Mind Control – How WE Want You To Behave! – May 22, 2023


These occultic technocrats have found a way to broadcast their black magic via technology.

These 5G Towers are actually Psi-₩eapons, they have nothing to do with high speed internet, they specifically target part of the brains nervous system that they want in order to make you feel more docile, angry, sad, or anxious, depending on the situation and the outcome which they desire.

They have been using these ₩eapons for a very long time, even prior to WW2, they have been using it to break the spirits of their enemies, where these frequencies can become too much to handle.

Combine this, with blue beam technology, and you might start hearing and seeing Jesus Almighty.

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🎩 @WhiteHqts

🎩 @WhiteHqts


26 thoughts on “Mind Control – How WE Want You To Behave! – May 22, 2023

    1. Oh, and wearing Shungite around your neck also cuts almost all of the EMF waves and Cliff High proved that accidently when he was checking the EMF’s around his house like he usually does weekly. He found that about a 6ft or so perimeter around the rocks he had sitting near his lights, that there was almost NO emf waves, then he saw the rocks and did more experiments. So you can place them around the house and around your neck.


      1. You only look at it for a couple minutes at dawn while you go barefoot on the ground…it can improve your eyesight. You get downloads and Vit.D from the sun, don’t believe the lies that the sun is bad for you.


    1. From what I understand, the Galactic Federation of Worlds has disabled their ability to send out that signal with 5G to harm us and to especially the ones who got the jab.


      1. 1: CONFEDERATION. Big difference.

        2: Implants that ALL humans are given, before birth. 2 behind the eyes, one above the navel.

        Vaccines have nothing to do with this, for this happened quite some time ago. These implants see and hear what we see and hear, and send the visuals and audios to a mega computer the darkies have on this planet.


      2. Well, I removed all their triangle shaped plasma remote controls, they no longer have control over us. We are more powerful than them.
        Let me ask you…so who removes those implants?
        Just curious.


      3. Elena has had visits from Enki aka Ea, and sorry Neil, there may have been implants before, but they are no more.
        Enki is back with our Adamu templates, restoration of our original dna.


      4. It’s the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds…sorry Neil, Cobra isn’t the only one who knows things. Implants have been removed. The death traps are more and more less efficient, although one says they’ve been removed so who knows, but the implants are gone.


      5. Light Forces beginning the implant removal.

        “Those biochips would detect any physical intervention of the Light Forces on the surface. The contacted individual would first be very happy, but his increased vibrational frequency together with the video/audio feed from the biochip would alert the Chimera mainframe computer in the DARPA pit.

        Immediate action would be taken to decrease the vibrational frequency of the contacted individual, either by removing that individual through DEW electroplasma induced heart attack, by orchestrating a car accident, by removing the loved ones of that particular individual, or by any similar means. This is one of the main reasons why the Light Forces are not contacting individuals on the surface.

        The other reason is asymmetric retaliation. If one Lightwerkers would be contacted, the dark forces are threatening to harm or even kill thousands others.

        If non-physical contact is made, or if a certain individual raises his vibrational frequency too much, the physical biochip detects that also, and automatically lowers the vibration of the individual by inducing electroshocks through the navel biochip. The navel biochip is capable of producing electroshocks between 20 and 130 volts, depending on the circumstances. At the same time, the two biochips in the frontal lobe of the brain produce strong magnetic fields that produce sleepiness, brain fog and confusion. Thus physical biochips represent a very efficient slave driver mechanism which controls the surface population.

        On top of that, the biochips synthesize mind altering chemicals that produce sleepiness (frontal lobe biochips) and fear (biochip above the navel).

        On top of that, the frontal lobe biochips monitor the brain activity and communicate with other biochips and with DARPA mainframe computer through ultrasound, and navel biochip constantly suppresses the vibrational frequency through infrasound.

        The physical plane is further monitored and controlled through scalar network created with cellphone towers, cellphones themselves, and wi-fi networks:



        The next layer is the global network of ionospheric heaters:



        And the next layer is the Space Force (former Air Force Space Command) surveillance network, which detects and removes any Positive ET intrusion attempts into the quarantine:

        The Light Forces have explained to me how all this ties into the timing dynamics of the Event:

        The first curve on the graph (marked 1) represents the entropy of the surface society. This entropy increases with time, as the physical quarantine is a closed system without any contact with outside positive ET races.

        The second curve (marked 2 on the graph) represents the entropy of the Event. This entropy decreases with time, as more and more retaliation mechanisms of the dark forces that would be triggered at the time of the Event (such as toplet bombs) are being removed.

        Both curves meet at the certain time that is marked with a circle on the graph. At that moment, the entropy of the surface society surpasses the entropy of the Event, and that is the moment when the Event will be triggered. Current moment is marked on the graph with an X.

        If the Event would be triggered prematurely, the simulations predict a partial collapse of the electrical grid and food distribution chain in many parts of the world, which could only be addressed in 1-2 weeks time. Also, the Light forces would not be able to completely block all biochemical weapons that would be released by the dark forces in their last effort to keep control. This would lead to many deaths and untold suffering, and would stain the Event experience for many:


        For information of implants, as well as things like the now long gone toplet bombs, past Cobra interviews:



      6. The implants themselves do not kill, though they can make people crazy by releasing various chemical compounds into the brain, possibly why we see some people go from normal to insane at the drop of a hat. The implants are for serveilence and tracking. The lethal part comes from the other weapons the darkies have, such as directed energy weapons (of which killed Cobra’s wife, as well as so many holistic, who were totally fine, and found dead under mysterious circumstances). Also explains why we’ve not heard much in the area of people actually having direct contact (landings, etc) since the 1990’s. These implants need to be gotten rid of.


      7. Elena explains how to get rid of implants if you feel you have them. 777 frequency with a tool that sends it under the skin, of course she has such a tool on her website, but as with everything…frequency will disable them.


    2. Thanks for sending this, Neil…reposted on Roserambles.org! I understand the implant thing, yet…why am I still able to manifest rather readily! My vibes remain rather high…as you have noted! Just curious, and willing to learn…which is how I became aware of my Quantum self! 😊🌹💕

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