial control to one mega Chinese centered complex to the point it could be easily seen for what it is, and then let go by human consciousness in pure love and thanked for the service it once rendered. There have been numerous excursions to Antarctica by various figures including so called “rescue” operations since then.


    1. The Spiritual Hierarchy of Angels/Celestials/Universals/Divines/Galactics was one of the first separations from ONE.  All these beings are real beings. Saying one is greater or lessor or higher or lower or left or right is not TRUTH, all is ONE.  ArchAngels were disguises to hide the presence of the original 11 creator beings, thus allowing them to steer it from disaster, or introduce new beliefs.  It was was on ALLUSION that created the ILLUSION there was a hierarchy and mythical mysterious GODHEAD, when in truth ALL BEINGS ARE SOURCE.Later development of civilizations and cultures introduced “ENERGY REGULATORS” and “ENERGY HARVESTERS” and “GATEKEEPERS” which greatly magnified the separations between realms and the free flow of energy to create.  Energy became scarce because LOVE BECAME SCARCE, and they forgot they could get all the energy they need from SOURCE through their heart center, and parasited worlds they deemed “LOWER”For a role to be played well it must be believed and played with the emotion that emerges from strong belief.  Awareness creates situations and manifests from belief and emotion and action.
      Separation consciousness became the grandest FALSE FLAG OPERATION OF ALL, and EVERYONE WAS A CRISIS ACTOR! And EVERY ONE BE-LIVED IT!   And it got WAY OUT OF HAND….  Every possible permutation of suffering has been experienced, and recorded forever by SOURCE, there is nothing more that can be gained from experiencing this. THIS IS NOT LOVE, EXCEPT IN THE MOST COMPLETE SENSE OF IT EXPANDING ALL OF I AM.


  1. The Original Paradise known as Earth was separated into 5 “earths”, and 5 of those have returned an innergrated with Earth for what comes next. These represent energy bands or frequency bands which other beings lived, formerly known as densities/dimensions referred to as 3d, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, etc… Other Galactic Sphere supply other missing frequencies.  What was was bound is unbound the same way way.  Within these bands or octaves of frequencies ran parallel “CONSCIOUSNESS STREAMS”, a bit like how separate computers can run similar computer simulations (but these were REAL experiences) in parallel.  It is these “CONSCIOUSNESS STREAMS” which are now merging into ONE STREAM.   ALL THOSE IN FORM WILL BE IN PHYSICAL AND ALL WILL FEEL WHAT THEY DO TO OTHERS. THE ABILITIES OF THOSE IN PHYSICAL WILL BE VASTLY AND MINDBOGGLINGLY EXPANDED as the inner technology unveils (I-TECH, ICOMMS).3D is not going away, its just the other frequencies coming into to join it, so that duality consciousness of 3D is transcended.

I will add to this as more things come to mind.



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