David Wilcock and MILABs – May 19, 2023


Editor’s Note: Many Thanks to M. For sending in this share! What exposure…! 😳🌹

12 thoughts on “David Wilcock and MILABs – May 19, 2023

  1. Here’s that original video of David Wilcock about his experience with these pedos who attack the psychic kids and his remembering what they did to him.


    1. He also talks about the secret space program, Valiant Thor and Archangel Micheal prophecies.


      1. Thanks for sending this…he doesn’t really vibe with me. Really likes to be noticed…😳🌹Really appreciate your sending this! 💕😊


      1. If you watch it he does say that he was grateful for the experiences because it revealed his time in the Secret Space program and of course then time loops and The Micheal Prophecies. He has done alot of healing on it so exposing them is what he is doing, someone’s gotta tell it. It’s so uncomfortable for people and either they don’t want to hear it and don’t believe it, or they just ignore it and change the subject.
        People just got to become aware of the atrocities that are done to children, it’s not comfortable but it needs to be a place where these people can tell their experiences and be safe. David is taunted by people and made fun of and it’s sickening…but that just shows how uncomfortable people are.
        David wants to get rid of them, he also wants justice.
        People are just gonna have to DEAL with it and listen and help them get thru it.


      2. I understand what you are saying, and really never knew he had those experiences. I just don’t care for His style? Glad you gaining ground his experiences! 😊💕🌹


      3. I like him, but I first saw him on Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot. Some people don’t like people for whatever reason. The only thing about him that caused a stir in the spiritual arena was that he claims to be Edgar Cayce reincarnated…it don’t really matter to me, it’s like a small town that gossips about someone, and they believe the gossip and therefore will not like the person based on some judgemental POV or their belief in what others have said. It’s like all the things we hear about someone, and believe me, I lived in a small town, and I finally told someone that I need to wake up cuz I’m having way too much fun in my sleep. The ridiculous rumors and things people said about me.
        I like Benjamin fulford too, even though right after the whole Q thing, they tried to say that he was a disinformation agent, just like they tried to say Alex Jones was a cia agent and was to gather all the patriots and then turn them all in…I am like ‘seriously’? Come on, he might rant but that is his passion, all I’ve ever heard him talk about is reading the governments own writings, declassified documents and he will knows what they plan…it’s all in black and white. When they deplatformed him, right after he said he knew who Q was, he was not gonna tell anyone, but he always over these years I watched him, only tried to warn us of what they had planned. When he interviewed Senator Nancy Schaffer about what she found in her investigations of the agency CPS, she lost her senate seat….he asked her to reveal everything she found, she had bounty lists of what it cost to buy a baby, the most expensive was the blue eyed blonde haired ones, and she had NAMES…he told her, get it out now, don’t wait that way that can’t off you cuz you already outed them and it’ll prove what you said was right if they do. She refused to out anyone, she was waiting for her book to come out about a month later. What happens the day before her book was to come out? Yep suicided.
        I like Benjamin, he came out a long time ago about the cabal…but the only thing is he gets his intel from these people, especially the ‘white dragon family’ the chinese elders…they are not human, they don’t care about humanity, they just want to be in charge just like all the other dragon families. I know Benjamin has a good heart and wants the best for humanity, but he needs to see the dragon families for what and who they are. He fell for their lies hook, line and sinker. He still thinks they want to help humanity, so who put these beings in charge or even why do we need any group to be in charge. I think humanity can grow up and govern themselves…it’s a no brainer, that way we don’t have overlords or some royalty BS….LOL, grow up humanity…don’t worship these people, movie stars, politicians, kings and queens….they are not human or sold their souls for fame and fortune.


  2. We have David Icke in the UK he’s been ridiculed for years as a crazy conspiracy Theorist but I like him. Some stuff does sound crazy like the reptilian and the Dracos that have controlled Earth for eons. I have checked out other sites as well as Exopolitics with Dr Michael Salla.
    This world is crazier than we think. They reckon Star Trek came about when Gene Roddenbury had contact with Galactics in the 60s. It was meant to be a documentary like the Matrix.
    The Truth is stranger than fiction!!

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