‘What’s Going on With “Our” Judiciary?’ – May 23, 2023


By Anna Von Reitz

Glad you noticed. Too bad (almost) nobody noticed back in 1990-91, when the Congress changed the Oath of Office required of Judicial Officers to a watered-down and virtually meaningless gobbledygook that does three very damaging things: (1) judges no longer have to render decisions “agreeable” to the Constitution; (2) judges have no personal liability for malfeasance or negligence or much of anything else they might do on the bench; (3) the judiciary lost its independence and became a creature of the Congress.

This destroyed Constitutional obligation, accountability, and separation of powers all in one fell swoop, and all it took was deleting a line here and a word there to accomplish.

Those who were watching raised the hue and cry, but everyone was so busy watching “Poppy” Bush laying the groundwork for Corporate Fascism with morbid fascination, or, alternatively, chewing their cuds, that we couldn’t get anyone to focus on the Judicial Oath of Office.

We were left standing in the rain with nobody but the John Birch Society in our corner.

I admit, it sounded so boring back then.

What was left of the Judiciary fell over thirty years ago, and almost nobody noticed.

People glazed over when I walked into the room. I could catch the drift. Oh, not this again. Save the nation. The country is going to hell in a handbasket. Yeah, right.

What could go wrong with Ex-CIA Director Sir George Herbert Walker Bush in charge?

And now they are asking in a frantic, bewildered tone of voice: “What the …..is happening? Why is there no enforcement against obvious major crimes?” Devin Nunes sounds as bewildered as everyone else.

The Judiciary was corrupted, blown away, politicized, rendered useless for any good purpose over thirty years ago. Now, the judicial officers are nothing but political hitmen compromised by the Dirty-Dirty Democrats and single-minded Revenue Agents in it for the cream pouring off all those guilty verdicts guaranteeing the Court Bond Investment Opportunities.

Court Bond Investment Opportunities? What?

You missed out on that one, too.

All the Court Case Numbers are Bond Numbers. And just like the mortgages, they are bundled together and traded as speculative investments.

With 96% of all court cases in this country yielding guilty verdicts under the presumptions provided by the crooked Corporate Constitution’s 14th [By-Law] Amendment, Court Bond Investments are one of the safest bets with the best yields in town, and so sought after that only people like Larry Fink, and Grandma, of course, know a thing about it.

So not only is the Judiciary broken, unaccountable, and politicized, it’s crooked, too, just like the Congress.

And why is this such a terrible, pernicious, overwhelming problem?

You missed that one, too. The final nail in the coffin was driven home by the United States Supreme Court thirteen years ago during the Obama Administration, when it decided to allow unlimited corporate special interest spending on Presidential and Congressional Elections.

For once, Barack Hussein Obama and I were on the same side — opposing it.


That’s how we wound up with multi-billion dollar political elections and the country turned upside down every four years.

With that kind of money entering politics everything — and I do mean everything — predictably goes to crap, and it is, right on schedule.

So it was me, Barack Obama, and, again, the John Birchers —odd company indeed, all yowling about that one— not that the rest of America woke up. The Mainstream Media, as usual, was worthless and silent.

The Corporate Fascists have been piling it on ever since. We have clear evidence that Mark Zuckerberg rigged the last Presidential Election with a modest investment of $180 Million, but forget anyone ever investigating that.

The Russian Collusion Narrative and the FBI-CIA meddling has captured the attention of DC, and wherever it goes, you can bet it won’t track back to Zuckerberg and his spending.

Betcha didn’t know this one, either:

The FBI, the CIA, and DHS are all owned and operated by the Municipal DOD, INC., and that PENTAGON, INC. mess is owned and operated by the United States of America, Incorporated.

Are you getting the picture here?

This is how, when, where, and how you have been completely marginalized by the mega-wealthy corporations that are intent on destroying you.

Why? Because you are, collectively, their Priority Creditors, and they don’t want to pay their share of the freight.

Why did the United States Supreme Court do this awful thing? Because under the weight of their political masters in the Congress, they caved in and accepted the idea that corporations have rights. That lapse of sanity also, predictably, happened under the direction of Sir George Herbert Walker Bush over thirty years ago.

Corporations are things. Things don’t have rights. But shhhh! Don’t tell anyone.

The United States Supreme Court Justices won’t tell you the biggest news of all the news you missed along the way, but I will.

We aren’t talking about American courts.

These run amok institutions and all the confused people asking, “What has happened to our judiciary?” are asking the wrong question and arriving at all the wrong answers.

There is nothing wrong with the American Courts. It’s the US Courts that are Deep Sixed and 99nd.

It’s not “our” Judiciary that is TU and floating belly up in the water.

It’s their Judiciary, which they gutted and corrupted all by themselves.

Unfortunately, what impacts our employees to some extent also impacts us, and if there is going to be an answer, it has to come from the rest of us finally waking up and grabbing hold of our end of the situation.

Our American Court System needs to be fully repopulated and brought up to speed. Public Law needs to be enforced.

All the commercial and Municipal Corporations need to get back in line, back in their boxes, back in their appointed places, without separate political rights, without any claim that free speech belongs to them, and without any more evil in high places promoting nonsense.



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