Aluna Ash- Soul Family Page ~ May 31, 2020

Increase in Solar/Cosmic Activity & signs of the New Solar Cycle! A new Solar Cycle represents new consciousness, new ideas, new insights, DNA activations, the new beginning of a new world at a Collective Level. There will be more of an increase in Solar/Cosmic Activity in the coming weeks. Although Full Moon Portals that open on a G.A.P day & Full Moons in general can bring in Solar/Cosmic Activity depending on the cycle/pattern line up, but NEW Moons vs Full Moons tend to bring in a more powerful force when it comes to Solar/Cosmic Energy. Eclipses do as well, depending on the cycle/pattern line up but again- more so with New Moon Solar Eclipses vs Full Moon Lunar Eclipses. (New Moon Portals- about 3 days prior to a New Moon & New Moons tend to help rotate Sun Spots and release Solar/Cosmic Forces toward’s Earth more powerfully then Full Moons.) The New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 21st is lining up perfectly on the 13th day of a 13 day cycle related to Solar Cycles while also on a day that corresponds to the Sun🤗 Should be a powerful energy. It’s an important time to practice mindfulness, being present & aware.

June 8th is a 13th day- just a few days after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and opening of Gateway to the Planetary Galactic Activation. And June 21st, the day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse Activation- is another 13th day of a 13 day cycle that corresponds to the Sun!
** I posted a pic on this page not too long ago of the dates & the 13 day cycles for the next few months if you are interested.


The 12th Moon Cycle is a powerful one! The Planetary-Galactic Axis Activation I have been mentioning for last couple of years on my channel- is finally here! This is an incredible rare alignment (in placement in relation to Giza & Stonehenge and the New Moon Solar Eclipse taking place right after Solstice)- is activating the Masculine Objective & Feminine Subjective Spheres of Consciousness (Vesica Piscis) directly on the Planetary Body opening the Flower Of Life. All that happens without, is happening within.

The Collective will begin to synchronize more with Planetary Consciousness to then synchronize with Solar Consciousness which is the gateway to Galactic Consciousness (this will be the time of full disclosure of other life forms) and Cosmic Consciousness- Oneness. It is an integration of a hierarchy of consciousness that takes place within us! This integration of the inner hierarchy within- causes changes to manifest on the material plane, without. This is also a time of calling in your Soul Tribe, new people/connections, Soulmates of all kinds and Divine-counterparts… it is preparation for a Soul Group Activation coming in August after Venus crosses the North Node & New Moon Solar Eclipse- Planetary Galactic Activation Point.

G.A.P days are connected to DNA activations, Solar Cycles, Sun Spots, Solar/Cosmic activity, there is usually an increase in energy, synchronicity, dreams, insights, downloads, etc.. on G.A.P days.
Now is a good time to be mindful of the connections you would like to change, deepen or manifest- in all areas of life. It is a new turning point beginning after changes experienced over the last couple of years and the last yr- giving many a new beautiful and powerful opportunity to heal, expand and to find balance.

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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3 Responses to Aluna Ash- Soul Family Page ~ May 31, 2020

  1. Maria Enyimoha says:

    Much appreciated 🔥


  2. Neil Vidican says:

    Any word about ET contact?


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